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  1. Pure ?????????????????????? Pumping comes to mind.
  2. Lots of talking. Haven't you heard the saying - Don't count your chickens before they .......
  3. don't get too worked up. It will be whatever it will be. Just wait something is going to happen.
  4. [Adam Montana] As long as you are VIP when the RV is announced you will not be left behind [Adam Montana] all VIP members will get their VIP Certificate as soon as the RV is announced Sorry does anyone really need VIP if/when this happens. An international currency is just that international. If international currency means anything it means the currency will exchange in many places. It will appear on the currency markets globally. I just dont't believe in the need for VIP. Sounds like a conflict of interest for someone just wanting to help others. Get a personal banker you trust and c
  5. They are doing all kinds of business without a tradable currency?????????????????????????????????? Can it continue.
  6. our country may not be perfect, but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. A great country begins with good honest ethical society with deep down INTEGRITY. It is the lack of real INTEGRITY on the street and every level of society that is breaking this country.
  7. Well, it kind of depends on where live doesn't it. Some are already plastered and will start 2012 with a HUGE head ache and no R V
  8. don't put all of your eggs in one basket. diversify
  9. Good work lady. Only Time Will Reveal The Reality
  10. Wookie is right. Plus Revelation was written to encourage the Christians who wwre being thrown to the lions and having their heads chopped off to the entertainment of a very evil empire called Rome. The christians needed a word of encouragement therefore God called John, the writer of Revelation, to record what he SAW. What he saw was signs of Christian victry over evil. The true messaage of Revelation is that God will bring victory to every Christian and every part of evil will be punished for eternity. According to God through the book of Revelation is : THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM.
  11. How foolish are some people to put any credability in this kind of bolloney. Anyone can get on U-tube and post adn say anything they want. This is not a legit form of intel. Intel from some independant source : news source if far more reliable. :angry:
  12. Anyone who claims to be athiest, argues about it or anything else is not a true athiest = because at the philosophy / heart of athieism nothing really matters.
  13. Most Americans don't like truth because many do not beleive there is such a thing as real Truth. The wisdom of man is certainly foolishness in the sight of God. To say that God hates ****s/****s is a lie. But the choice of that life style is an abomination to him. To make it seem like God sees things as we see them, i e in the wisdom of men, is just humanism at its core. If you really care what God thinks about this issue: Read the following. Romans 1:26-30 -- a society that does not acknowledge God - therefore lose the ability to know right and wrong that socciety is doomed. Read it care
  14. Only time will tell. No one knows what will happen. It may truly be all about U S troops leaving.
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