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KTFA Frank26 Tuesday Nite CC Notes @ 11:20 pm - 08/07/2013


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KTFA Frank26 Tuesday Nite CC Notes - 08/07/2013



Notes By BulldogFord65 » August 6th, 2013, 11:20 pm  •   

Hello Family, here are the notes from tonight's CC. The notes from Monday's CC are in this thread (8/6) on page 1, post # 31. Wishing you abundant blessings and a peaceful night!

“Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth; Beareth all things; believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. Charity never faileth….” 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 KJV

Frank26 IQD Conference Call after Bible study

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

• Frank cannot speak with ITeam until tomorrow, and the report he has is from last week, so he will give an ITeam update on tomorrow’s call

• If we’re to believe that the US embassies closed due to threats, they would have been closed for the past 12 years

• Recall the I Team report from a few weeks ago, I Team picked up 2 packages, one containing laws and one containing evidence against M; notice in the past 3 days M has been desperate, he has called Iran for help, he has tried blaming others, he has sent his goons to try to deal with issues – nothing is working, he is trapped

• Bucking Horse post 109 article M planned to dissolve parliament, plans to be applied in the next stage and an interim government, and exclude his opponents – M is in a straight jacket and doesn’t know what to do; he is scared and looking to every quarter for help

• Gearhead post 117, article stating parliament knows M was implicated in the escape of the prisoners; M is truly desperate

• Gearhead post 119, article: the citizens organized to get 1 million signatures on petition to remove M from office

• Frank said notice how the citizens and other leaders worked together to get their mess cleaned up before Aug 8-10 to respectfully celebrate their religion (Eid), and then we look for some evidence of the rate immediately following; it may be borders, it may be laws, it may be the Qi cards

• Post by forum Admin Iggy saying he does not believe the ME embassy closings were for security, and he is watching more closely Iran and Israel; Frank agreed and said watch all the nations in the ME for same reasons

• Frank talked about the Qi card and its importance to the rate – the Qi cards have many functions, but one of them is to be international, which means for them to be activated we need to have a rate

• ToyVP post 147, article: Qi card for displaced citizens; study the article; Frank asked the question is Iraq trying to draw back in their citizens before the census? 

• Benblessed1 post 188, article: global smart card to pay displaced citizens, the “company” announced they are distributing them; Frank’s opinion is that the “company” is Visa, and the article says “global” meaning international

• Frank asked: Have we seen M? Have we seen Talibani? Toyvp post 151, article: Hakim congratulates Talibani on the occasion of Eid; USA is protecting Talibani from M 

• ToyVP post 156 article: Iraq politicians call on M to step down

• Although the IQD is important, even more important are the prayer requests from forum members, and Frank read a couple of prayer requests and updates

• Frank then read and responded to some forum member posts

• On last night’s CC, Bluestar asked about the insurgents, and Frank said that he will not say much about them, but remember that although CH7 was lifted, they are not in CH6, and will not get CH6 until they get security under control and show a rate

• Benblessed1 post 191, article: A member of the parliamentary economy cannot revive the economy but the existence of the law of the tariff; meaning that their economy cannot be revived or stimulated until they have the tariff laws and the demarcation laws, perhaps the census, in place 

• Walkingstick post 200, article: Iraqi ministry of defense (GOI) asked the Ministry of Finance (CBI) that the security council that they understand the UN resolution; meaning that Iraq knows exactly what they need to do to satisfy the UN resolution

• Walkingstick post 201, article: M meeting with Issawi, and news about a deal

• Walkingstick post 205, article: Iraq formerly requested to provide air defense system for $2.5 billion

• M is not receiving help from any quarter, but has one more ace up his sleeve: Walkingstick post 206, article: M the general commander scared is there death to delete M dictionary religion; M made a deal to resign

• DAK post 212, article: what was that east to west thing Frank spoke about and what did Eagle1 say? If you want to know, read DAK’s post

• Walkingstick post 213, article: Shaleh deletion of zeros is playing with fire – meaning security – in the same breath, the VP of the economic project commission said to delete the 3 zeros the condition is favorable; why favorable now and not 4 days ago? Security

• In Frank’s opinion, Kuwait is in control of Iraq’s economy

• Walkingstick post 245, article: Patriotism and a booming economy attracts Iraqi Kurds back to the homeland

• JJonesMX post 257, article: Biden agreed to work together with M to find the perpetrators of the violence

• Edww post 260 observation: the lower a country can keep its money value, the more control it can keep over its people; reply from cornhusker post 277: watch the US$, it’s happening right in front of our eyes; Frank agrees with both of these forum members posts, excellent points

• JJonesMX article: Iranian president is determined to resolve nuclear issues

• Walkingstick post 282, article: European companies being considered for security in Iraq 

• Walkingstick post 289, article: explosions in Baghdad questions M’s ability to ensure security

• Walkingstick post 297 article: Families to Tehran to escape Green Zone; really? Leave the safety of the Green Zone for Iran? Why? They are guilty of something and getting out; these are family members of the politicians

• JJonesMX post 304, article: Sadrists accuse M of smuggling prisoners to join to Al Q

• Sadr bloc and Liberal bloc both warn M from running for 3rd term

• Walkingstick post 319, article: companies still coming into Iraq and investing

• Frank received phone calls today about more rumors on the internet from other websites that supposedly RV occurred and Qi cards activated; NO, DO NOT CALL FRANK WITH RUMORS FROM OTHER WEBSITES

• Frank has been saying that Iraq will never tell us how much money they have; Walkingstick post 321, article: Establishment of special licenses for minerals and other natural sources in Iraq, Iraq is 9th globally in mineral resources and has $15.9 trillion in oil, gas and phosphates, Iraq has other minerals which add to the value of their currency

• Eagle1 will give his report on Wednesday


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