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  1. Knowing Iraq... 4days, 23 hours 59 minutes and 59.99999999999999999999 seconds LMAO!!!
  2. Thanks Rudy you da man! i cant wait for your next post! The GET team date raped me so many times a new light appears at the end of the tunnel. Hope it isnt a train coming LOL thought youd like that rudy. just kidding anyway
  3. Rudy I for one appreciate your posts!!! As a fellow desert stormer, I think alot of someone climbing great heights after the military in the way of financial education. I just wish your posts and words stood out about a year or so ago, as we could be further educated along by you. you talk of basil, Switzerland and NOONE on these forums have highlighted this subject before! frank26 has discussed this but to my knowledge not in detail. But you have stood out as the voice of knowledge now and WE ALL wish to know more I am quite sure! Frank26 probably knows of this, but it can be tough deciphering davinci code at times. Its been a pleasure seeing your posts! Dave
  4. I believe dont promote other sites predicted life on mars... ahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa. more like life in prison. another failed prediction. We have been DATE RAPED again. not so funny. Oh well, i bet ya he learns his lesson. well, its a non violent crime. minimum security lockdown. He will be A-OK.
  5. Welcome... to Fantasy island! Look Boss! the dinar plane! (just kiddn you LOL) I guess i not only need a nurse friend, a doc would be nice. I love FLA. I wakeboard in the summer here In Alton, IL. i would love one day to make it to south beach
  6. E-Man! Thx and my analysis is Shabs opened up his mouth to some Intelligent ppl! (That would be you,E) Happy RV!!!
  7. Hi! Me and My buddy Iraqnophobia was just discussing what the IRS could do to us as a result of the BIG meeting that you all know about. Me and him both believe with all the windfalls on the horizon, would they trust us to pay our taxes? Prolly Not! As for me and my buddy, of course. others may not. you certainly dont want to skip country for tax evasion!!! People do. Fact. Just food for thought, no bashing please. Suddenly when I look at my dinars, I see uncle sam pointing at me. Or men in black following me. I see a pyramid with an all seeing eye looking at me. And my Mother pointing her finger at me, too LOL. Just trying to stay out of prison. Dont need bubba and tyrone smiling at me in cell block H... LOL Post your thoughts. I dont know if the IRS can even set that system in play, so Lemme know.
  8. Good post Steve... Here's my question- What about the spread that sonny1 refers to? where they come out low, wait to capture high denoms after a deadline, then raise the value and pocket the spread. what are your thoughts? could this also be their motivation to RV?
  9. dnmoy64


    Thanks E-man and Dinarded... I will pray for all of us. Brentwood, TN Here I come!!!
  10. Yeah possum, need a new truck, boat, and harley. hope your right.
  11. Thanks for the posting... I'm with Dinarded. I will blow a hole in my Depenz when it comes in over a dollar!
  12. thanks a million sonny... Dinar that is... Black gold... Texas Tea
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