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  1. People, people, people; I've already told you long ago that from the statement, "It should be noted" onward was an "insertion" from the reporter and NOT part of the CBI statement. Remember? Throw it out. It is not consistent with my "chronology" post. Steve
  2. scottqualls, you need to read up, a lot. I have addressed all of these issues; do an "enorrste" search and you will get it all, really.
  3. strange thread; how come I don't have a chubby? Did I miss something? I guess so. Who posts these things, these ramblings, looking for what, nuggets? How about this: If I have something to day it will be posted. There. That's clear. Short. To the point. Probably no one will read this though............. Steve
  4. bathman, I was on my way out the door and noticed your thread so I'll take a moment to respond, assuming I can get it in before I'm "rebanned" by grumpy. It is my understanding that the amount of dinars "in-country" is more like 5 trillion and that most of the dinars are either held by speculators (probably 3 trillion or so) or foreign nations, predominantly the US, GB, FR, and CHINA. I have been told (sorry, no links tonight) that these four countries have made a guarantee to the GOI and CBI that they will not attempt to return any IQD for at least 6 months after the RV. Of course in the ca
  5. The exact quote was taken from a November 22, 2008 article which is now no longer on the net but was quoted in August of 2009 on this link: I wish I'd known that before I used it in another thread! Ah well, it's true about inflation whenever it was written. Steve
  6. I realize this is EddieX's statement and that Mattevan is just pasting it over here for our entertainment. However, I can't help but at least comment on EddieX's statements. Here is the first: "While everyone was excited, I kept myself grounded and held back my thoughts. I thought it was possible but didn’t think it was happening when all the “gurus” started saying it’s done and they have the rate. They know nothing. Again it is part of why CTC was started. Some of the stuff they “claim” has been found at CTC and researched. CTC is about FACTUAL research. While they post articles and try to
  7. Kent, thanks for your responses. You indicated that no where does the "delete the 3 zeros" state that the large denom notes are going to be withdrawn from circulation. From Feb 28: "The Iraqi Central Bank defended its policy to withdraw by the deletion of zeros from the cash currency in order to reduce inflation". He said “it is important to reduce [the money supply]," noting that the process of lifting the zeroes is a "long-term policy." From Feb 10: “CBI begins the end of the year and gradually replace the currency now in circulation a new currency which zeroes deleted within the strategy t
  8. Then on February 23 we received a great find from John1025: “Finance Minister Baqir Jabr Al-Zubaidi: At the end of this year will see the current Iraqi dinar currency pair and the new Iraqi dinar, which is no different for the same amount, noting that the employee's salary is not affected by the standard of living….. This is not like the ministry, but the jurisdiction of the Central Bank independent of the ministry's proposal but it is the proposal I submitted to me three years ago, by deleting three zeros and the Central Bank studied this proposal and the bank's board finally approved by the
  9. How Iraq has exposed its plans from the beginning Our friend hiltonhead05 has a thread in which he says categorically that what we are reading in the media regarding Iraq
  10. Someone on another thread I was reading last night also said that at Forex a similar statement was made, namely that they would be exchanging in the "new dinar" very soon. We are closing in on this, I do believe. Steve
  11. The article that mentioned the month of June was bogus and was denied by the CBI directly. With respect to the upcoming RV, my statements are all based on the statements in documents of the intention of the CBI to RV and then redenominate over the next several months. This has been published. Then 3 days ago Maliki obliquely referred to it. Then 2 days ago Shabibi himself talked about it. Therefore the information is now out. Yet we do not see people running to the local currency vendor to exchange their money. Therefore, I believe that the argument you make doesn't stand up given the fa
  12. I am going to respond to FP here so that all can see my line of thinking. I will not argue each point since it is not really relevant to the discussion at hand, in my opinion. We can have disagreements about how a specific sentence might be understood. On the other hand, when we get to the crux of the issue, namely the upcoming RV, it is necessary that we be clear as to what I did or did not say. We will start with this quote and FP’s response: “The Iraqi dinar's exchange rate is suffering from low value against foreign currencies as a result of decades of wars and economic embargo that bro
  13. Thank you, Sunglass, for referring to this link below. Actually it was this link that is the second article that I referred to at the beginning of this thread. The first was clearly denied by the CBI because it mentioned a rate change to 1000 to 1 in June, which the CBI says is NOT going to happen. The second article is here. I’d like you all to follow along with me on this so that you can see how my mind works. Here is the article as posted: No plans to make ID1000 = $1 – CBI March 3, 2010 - 05:01:06 BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: There are no plans to make the exchange rate of ID1,000 equal to
  14. I am certain that there was a great deal of concern with the two articles today that claimed that the CBI was going to go from 1170 dinars per dollar to 1000 dinars per dollar by June. I'm also sure that the naysayers were "chafing at the bit" waiting for me to "wiggle my way" out of these articles with some strange "interpretation". However, as I read the long one and noted that it wasn't even internally consistent I decided that it was inaccurate, at best, and probably outright wrong at worst. So I waited. Fortunately the CBI saw the article and made its own statement. Here is the link: h
  15. Kent, thanks for taking the time to respond. The point that I was trying to make is that when an exchange rate changes there is little reaction from within a country. For example, in the last couple of years the dollar lost about 40% of its value, as I understand it. Yet there was no rush by Americans to go to the banks and convert their dollars to Euros. Within a country the money is just the money. Nothing changes initially. There would be a change if the RV is 1000 times or more, but the change would be to exchange large notes for small ones. Market activity (buying groceries) would
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