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  1. Go Blue all the way : -) Yea I just brought it over just to show hopefully something happens soon.
  2. The rate changed on my currency converter. The converter I use is from concretesoftware. It shows 1000 to a dollar.
  3. I believe he was saying he was a patriot for Iraq just like we are for our land
  4. Brietling or Adam Montana did not force anyone to invest. You all have a brain no one can force you to do anything.
  5. Med is gettin more wacked out as the days go by. I just don't understand where he goes with ****. It makes no sense.
  6. The American people and our troops do not need a war with Iran cause Israel deems them a threat. They are not a threat to us or any other nation with or without nukes and they don't hate us because we are free thats just propaganda. What happened when North Korea got a nuke? We left them alone!
  7. Where in the world Is Sinan Al Shabibi
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