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  1. Drox has been reading a lot in the last year during my absence. Looks like we've got ourselves a bona fide LOP/RD guru in the house! Great thread, everyone! (Well, not everyone, but I won't call out any names...) Listen to whomever you want, but--REALLY--feel free to think for yourselves as well. FP
  2. Good post Candihar. It's clear that you have a good understanding of the 'behind-the-scenes' operations that pull the strings. I would disagree slightly and say that, rather than the Fed running the show, that the Fed is under the control of these financial giants who run the show. The USA likes to chant the mantra, "We're #1!" and it feels good, but the reality is that the interest-bearing system of control--that you referred to--exists because the Federal Reserve in this country only serves to enslave us to that financial system. The Federal Reserve is likewise enslaved to those who are
  3. People have been "beating [the] dead horse" with "GO RV!!!!!" for years on here who are not "go[ing] away [to] do some research", and I am assuming you aren't encouraging that from the pumpers. People like wicked93gs are obviously approaching the IQD from a circumspect, fiscally-conservative evaluation with realistic expectations of what may happen, and I know from a good deal of experience that such people are in great minority around here. Conversely, there has always been a great supply of posters who attend your degree of thoughtfulness to the exchanges. If you want a website that entir
  4. Count me out of that admission. I would say that we all bought IQD with the hope of lots o' money, but I think anyone who thinks it's just as likely as the 3x scenario is partaking in the 'funny cigarettes' too much. I think that RD is a far more likely scenario with a very remote chance of RV/RI. But I do think that all scenarios will pay out more than I invested (esp. since I'm accruing 11% at Warka while I wait), so for me it's like pizza. You hardly ever get one that is 'bad'. Usually it's either good or better. So I'm skeptical, but holding out for it no matter what. FP
  5. Ahhh... thanks gbosh. I don't know why you would have to do all that instead of just hitting the button down below. I would think that that would be more useful if you are posting this info on a competing web site so that the link back to DV is active over there. Thanks for the info! FP
  6. Hey man,what's the story with your "Read More" links that always go back to the original thread? Is there some back story to this interesting practice you implement? FP
  7. What? Which thread were you in when you clicked reply?
  8. Thanks man! It's nice to feel so welcomed! Well, I hardly think so. I may have been outspoken, but I learned about redenomination here on DV. After reading a lot and doing my best to consider it all without bias, I am admittedly pretty pessimistic. But, not an originator, by any stretch of the imagination. Yeah, E! (which stands for Ennorste and the Entertainment! Channel--more or less synonymous with one another) was ridiculous, IMHO. What annoyed me most is that he shamelessly led so many people down the primrose path like a pied piper, tootin' his flute. And the combination of h
  9. Well, I never went to Hawaii. If I actually said that, it was a cover story. But I pretty much did exactly what I said in the original post. I was on vacation, though, as you implied (why else would anyone go to Hawaii?). When I returned, we closed down the site (or should I say sight?) that I was at which took a lot of time and planning to shut down the fire department there. After that, I was at a busy site with anywhere from 5-20 emergencies a week, and I had to fit in there for the rest of my contract. Stayed busy and active... not much down time. By the time that was done, I was ju
  10. I guess some things never change. Comments like this are exactly how I remember this web site. I can't speak for the guy you responded to, but I've got my IQD in Warka bank @11% per year. I've got about $2M more than I paid for just by being patient and collecting the interest. Not only that, but I think that--even with a redenomination--the IQD will be very profitable. Maybe as much as 300%-400%. For a short term investment, that is huge. That's why I'm holding on to mine. Why do you want people who disagree with you to leave this sight [sic]? It's not as much fun to cheer for your t
  11. Wow... I didn't actually think anyone would remember me! Very flattering, lgraham! I'll respond to your post when I have some more time to devote the attention it deserves. @TFK: Thanks for the heads up. What a friend! I'm in training for my employment for my new job in Afghanisland (happiest place on Earth, except most other places), but I'll have spare moments here and there. Talk to y'all soon!
  12. I kinda thought it might be the same ol' song and dance, but just new dance partners on the floor. Don't drink the Kool-Aid they're serving in the punch bowl. FP
  13. I got in at 1263 and watched it trickle down to 1170 where it has been for years. So, yeah. Don't buy into the hype.
  14. Hey all, I used to frequent this site about 14 months ago. Got tired of the roller coaster rate quotes, date predictions, cheerleading, and general drama, so I lost interest. But I had some spare time on the compy and thought I would just check in with all of my old buddies. Anyone on this site who has been here for the last 14 months or longer? I haven't been watching closely, but the 'blessed event' (RV) didn't happen while I wasn't paying attention for the last year, has it? Have people still been chanting "GO RV!!!!" and giving date predictions/rate quotes, and "It's close!" speeche
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