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  1. always have this strange feeling they would be using the word "now". Getting tired of "in the coming days, soon, ASAP"...
  2. consider he's just a dog barking at the wrong tree, you love dogs anyway...
  3. What was written in Isaiah is true. But the remaining statement is a trick to enslave people to worship Mary. No declaration was made in the Bible that Mary is the "holiest of all the people born". Nothing in the Bible also teaches to worship a person (like Mary), not even the angels. We all need to be biblical especially nowadays. Lots false preacher today. It is only thru the Bible we can discern who among the preachers today speaks the truth. Matthew 11:11 Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet whoever is least in the
  4. it only proves there are lots of gurus out there
  5. yup. I forgot that he's Luigi. He owns the rumors section
  6. you should have posted this as question to Adam's chat if you want answer...
  7. hi adam, let say IQD became tradeable currency and RV'd to 1:1, do you think banks will embrace this and accept exchanges considering the stability of IQD? Is it possible to have 1:1 (just an example) and suddenly drop its value? Thanks
  8. nothing different from a barber shop story, you cannot argue to a man holding razor and scissors. I just hope this thing happen one day. Go RV
  9. in an RV, he can win the sympathy of the Iraqis. More value in IQD = more food on their table. JMO
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