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  1. Adam, I first learned of Warka Bank from your site about 7 years ago. At that time, it was a way to deposit money in Iraq and possibly buy stocks on the Iraqi Stock Exchange. Since then they were put under guardianship and then released over the last year. But as you see from this article, business is not back to normal. Adam, can you share any information you have about Warka? Warka Bank" .. Citizens lament the huge sums of money entered did not graduate Every now and then float to the surface of the scandal caliber, that the ranks of the acquisition of depositors' money and professionalism various stall on the repatriation of such funds methods, which shook the banking system in Iraq's reputation and made him doubt site a lot of times. He Citizens for resentment from falling victim to the "scam" Warka Bank, arguing that the bank said accounted for their money deposited procrastinating return them, while the bank manager Mtuare of sight, while the parliamentary finance committee member warned Magda Tamimi of the danger of manipulation banks entitlements of citizens, saying its adoption of a complaint the reluctance of the Warka Bank in re dues depositors. The residents said in an interview with Alsumaria's News, "We are a group of citizens, we deposited our money in the Warka Bank seven years ago, but until now the bank did not return the money, despite the lifting of several complaints against the bank and the approval of the government at the request of citizens returned the money", stressing that "the bank procrastinating in restoring their money, and make them like "Naqot love water, where giving them limited amounts every six months and the hard-won." They give their hands and their feet running Most of those citizens come from other provinces and spend the few funds that they receive from the bank on hotel fares, pointing out that "the size of a huge their deposits, some of whom filed nine thousand dollars and others deposited billion dinars, an amount not seen again since he entered the bank." According to the affected citizens, the Warka Bank site at the intersection of object and Sinak versus Khilani mosque in central Baghdad, stressing that "the bank manager called (Abu Marwa) do not face them and Mtwar of sight." Affected asserts, that "the bank does not pay the money and argue various pretexts most notably the lack of liquidity," stressing that they "have made several complaints and got the tutelage of the bank, but they did not get anything." Corruption and breach of trust The parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi, announced its adoption of a complaint about the reluctance of citizens Warka Bank, saying it will work to restore financial dues. Tamimi said in an interview with Alsumaria News's, "The manipulation of banks and private civil entitlements of citizens, is extremely dangerous, the fact that those practices and behaviors cast negative impact on the citizen's confidence in the Iraqi banks in general, and especially the private banks." She said Tamimi, "Our follow - ups on the private banks work and we have information to suggest cases of major corruption by taking those banks for deposits of citizens and worked on the introduction of their own investments and betrayed the trust", stressing " the need for the Central Bank of Iraq strict and harsh measures against those bankss ." . Tamimi pointed out that it "will work to adopt a citizen complaint against the reluctance of the Warka Bank will work to put on the agenda of the parliamentary finance committee's agenda, in order to host the Governor of the Central Bank in this regard." The central bank announced on Thursday (29 December 2016), his intention to refer the owners of banks and the situation under guardianship to the judiciary, stressing that he is directly responsible to restore customers' deposits on behalf of the banks. The central bank had previously drew up a bank of Dar es Salaam and the Tigris and Euphrates under the Commandments after failing to pay the citizens have deposited funds, banking entrusted with.
  2. Just so everyone knows, this news is also announced on the CBI website, on the Arabic site only. Not transferred to the English Site, at least not yet.
  3. I just signed on without problem. Your subscription probably needs to be renewed. You need to send a request, along with your original ID that you submitted, to renew your subscription and to authorize payment from your account of the proper amount. I can't remember how much it is. Not much as I recall. And then they never end up taking it anyway. Good luck. On second thought. They changed web address quite a while ago. Here is the link that gets you there. Try that and see if it works for you. Warka
  4. Trying to take advantage of save28. When I do it from "purchase subscription" when signed in it does not offer discount or have a place to put code. When I do it from the link in the email it does not allow me to sign on with my email, my user name or my password. Can someone help? My user name is "bahtman" Thanks, Robert
  5. Only one way I know Keep. Lets talk in terms of dinar. A guy walks into a bank with a 25K note and he gets 25 1K notes in change. Money supply hasn't been reduced at all. Same guy walks into the bank with a 25K note and gets 22 USD in change. 25 K note is off the street and no dinar have been added to the money supply. I believe the key to the whole thing is dollarization and I believe that's what we have been seeing. Create a scenario where the value of the dinar is shrinking. 1300 dinar to the dollar etc. Scare the people into changing their dinar for dollars. It's the only way to get the dinar off the street and reduce the dinarian money supply at the same time. When the value of the dinar increases, A dollar is still a dollar. Instead of turning in the dollar for 1166 dinar, now you turn it in for 1 dinar as an example. The only thing we know for sure is, that if Iraq does this, they need to go from 30 Trillion dinar to 26 Billion dinar. They have stated that many times over the last 3 years. They don't accomplish that if everyone turns in their 25K notes and get 25 1K notes in change.
  6. Hey Vizio, The reason you are getting :Website Blocked" is that the new Warka online site has a different address. Here is the new address: It will run you through a whole different process. You have to change your password every login. Good Luck
  7. Cleared cookies and cache. Didn't help. Still get "Web Page Blocked" screen.
  8. I get the same thing Vizio. I received an email from Mr ISSA a few days ago saying that he renewed my subscription and i was good to go. But I get the Web Page Blocked dispaly. I'm going to clear my cookies and stuff and see if that helps.
  9. Afraid I disagree with you on both counts. The US Treasury has every need for the dinar ( to strengthen the dollar, to purchase oil from Iraq to use or to sell at a profit). Second, if the dinar has to go back to iraq we are all in a lot of trouble. Iraq can't print US Dollars. They only have 80 billion dollars in reserve. That does not cover 2 to 6 trillion US dollars that will be needed. The US Treasury on the other hand can issue as much digital dollars as they please with arrangements through the Federal Reserve.
  10. Keepm, I agree with you on this. However...That's if all dinar we hold goes to the US Treasury. At this point in time my understanding is that dinar exchanged at banks goes to the US Treasury, BUT dinar exchanged at dealers will find its way back to Iraq. Conservatively, there is at least 1 trillion dinars in the USA in peoples hands. If 20% of this is exchanged through the dealers, Iraq would have to come up with $200 Billion US dollars. They only have $80 billion in their reserves. I have been waiting for 4 years for a new regulation to emerge that states that all dinar must go the US Treasury. So far, no luck.
  11. Over the years the site goes down for periods of time, normally not longer than a day or two. Let's hope this time, maybe, there is a reason for being down, like the RV.
  12. Same problem for me. It says Login Details Incorrect. But it isn't asking for Login. I \t is asking for my email address and password. Could someone please give a step by step. I used the shopping cart that was supplied by Adam.
  13. Thanks Easy, I just had received that info and was going to post when I read your reply. I've been in this over 4 years now and it seems I have seen your name the whole time. Hopefully over soon.
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