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  1. Saturday 6/20/20 TV buyback email. I’ve been in this since 2008, I’ve never received emails like these. They are now offering 1000.00 per million. Up 50 dollars since last weeks email. These emails make me feel full of Hopium!
  2. Can anyone explain to me why must they pass the HCL law before there can be a revaluation of the dinar? What is the connection? It certainly doesn’t look like the GOI will ever agree on this or even bring it up for a vote. They keep pushing it off to the “next session” year after year... Is it at all possible that we can ever see an RV without the HCL law passing?
  3. tommy opinion I think you fail to understand the relationship between the Vietnamese dong and the US dollar. Although the dong is not freely convertible, it remains loosely pegged to the dollar in an arrangement known as a ‘crawling peg’. The USA is Vietnam’s top trading partner, so why would they jeopardise that foreign investment coming in by making it more expensive for them to buy Vietnamese goods? Fluctuations in Vietnamese inflation also alter the difference in the inflation rates of Vietnam and its trading partners. This will have an impact on the exchange rate of the two currencies. If Vietnam’s inflation rate exceeds that of its trading partner then there will be upward pressure on the real exchange rate. There would be a consequent deterioration of Vietnam’s competitive position, with all the subsequent negative effects on the economy. To prevent a rise in the real exchange rate, the dong has to depreciate relative to the foreign currency in order to reflect the inflation differential. However, since the beginning of 2013, the real exchange rates of the dong with the US dollar and the renminbi have both been larger than one. This means that Vietnam’s competitive positions in its bilateral export markets with China and the United States have deteriorated. To improve competitiveness, the SBV could tighten monetary policy to reduce inflation. Alternatively, it could allow its currency to depreciate faster. Both entail short-term pain and long-term gain. The SBV will likely justify this by saying that it is necessary to bring jobs to Vietnam in the age of globalisation. my opinion Iraq as big export of crude oil . Inflation will less faster than you expected. I have seen a once that cbi put 1.2 dollar rate in the website . I think iraq will make adjustments rate and delete 3 zero and reduce the rate and peg dollar to boost export . I really hope global currency reset could be happens and vietnam reinstant their currency . I will put my money in vietnam stock before gcr be happens .
  4. Do someone can explain to me about this ? I got noticed from ! Why be like this ?
  5. dear friends we have boxes of metallic dinars in Paraguay with 3 skr not sent to any interested country please put in contact
  6. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up to this situation. A currency seller with the store names ZimbabweDollars.Net and TheCurrencyStore is outright scamming people. I realize many people aren't fans of the Zimbawbwe Dollar to begin with but that aside should someone decide to buy it they should receive something and not be scammed and they should also get legitimate notes. I personally was scammed by them about a year back. I made a purchase, they sent me 100 Trillion notes which were clearly printed on a home computer. The site says refunds no questions asked. They refused to refund me and told me to file a chargeback with my credit card company. After calling the police in his city and pestering him endlessly he finally refunded me. I've heard numerous stories on forums and from colleagues who made the same mistake. There's also a Youtube video from someone else who had the same experience. I just talked to another online friend today who paid last week and received nothing and has no communication from the seller. It seems this has been going on for a while and neither Shopify or Stripe seem to care this guy is selling fake notes and/or outright scamming people so looks like he'll be able to continue. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up.
  7. Have 500,000 in IQD and 1mil in AND. All purchased at 5/3 bank in Northen Kentucky. Looking to sell all.
  8. When I was younger, my parents used to always watch Paul Harvey's short show about the rest of the story. It seems to me that over the last more than ten years I have been watching this Iraqi Dinar option with such great hope and inspiration that it has becoming blinding to other possibilities. But I had a glimmer of reality enter my brain today when these thoughts came together. First, I have to recall the purpose of the the Iraqi invasion in 2003. Going against all aspects of practical Sun Zu Art of War and modern day warfare planning, the forces taking Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein, did a direct attack straight through, all the way to Baghdad! This went against every planner, practical war thinking aspect imagined. If this was really a war event, there would have been a solid wave of allied forces covering all aspects of invading the country. However, the real purpose as it has been discovered, was to acquire the historical artifacts which were being found more often around tikrit and the Mesopotamian valley over the recent 5, 10 years. The artifacts were being stored and catalogued in the basement of the Iraq History Museum and pieces of the true story about the real history of the world was being further identified. The initial forces after hitting baghdad and causing the collective defensive forces to scatter, allowed a discreet special unit to get into the museum, blast through intensively secure basement doors and quickly secure the items to get them away. Then they were taken to the airport and flown out on some of the first flights to leave the country after the airport was secured. Seems far fetched, no it is reality. The people of the country within hours of the taking of Baghdad, were rallied around removing items resembling Saddam Hussein, but that was all a distraction. Then as the country fell into chaos, there were not enough troops to keep order, and money, other than American dollars became worthless. There is a hidden secret government which has created an underground politic across the world. The removal of any government which does not have their banking system in it, is brought down. They also have historical artifacts, very very old world historical object that are of great value for the knowledge they maintain. This is because of how we have been misled since the 1200's and 1300's when the biblical information we have been given was being re-written. You see, the process of historical revisioning was being pushed here to prevent the real story from coming out. The dinar story, becoming rich and wealthy because of a country recovering from war is a falsity, as there are so many dinars being removed from circulation within Iraq, then shipped out in huge shipping containers for "collectors," before they can re-denominate their currency. What better way to remove those larger bills, than by selling to the unsuspecting world middle class and poor who all hope for a better life. The plan has been from the start, with the state department, the CIA, the International Special Intelligence Service, and other shadow agencies to prop up the world's super wealthy and elite in pushing their one world electronic banking system throughout the middle east. To do it however, all the countries which were not part of their elite banking collective have to be taken down. Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, a few small countries in Africa have now fallen victim to the collective elite. Now to finish the process, they must add to these, Syria and Korea, two of the last of a very small number of countries not under their control! They are not part of the international elite banking set, and therefore they must be broken and forced into the it! (a comment I cannot remember who said it, "We will have a one world government by either consent, or conquest!"). We are seeing this put into practice before our eyes. The elite cannot allow for any other monies to make people wealthy in this process. We saw in Kuwait, they removed or withdrew the Kuwaiti Dinars from trade on the world market as Iraq forced the kuwaiti people to use more kuwaiti dinars at cheaper values. Then after the retaking of Kuwait, and even before electricity was restored for the country, the banks identified the old currency and the monies Iraqi pushed onto them, and said this is not going to work. They made new Kuwaiti money and offered an equal trade in for what it was worth before the invasion! Out with the old, in with the new, from March 25th 1991 until May 7th 1991, the kuwaiti people needed to exchange all the old money. Then, with an exchange rate of 3.5, they restarted their economy! Iraq is not the same or even a similiar story. Iraq's currency became worthless with the invasion. American dollars began to be used, and was a preferred money for a long time. Iraqi dinars were removed from the world stage because they became worthless. They have not recovered their value, and in order to follow the plan of decreasing the cost managing so much cash in country, approximately 6-8% of GDP in managing all that weak money, the mathematically described theory of homogenous function has been pushed since before the taking over of Iraq in it recovery. (Supposedly a US state department memo identified it in 2002 or 2003). I heard about this when I was in Baghdad in May 2004, after I bought a collection of Iraqi Dinar, and was told by a VIP patient who I took care of, that I may only get back what I put into those dinars. (If I was told about this in 2004, then they knew about it before). Thus, if I remember homogenous function, we will have the same strength of money before the process as we will have after, i.e. if 25000 dinar buys a fast food dinner before they do this, then 25 dinar will buy the same after this. But unfortunately for all humanity, the study of history for every body on earth, only 400 to 600 of the over 10,000 items taken from the basement of the Iraqi history museum were ever recovered! And now you know the rest of the story!
  9. MajDA

    RV is dead!

    Tuesday, August 8, 2017 RV IS DEAD! OPA - RV is Dead! To General Public, Plan and simple, right now, THE RV is DEAD! Thanks to the Senators voting against the Repeal & Replace Obamacare. Reason being there is a 70% tax on the exchange that was voted into law placed within the Obamacare bill, so if they let the RV go through the CABAL is refunded by your money. Any and all the boards are telling YOU, its going right now. NOPE! The CABAL members within CONGRESS – SENATE all supported the vote against the Repeal & Replace. YOUR DREAMS ARE DEAD! YOUR MONEY YOU WOULD GET FROM THE EXCHANGE IS NO LONGER GOING TO HAPPEN UNLESS YOU GET INVOLVED! The last agreement signed by all 209 countries is NO TAXATION on the exchange and the only country that cannot hold up to that world wide direction is USA! Those who voted against the Repeal & Replace are committed CRIMES AGAINST YOU the AMERICAN People. Even the last President himself #44 who wanted that TAXATION on exchange has committed CRIMES AGAINST YOU by their actions! If you want your RV to take place and exchange your Dinar, Dong, Etc. YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION and SPEAK OUT! 1st here is who voted for or against the Obama Care Bill For the states of Alaska, Maine and Arizona on the Republican Senate, those are the ones who voted against. For the Democratic party Senators from your state, they all voted no! YOU HAVE TO DO THE FOLLOWING: Contact your Senator via email & via phone You need to inform them that YOU want the Repeal and Replace Obama Care bill to be approved And voting against it, YOU and many like you are going to start a recall campaign and YOU and many like you will appoint THEIR person to replace THAT SENATOR. By not following YOUR direction they have just violated their OATH of Office and its YOUR right to remove them and replace them with YOUR candidate whom will follow YOUR direction. Here is how you find their phone number and email address: This is in your hands, if you want the RV, YOU GOT TO TAKE ACTION! One Pissed Off American Posted by Freewill at 7:31:00 PM 0 comments
  10. I am selling 5,540,000.00 Dinar. All are noncirculated and in sequential order. 1 million - $800.00. 540,000 - $400.00. Purchased from reputable company. PayPal only.
  11. Looking to buy small denomination Iraqi Dinar 250 or 500 ideally, may be open to 1,000 notes. I'm actually going to be using these for a student film kind of project kind of thing so not looking to spend a fortune, I'd probably be willing to go up to $900 for a million, prefer 250 over 500 as it's more notes which is essentially what I'm after. If you have any your looking to sell please pm me or drop a message with a way to contact you.
  12. Happy Friday everyone! If you hadn't noticed, I'm watching this OPEC situation like a HAWK... this is getting serious! We all view the word "soon" with a bit of disdain, but it's starting to taste a little better every day. This rolled across my desk bright and early this morning: But the real reason for this post is to clarify the next OPEC meeting date. I was mistaken earlier this week, the meeting is not on the 27th... it's on the 25th. Ramadan starts on the 26th. Could the 25th or 26th be our day? It's possible, if Iraq is given a clear exemption from the OPEC oil production deal (the same deal that Russia and Saudi Arabia have already agreed to). It's not time to celebrate YET, but I'll tell you this much... I'm being advised to close the doors on VIP no later than mid-day May 25th. THAT is not something that happens often! Especially not this far in advance. Before that happens, I want you to have a chance to get in - so in hopes of a MASSIVELY AWESOME MAY 25th, I'll give you a 25% discount coupon to sweeten the deal for you. Use code "goRVmay25" in the store. This is only good for VIP upgrades, not the text service. Also, it's only good for the 5 month or Lifetime options - you have to be willing to stick with me for at least that long to get this discount. (the code goes in the "coupon" box on the checkout page ) And I'll be in touch with you VIPs over the weekend on some other items. GO RVVVVV!!!!!!
  13. Is it me, or does the dinar to dollar rate fluctuate during the day and rest at 1,181 every single night? Is that intentional?
  14. Looking to buy between 1 and 3 Million Dinar. Open to uncirculated or circulated, prefer 25,000 notes. PM me with an e-mail or phone where I can contact you. Prefer Paypal but may be open to COD.
  15. Prophecy of Babylon in the last days The Apostle John was given a peek into the future. He wrote it down and it is called the Book of Revelation. In it, John, describes the condition of Babylon in the last days and how its rise affected the whole world. Revelation 18:16:“…That great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls!” 18:18 “…What city is like unto this great city!” 18:19 “Alas, alas, that great city, wherein were made rich….” 18:23 “…Thy merchants were the great men of the earth…” It is prophesied that Iraq will be rich once again and will make all kings, nations, and merchants rich because of her riches. Revelation 18:3 “For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.” 18:9 “And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her…” 18:15 “The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her…” It even describes Babylon’s(Iraq) exports and ISX, (Iraqi Stock Exchange). Rev. 18:12-13: “The merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble, and cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men.” We are now standing at the edge of the beginnings of these things. Those of us who hold the Iraqi Dinar are about to enjoy the blessing of that which “hath been” becoming that which “shall be”. The Children of GOD who are invested in this incredible last days blessing will be made rich along with unbelievers who are also invested. “It rains on the good and bad alike.” And this is okay, as long as we use this miracle of wealth for the Glory of GOD and with the wisdom HE gives us. That is not to say GOD does not want us to enjoy it, but “Seek HIM and HIS Kingdom first” with it, and “All these things shall be added unto you”. Know also there will be a time when GOD calls HIS children out of Iraq and the things of it. Rev. 18:4: “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins…” GOD has provided for us to be apart of this blessing, while at the same time staying out of the “fornications” of this world. Just like the Children of Israel being given the “Promised Land”, GOD warned them not to become like the peoples that were living there. This will be a GREAT Blessing, and it is a Blessing from GOD. Know this. GOD does not Bless us with a curse, and does not curse us with a blessing. However, it is up to us how we use it. It is up to us if we give the enemy, the devil a hand in it. We can allow the enemy to steal it from us, or we can plant it in “GOOD” ground and reap an hundred fold. Gen. 26:12: “Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the SAME year an hundredfold and the LORD blessed him.” The LORD longs to bless us the same way. We are HIS Children. Enjoy this Blessing and know that GOD has foreseen it for such a time as this and has chosen us to be a part of it. 11
  16. I've been in this for 6 years and purchased some IQD from "Dinarbanker", "Sterling...", "Tampa...?", and I think one other. I always took the advice from the forums on DV and even saw that AM had Sterling as an advertiser (properly vetted?). So, with the recent Sterling situation etc.... how do we know that our Dinar is actually a piece of paper with value (albeit low at the moment)? Just wondering. Hopefully my decoupage paper is worth something... just say'n.
  17. Washington (AFP) - Before blowing up a jihadist cash hoard in Iraq, the US military warned bystanders of an impending strike by using a Hellfire missile to deliver the wartime equivalent of a doorknock, an official said Tuesday. It was the first time the Pentagon has conducted a "knock operation" in Iraq and Syria, and the inspiration came from watching the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) pioneer the controversial tactic in Gaza, Major General Peter Gersten said. The Baghdad-based commander told Pentagon reporters that ahead of the strike on a cash-storage facility on April 5 in Mosul, the military learned that a woman, children and other "non-combatants" also were using the building.He said the United States aims to avoid civilian casualties, and in this instance decided to warn occupants by exploding a missile just above the roof. "We went as far as actually to put a Hellfire on top of the building and air burst it so it wouldn't destroy the building, simply knock on the roof to ensure that she and the children were out of the building," he said. "Then we proceeded with our operations." Ultimately, the woman died anyway because she ran back just after US forces launched bombs to blow it up. "Much as we tried to do exactly what we wanted to do and minimize civilian casualties, post-weapons release, she actually ran back into the building," Gersten said. "That's ... very difficult for us to watch." Gersten said several men had also fled the building. He did not say if they were IS jihadists. "The men that were in that building, multiple men, literally trampled over her to get out," he said. The coalition has carried out about 20 strikes on IS cash, blowing up as much as $800 million worth of cash in the process, Gersten said. Critics of the 20-month-old US-led coalition attacking the IS group in Iraq and Syria say the military is overly cautious in avoiding civilian casualties. In a move ridiculed by hawkish opponents in the US Congress and privately by some coalition partners, pilots dropped pamphlets before bombing trucks ferrying illicit oil around Syria for the IS group. The IDF has for years warned occupants of buildings suspected of housing Hamas weapons to get out by "roof knocking." The technique has drawn sharp criticism. Observers say occupants are sometimes killed in the warning strike, or even run up to their rooftops to see what happened -- only to be killed in the follow-up strike. PS: And let's say a prayer, not only for the woman who died, but her family and all those who died anyway. ~ Peace Out
  18. I got into dinar back in 2010 and purchased from (now, I am looking to free up some cash a need to sell a majority of my stock in dinar... I have 25 million and am looking to get $850 per million... I figured I would try here before pursuing other routes... All 25k uncirculated notes... Located in the Phoenix, AZ area... ...
  19. I really thought (should be read here as "hoped") that we would see $3.22 by March (3) 22, 2016 [which is today, by the way]. Alas, we do not see this rate on this date. Maybe we'll see it someday soon. Haha. Soon... So yeah, with that being said. Who wants to go over to Iraq and tell those lazy camel-hoarders to step up their game and get on with revaluing the IQD to its rightful exchange rate against the US dollar so we can all get our early retirements? All in, say "aye"! TQ out.
  20. Currency Auctions Announcement No. (3130) The opening offers the sale and purchase of foreign currency in the window of the Central Bank of Iraq on 4/2/2016 and the results were as follows: DETAILS NOTES Number of banks 24 Number of remittance companies 20 Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1182 Auction price buying dinar / US$ ----- Amount sold at auction price (US$) 138,559,667 Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) ----- Total offers for buying (US$) 138,559,667 Total offers for selling (US$) ----- Market rate: 1,236 Auction rate: 1,182 Total sales: 138,559,667 Cash sales: 17,370,000 Electronic: 121,189,667
  21. I noticed there is no listed auction for Dec. 23, 2015. Not trying to read into it too much, but I don't know of any holidays or any CBI closures and it's not their "sunday" or normal day of the week where they aren't open and doing auctions. Anyone think something is up? CBI page still just shows the results for the 22nd's auction.
  22. Interesting. . . from the "Where are they now" files:
  23. Feeling like there's no anchor information. Anybody have an idea of where we are (other than Ramadon a dong a ding dong)? So where are we now?
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