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CNN. Broadcasting While Frank Is Tripping Out On The Blue Couch + Talking About Being In A Massage Parlor Where Spider Woman Is Trying To Seduce SandFly !




Notes By BulldogFord65 » August 6th, 2013, 7:48 pm  • 

Here are the notes from MONDAY'S call family. Blessings to each of you!

“Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.” John 15:4-5 KJV

Frank26 IQD Conference Call Monday, August 05, 2013

• Frank began the conference call with prayer and Andy lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast

• Frank announced that from yesterday forward, the first Sunday of every month there will be a prayer call at 8:00 PM Eastern

  • Frank requested all to take our their notes, tonight will be a lengthy call, however, there is no more need for the “blue couch,” all can be discussed openly and freely now

  • Qi cards have been distributed beginning from March; they are still be distributed, but they are not yet activated

• Frank’s time frame of study is Aug 8, 9 and10

• Frank also gave one information tidbit on Sunday “come in to my parlor said the spider to the fly” – Frank then read the poem for understanding of how the spider used flattery to ensnare the fly

• Saw the notice of the embassies closing --- related to the 5 armed drones which were delivered a week ago to Iraq; last week the theme of Frank’s call was security

• Article from Wednesday and Thursday: UN sent a message to O that this is serious and they are standing with Iraq to get the security under control; O did not need to withdraw the troops to kick off the next phase – the troops only needed to act as observers; the withdrawl of troops was a set back to the progress in Iraq

• Walkingstick post 199 regarding M losing support, and blaming everyone around him

• Article: CBI under terrorist attack; who is telling the terrorists to do this? M; irresponsible leaders at the CBI have allow infiltration of Al Qaeda; see Walkingstick post 213; terrorist plan to storm the CBI was thwarted by a tip

• M tried sending in his goons, and was caught in the spider web trap, so then M came out claiming that he is the victim of corruption and stupidity around him

• The Kurds know what is happening and they shut down their own government until security is restored

Forum member Bluedog post: Emir of Kuwait, security person and Z met in the middle of the night and planned this aid to Iraq when/if needed; Bluedog’s opinion that B will run for president of Iraq, and US troops are aiding in moving LD’s to banks, the Saudi’s involvement has been planned for a year, the delivery timing on F-16’s from the USA, Iraq markets are packed with food, S wanted holidays + weekend to push the button and Eid is extended Thurs Aug 8 – Sun morning Aug 11…. All the analysis in Bluedog’s post fits with Frank’s notes and conclusions are sound; also, Kuwait is using this to leverage issuing new Kuwaiti currency with more security features

Walkingstick 8/1 post 200 about Iraq security service crisis; recall I Teams report that they brought in from Kuwait someone to retrain the security forces

• Economists warn the effect of the decline on the security on the economy of Iraq

• 8/1 post 206 – Washington wants continuation of cooperation with Baghdad to end terrorism; don’t see O or Biden though

• 8/1 post 238 Cabinet prevents leaking of documents as cover to return to dictatorship

• Walkingstick post 250 article stating someone other than M to lead the government

• Leaders of coalition responded saying M saying the federal police were responsible for the escape of the prisoners, but all know that M was involved!

• Walkingstick 8/1 post 274 even the GOI still has some little “cockroaches” how embezzle or abuse power; this is why all the retraining

• Zochowski 8/2 post 151 – embassies closed, Frank’s teams told to stand down and stay inside, know that Ban Ki Moon signed docs with date/rate, next 4 years of budgets done in Iraq, US$ drop, currency volatility, Eid approaching, – with all this information, the

• Walkingstick 8/2 post 173, article: the USA intel calls for new invasion of Iraq

• We began to see the endgame on Thursday of last week

• There is progress in Iraq

• Frank said in his opinion only, on his blue couch, the embassy closures may be to let the fly come into the spider web – the insurgents and even M himself to come in and get caught

• B is happy, which makes us all happy

• Article: M actually blamed the USA for the insurgents coming in to Iraq on the USA for closing the embassies

• Article: Closure of USA embassy in Baghdad shows the crisis in Iraq

• Security forces close the GZ and

• Walkingstick 8/3 post 166 M fears removal – in Frank’s opinion, yes, his forces are being retained to remove him

• The Emir of Iraq is listening to Iraqi citizens

• JJonesMX 8/3 post 175 deterioration of security shows politicians have no intent to work for the country

• JJonesMX 8/3 post 178 no need to close the embassy in Baghdad

• All are withdrawing their support from M

• Walkingstick 8/3 post 179 petition campaign to arrest M

• Walkingstick 8/3 post 201 closure of the embassy is good news for politicians; why? Study this!

• Forum member McDan 8/3 post 247: looks like the Kurds are taking control – yes, we need their help

• All these articles support what Frank told us on the CC last Mon – Wed

• Frank’s opinion that M has to be stopped

• Article: Washington worried about frequency of attacks

• Article: Shut down of Green Zone and addition of concrete barriers

• Article that M will be in prison at start of next parliamentary session

• Article: strict instructions for embassy employees not to exit from the front of the building

• Frank’s reminder that no other websites or forums are to be brought onto his forum

• JJones 173 Biden assures M that Al Q is a “common enemy”

• Frank encouraged us to read 8/4 post from Walkingstick: head of delegation from European council M has lost confidence and new government is needed

• Walkingstick 8/4 Post 133 announcement that Baghdad embassy will be open on Monday

• Walkingstick 8/5 post 86 about the UN stating they will not close their office, it shows the trap worked Sunday overnight; our troops have secured our investment and future economy

• US and countries of the world will not allow insurgents to control Iraq’s oil or economy; M not yet removed from office because everything must be in place first; US is protecting Iraq and everyone knows it; Kurds are also helping

• EHankins post 93 about the prayer conference call being the heart of the forum; Frank agrees, the prayers are the heart of the forum

• The citizens attacked M in a legal way with petition to remove him from office, and USA is also helping

• Qi cards are not yet activated

• Article: M and security leaders will be in prison after the next parliamentary session

• Article: the best solution for Iraq is the departure of M and his gov’t – this came from the GOI!

• Gearhead article post with US embassy opening in Baghdad – there is a lot of good information in the post

• Walkingstick post 134 article: USA says we will not give M a chance to continue his gov’t

• Article: The Daw party acknowledges the failure of M and his security

• The unemployed loans are being launched right after EID, this will be done thru the Qi cards, so this is why Frank is studying this time (Aug 8-10) for a rate

• Frank does not want to see any harm come to M, pray for him, but also pray that he removes himself from the way and goes away peacefully

• Iraqi politicians call for M to step down

• There is not a “re-focus” on security in Iraq, there is “re-training”

• Frank requested that we pray for one another first, then pray for our blessing

• Article: Interior Minister: Today tight security measures have been taken in Iraq due to threats to the Green Zone and center of the capital

• Eid is Aug 8-10, pay attention to this time and immediately after

• Frank read a post from BDF65 reminding of an I Team report from a few weeks ago that they picked up documents and delivered them to Baghdad, Frank had suggested at that time that the docs contained evidence against M, and now we see articles speaking of M being in prison before the next parliamentary session

• Walkingstick post 323, article: VP of the economic mission propose to delete the 3 zeros and economic conditions suitable for implementing; the article specifically states time to “activate the decision” – this has not been seen by Frank or his teams before; goes on to state “calls for the activation”; this is huge, this has not been seen before, and the article proposes several measures to help the people, but help cannot be given at a rate of 1166

Bluestar came on the call at this point

• Bluestar said he has more intel on the threat that closed embassies in the ME: Al Zawahiri threat of dipping clothing into some substance that can be used as incidiary

• Bluestar also reported Kabul, Afghanistan embassy re-opened

• Bluestar commented on Al-Sadr’s “retirement” from politics at the age of 39, and he is not even a politician, is ridiculous

• Bluestar asked about the tariff laws – Frank’s reply that the tariff laws will probably be done and come out as part of the rate

• Bluestar asked about the rate, possible to see before Eid or not? Frank’s opinion that we won’t see it before Eid

• Bluestar asked about M – can we have the rate with M still on the loose? Frank’s reply that containing M is essential and critical

Frank ended the call in prayer, and Andy blew the shofar horn

Frank has reports from I Team and Eagle1, they will be on Tuesday’s call after Bible study

Frank requested that we should look for articles talking about the lifting of the 3 zeros – we have not seen articles about it in about 3 weeks, but Frank believes we will begin to see many now; it’s a pattern


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Looks to me like she just may do it ...



CNN. Broadcasting While Frank Is Tripping Out On The Blue Couch + Talking About Being In A Massage Parlor Where Spider Woman Is Trying To Seduce SandFly !


And don't even think about tryin' to run Sandfly ...




She'll HUNT you down !!!   :huh:   :o   :rolleyes:

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I guess the next question is what do you get when you cross spider woman and sandfly. ?


Octomom Responding 'THANKS' To 8 Threads Simultaneously ! :o



               :D        :D         :D

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I guess the next question is what do you get when you cross spider woman and sandfly. ?


Sandfly's and walking sticks, these chat logs are looking more and more like a hybrid between the Avengers and LOR, now we Ent's roaming Iraq and making reports. Hey frank, lay off the Hemp!



If yer lucky ... 


maybe this ...




DUDE, I've SEEN this girl in Portland! She works at the Dollar Store just down the road! Wait a that a dollar store...? I think it is...I see people going in there with dollars all the time.

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