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It was reported he had sent text messages to his exxwife and kids couple of days earlier and told them "I love You" they didnt suspect anything. Junior seau was accused of abusing is g/f and charged with domestic violence. It's sad because his younger brother tony Seau was murdered **** in the head at a party in spokane he was also a football player. Gotta feel bad for the mother losing her boys like this to gun violence and suicide.sad.gif

R.I.P. Junior Seau you were one of the greats as a line backer for the San diego chargers.

P.s also back in 2010 Junior seau ran his suv off a cliff i think the guy was very disturbed and depressed. heres the video from 2010

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He was by far one of the classier guys to play the game. I had the honor of playing against him in High School, during which time they always kicked our butts! Being a die-hard Charger fan (don't hold that against me) I followed his career and can't say enough about what he did for the San Diego community.

Mr. Seau, you will be missed.

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