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    Small Business owner, married with one child. Transplanted New Yorker living in North East Florida
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    Fleming Island, FL. Just outside of Jacksonville
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    Like sports, Ice Hockey, golf, like my business and in general home repairs
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    I am a broker of Pre owned radiology imaging systems such as MRI and CT Scanners.
  1. attttttta boy!! best of luck
  2. hey brother I have done the ramen noodles thing at college and you know what? I would do it all over again. Learned alot in college and best of luck to you I have enough Dinar to be financially free, I will tithe 10%, develop a trust for my son, invest a lions share and pay off all my debts including my house that we over extened ourselves and built in a community with neighbors that are heart surgeons, attorneys, judges, neurologists etc 3 years ago and really paying a high mortgage payment. We made a huge mistake thinking our money train would last but it dried up a few years ago and man
  3. you know what, Uncle Sam deserves a cut. Thank god I am living in the Usa as opossed to places like Iraq for example. god bless america. I look outside my office window (from my hosue ) and see a beautiful area to live, lush trees and landscaping and think to myself where else can a man live like this? I'll be glad to pay my tax and move on. Just hope Uncle Sam does not get greedy on this one though lol
  4. you know, that makes alot of sense, why would CBI care how how ths USA IRS taxed individuals or Corps for gains on a speculative investment?
  5. great job and thank you very much
  6. god bless our guys. We are pretty bad *** eh?
  7. joev


    thanks guys, great job digging
  8. 2.5 million, will gladly folk over the 150.00 for processing lol here you go Ali or bank have a great life
  9. joev

    Fat Lady again

    lol. could use a fat lady right about now
  10. man, this would make my week!!!!!! My small biz just got served with a hefty lawsuit to which I am not liquid enough to fight this unfortunately. Unless................
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