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  1. I am looking to move to Las Vegas Trying to find work in the plasters Union Do you have information on the work there are they booming are they slow a good place to live Any information will help Thank You
  2. this will cost us more money for the shut down than it would have cost to pass the budget This is what happens when idiots are in control of our country
  3. until CBI changs there currency status nothing has changed
  4. Yota691 If we ever meet after our rv dinner and drinks are on my wife and I for all your hard work THANK YOU
  5. what!!!!! It changed again and I still can not see a change on cbi I think my computer might be broke Dang yall injoy the change for me I will keep waiting for the big change I can notice
  6. Thanks Bumper64 that was funny I will have to send it to my wife
  7. maybe it is just me but I d0 not see a change I think somebody was trying to make some fast cash
  8. has nothing to do with rv people are hungry over there
  9. where o where is Adams text tonight My investment may have done me right HERE'S to hoping praying and wishing come on RV
  10. [ how did you get a pic of my ride :lol:/>/> :lol:/>/> :lol:/>/>
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