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  1. you are right Shalom i almost hate to keep recording his chats but i dont want anyone to miss anything
  2. 10:23 PM [Enorrste] gankans , it blanked before I could catch it; retype, please 10:23 PM [Enorrste] dinarded , you are funny! 10:24 PM [gankans] Enorrste I think the CBI had a fixed amount of currency they were willing to sell on the open market. And.... 10:24 PM [steveCo] Enorrste I think Daisy was upset in that you said someething about "stupidest thing I've heard all week." 10:24 PM [hope4sas] Enorrste - So do you think the RV will happen before or after the election. I lost a bunch so if you answered this already, I apologize, I did not see your answer. 10:24 PM [bubbie] enorrste you think rv 4th-6th 10:24 PM [Joe P] Enorrste .... check out this might take sec to write 10:24 PM [MoneyFreak] Hello Room and hello Enorrste 10:25 PM [dinarded] drmurhpy you think THAT sounds like something from a dem? >>>>>>>Enorrste Here's all I'm gonna say about about healthcare..... The Dem plan keeps Insurance companies from raising rates WHILE forcing them to cover pre-existing conditions. That means that if I get cancer (while uninsured) I can force the insurance company to sell me a hospitalization policy for $400 per month and the insurance company is forced BY THE GOV to pay my $20K per month in healthcare costs. This will FORCE the insurance companies out of business within a year! Once the insurance companies are bankrupted by government mandates, the government steps in and RULES HEALTHCARE 10:25 PM [Enorrste] arco I am not up to speed on the auctions; I realize how they function to maintain the rate, but I'm not sure that day to day they have anything to do with a big change in the rate. 10:25 PM [NoOneReally] Enorrste* *A Democrat* *Oh say it isn't so* * 10:25 PM [MoneyFreak] Enorrste I really like the way you talk 10:26 PM [gankans] Enorrste The auctions are just the dollars that are sold daily within the country from my understanding. 10:26 PM [wrebiejo] Enorrste the cbi controls the rate by bidding themselves so they can control the rate 10:26 PM [Enorrste] I agree with dinarded! What? 10:27 PM [Enorrste] He was funny in his response to the guy who "works in the insurance business"; that's all! 10:27 PM [dinarded] Enorrste* * 10:27 PM [Enorrste] hope4sas , it could happen anytime, IMO 10:27 PM [virginialadybug] Enorrste thanks for the research and educating the rest of us - some people don't know when to let something go 10:27 PM [hope4sas] Enorrste - Thank you 10:28 PM [MoneyFreak] Enorrste I just read the latest post and I thought it was great 10:28 PM [MoneyFreak] Enorrste thanks for all your info and input 10:28 PM [Dazzleu] Enorrste i do hope that it rv's tonight, early morning..... aren't most rv's done on THURSDAY? 10:28 PM [gankans] Enorrste The odds in Vegas are 1,000 to 1 that the dinar will revalue! 10:28 PM [fatcat] Enorrste is it safe to cash in half, and hold the rest for 15% tax long term? What are you gonna do? 10:29 PM [Enorrste] Joe P , Shabibi has been proud of his ability to stabilized the currency; he is proud of the fact that he has tripled reserves in the last 3 years, in spite of attempts by the GOI to take the money for the budget. 10:29 PM [Joe P] Enorrste ...right 10:29 PM [Enorrste] Now he is proud to state that he has enough reserves to afford the RV 10:29 PM [gankans] Enorrste That's the key! 10:30 PM [Joe P] Enorrste ... exactly...if he comes out too low it will cost them trillions for the new BIGGER investors 10:30 PM [Enorrste] Dazzleu beats me; Thursday works for me though; I'll clear my calendar! 10:30 PM [Dazzleu] Enorrste me too! 10:30 PM [Enorrste] fatcat , talk to hayseed on this 10:31 PM [fatcat] Enorrste ok I will 10:32 PM [wrebiejo] Enorrste here is an economic survey tat shows how the cbi controls the rate and how the auctions work ... 8n18-5OD01.htm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. 10:12 PM [Enorrste] deenar , that is the stupidest thing I've heard this week! 10:12 PM [gankans] Enorrste yep, unless I'm missing something in the wording. 10:12 PM [DaisyRN] Enorrste that wasn't very nice 10:13 PM [Enorrste] OK, gankans; I'll need a few minutes to digest this; BRB 10:13 PM [bumper64] Good Night everyone and our great fellow mods!!! I am going to read Enorrstes new post and then going to bed!! Play nice and see everyone tomorrow!! 10:13 PM [Enorrste] DaisyRN what? I gave my opinion; that's all; plus I think Med shoots from the hip 10:13 PM [edavis] Enorrste Iraq wouldn't have to cover all the dinars in circulation would they, since more than have is bought buy the US an China an would be counted differently..? 10:14 PM [gankans] Enorrste is reading something....he'll be back in a minute. 10:14 PM [dinarded] Enorrste Here's all I'm gonna say about about healthcare..... The Dem plan keeps Insurance companies from raising rates WHILE forcing them to cover pre-existing conditions. That means that if I get cancer (while uninsured) I can force the insurance company to sell me a hospitalization policy for $400 per month and the insurance company is forced BY THE GOV to pay my $20K per month in healthcare costs. This will FORCE the insurance companies out of business within a year! Once the insurance companies are bankrupted by government mandates, the government steps in and RULES HEALTHCARE 10:15 PM [Enorrste] edavis they have stated that they will "draw in the large notes" which will reduce the money supply. They've said they will destroy them. The CBI is responsible for the size of the money supply; they have the control and will do it. 10:15 PM [NoOneReally] I just tok Enorrste was being snarky towards M E D's comments no one else 10:15 PM [Enorrste] dinarded no argument there! 10:16 PM [lancer22] Enorrste the US govt ordered the dinars printed< with Iraqi approval in 2003 10:16 PM [barry Gentle] Enorrste, deener is thinking like a lot of us things don't seems right with all this talk all over the news an still nothing offical. Like what's wrong with this picture. I think the heads in Iraq know just what they are doing. 10:16 PM [Enorrste] DaisyRN , I absolutely agree with you; I make no claim to divinity; I have an opinion; I base it on what I do, analyze; if you like it, fine; if not, I'm OK with that too. 10:17 PM [lancer22] Enorrste the US govt ordered the dinars printed< with Iraqi approval in 2003 10:17 PM [gankans] Enorrste My question is this my friend....Did the CBI put a cap on how much dinar they were planning to sell, and if so why? I also want to know how much foreign currency they have and how much is U.S. 10:17 PM [Enorrste] NoOneReally , I know Sweet Prince; I apologize for injecting my personal feelings about him here; that was not appropriate. 10:17 PM [marc2] Enorrste Excellent recap of past statements and events by you in the forum...thank you 10:17 PM [DaisyRN] Enorrste I could care less bud....really but no reason to b rude to someone that thought enough of you to ask a ? 10:17 PM [Deacon B] Enorrste But you are right on your observation of Sweet Prince IMO 10:18 PM [Enorrste] Barry Gentle , yes, I would agree with your statement; there is a reason for the delay, and I suspect that now it has to do with the election 10:18 PM [gankans] Enorrste I can't seem to find the answers to these questions. As you know the CBI doesn't like giving away info like this.* * 10:18 PM [Enorrste] However, I believe that Maliki wanted this done earlier but lost control 10:18 PM [Enorrste] because he wanted also to get out from Ch 7 10:18 PM [stnkng1] Enorrste so you are thinking election first then RV? 10:18 PM [Enorrste] and time ran out for both 10:18 PM [Enorrste] and he lost both, before the election 10:19 PM [jsb] well, I say enorrste has every right to discuss sweet prince, after all, sweet prince tore him apart night after night, 10:19 PM [Enorrste] DaisyRN , I apologized; what else would you like? 10:19 PM [DaisyRN] Enorrste not a thing from you buddy 10:19 PM [Enorrste] gankans , I'll have to think on that link a bit 10:19 PM [DHT31] Enorrste, you don't owe anyone an explanation. You are extreemly important to the cause and your opinions are welcome the good and the bad!!! 10:19 PM [bAMA69] Enorrste now say your sorry lmao 10:20 PM [Enorrste] stnkng1 , maybe the announcement will be held until the 8th; I hope not! 10:20 PM [stnkng1] Enorrste so before or after election ? 10:20 PM [Joe P] gankans ... and guys rock. I've been preaching your tunes 10:20 PM [arco] Enorrste , do you know how the CBI can have an auction before they open, this has hapend the last two days, can you explain this for me please, thanks 10:20 PM [stnkng1] Enorrste ok ty 10:21 PM [Circlewood] and "he" said a lot worse of enorrste earlier on his site 10:21 PM [Enorrste] DaisyRN , wow, I have no idea how I have offended you personally, but if I have I also apologize to you. I thought that you were upset with what I said about Sweet Prince's statement. If I offended you also, please accept my sincere apology now. 10:22 PM [Enorrste] the screen just cleared and I lost a bunch; if you retype I will answer, if you wish 10:22 PM [arco] Enorrste , do you know how the CBI can have an auction before they open, this has hapend the last two days, can you explain this for me please, thanks
  4. 9:56 PM [THJ] Enorrste They were talking about the redenominationof the currency and the confusion that it could cause without educating the people. 9:56 PM [Enorrste] jtl yes you may be right; I did not claim it as a fact; I asked the person who told me about it to verify; no call back yet 9:57 PM [neilg] Mr.enorrste,good do you like your new name,mr,clark kent,aka,sssuuuupppppeeeeerrrrrmmmmmaaaaaannnnnnnnnn....superman.and iluvdinar can be ms. Lois lane. 9:57 PM [Enorrste] fatcat , not yet; still looking though 9:57 PM [moneygirl] Enorrste if you believe it is done, i shall believe. i want to thank you for all the research, time, patience you have shared. I will miss your chats and the fun of gaining knowlege of something i once knew nothing about. 9:57 PM [Enorrste] THJ ok, Min of Fin, right? 9:58 PM [Enorrste] gankans gee, I couldn't have said that better!* * 9:58 PM [gankans] Enorrste* * 9:58 PM [Enorrste] neilg you are too funny! 9:59 PM [NoOneReally] Enorrste do you think it is possible that certain powers are getting a chance at an early RV before the little people? 9:59 PM [THJ] Enorrste That is what I remember. It was said by one of the government evecs. We had also been discussing the distribution of the ATMs in that period. 9:59 PM [neilg] Enorrste,i just wanted you to get a good laugh. 9:59 PM [gankans] mrref The facts don't lie my friend. Enorrste has a gift and you can have faith or not. He has no reason to lie, and as you can see, he doesn't like to make mistakes, so he chooses his words wisely. 10:00 PM [Enorrste] NoOneReally , no I don't think that is reasonable or possible 10:00 PM [Enorrste] jvcomet , no; probably the opposite 10:01 PM [mrref] Gankans you are so right Enorrste should have been a teacher he is brilliant 10:01 PM [Enorrste] gankans , are you snuggling up to me?* * 10:01 PM [NoOneReally] TY Enorrste, think I watch to many conspiracy movies* * 10:01 PM [Enorrste] Orleanian yes, that is possible 10:01 PM [jvcomet] EnorrsEnorrste thought so! Maybe thats why they are closed??? 10:02 PM [gankans] Enorrste Smooches for Enorrste!* * 10:02 PM [Enorrste] Orleanian; let me look at that again 10:03 PM [Enorrste] Orleanian; no that is not possible; read the statement again; time is not the issue; rate is the issue 10:04 PM [Enorrste] read the context; that is your starting point; then do NOT read anything else that is not consistent with the starting point 10:04 PM [gankans] Enorrste Did you see the 5-6.5% rate of return CBI hs been getting off of the currency they are selling and lending to banks? Hhhhmmm? 10:05 PM [Enorrste] gankans didn't see it; explain please 10:05 PM [Enorrste] and what is your take on it? 10:05 PM [gankans] Enorrste Let me find it. Haang tight... 10:06 PM [Enorrste] g8gt she'd better! I never even got there yet! 10:06 PM [deenar] Enorrste<-----------------Stevie RV Wonder. 10:07 PM [djmom] Sonny1 -- Hi - Enorrste has been teaching class -- 10:07 PM [Enorrste] shannybelle27 , the articles appeared without approval of the source (CBI); they may have been well intentioned; they were just wrong 10:08 PM [shannybelle27] Enorrste ty...i was curious about that 10:08 PM [moneygirl] Enorrste just a thought, if US hold so much dinars why are they worrying about how they will pay for it. 10:08 PM [WOCC] Enorrste ---just read ur post and u r the man 10:09 PM [gankans] Enorrste Sorry, this is government debt they are selling, but still are making a nice return eh? 10:09 PM [Enorrste] moneygirl apples and oranges; they cannot let on that this is part of the Dem strategy, yet 10:10 PM [Enorrste] WOCC ,thanks! Pretty hard to refute the very people making the plan, right? 10:11 PM [Nance] Enorrste absolutely, you did a great job laying that out, thank you for the time you put into that!! 10:11 PM [Enorrste] gankans I'm a little slow tonight; you are saying that Iraq is selling its debt? At interest? And that Iraq is making money selling its debt? I'm too slow 10:11 PM [Enorrste] please explain
  5. 9:45 PM [Enorrste] based on the fact that the "denial" today had a very interesting line sandwiched within it: 9:45 PM [Nance] Enorrste I like your consistency 9:45 PM [faststart] Enorrste what about your 4 sources? 9:45 PM [djmom] Enorrste -- Thanks, that is great news. 9:45 PM [DINARMONSTER] you da man enorrste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9:45 PM [Enorrste] that
  6. 9:36 PM [Enorrste] the RV is done, folks, dunnne 9:36 PM [djmom] Thank you Enorrste, I BELIEVE --- 9:36 PM [Enorrste] we will see the public announcement shortly 9:36 PM [Mojo] Enorrste I like the word done 9:36 PM [Klu33] Enorrste if it is done when will we see it?? 9:36 PM [Enorrste] gankans , yes but that 1000 was for 2007, not now 9:36 PM [memrfixitok] Enorrste* * 9:36 PM [Nance] Enorrste did you get any more phone calls/confirmations today? 9:36 PM [jimbobcookie] Enorrste no money in my pockets 9:36 PM [gankans] Enorrste correct! 9:36 PM [stnkng1] Enorrste so you still think around $2 9:36 PM [bAMA69] Enorrste when its announced its done 9:36 PM [Enorrste] "the coming period =- 2007 9:37 PM [nanonano] Hello Enorrste! 9:37 PM [memrfixitok] Enorrste So done at what? 2.65 9:37 PM [Frank519] Enorrste do you think they'll wait till after Maliki is sworn in and things settle down a little? 9:37 PM [jtl] Enorrste , amazing nobody knows its done but you? can you tell me which exchange site or bank you use so I can see its done as well? 9:37 PM [Enorrste] I'm told that when Kuwait RVd on a Saturday it wasn't made public until the following Wednesday 9:37 PM [zoomzoom] Enorrste last night you mentioned 3.22 9:37 PM [Enorrste] hmmmmmm 9:37 PM [studdgage] Enorrste i know you are not sure of a rate but you still think a dollar or better 9:38 PM [stnkng1] Enorrste its wednesday now so maybe thursday? 9:38 PM [Jeanbean] Enorrste doesn't it need to happen prior to the 4th or after the 8th - because of elections? 9:39 PM [mikey] Enorrste I thought it Already RVED?? 9:39 PM [please] Enorrste thanks for everything. Your chat yesterday said your pulling for befor the 8th. is that still the case? 9:39 PM [Enorrste] Frank519 no I don't think they will wait, and the reason is simple; the cat is out of the bag and they have to act quickly now or be oveerwhelmed by speculative investors 9:39 PM [Enorrste] and they know it 9:39 PM [Enorrste] jtl , you'll have to understand something 9:39 PM [Enorrste] I make a clear distinction between what I analyze 9:39 PM [Enorrste] and what I do here, which is based on rumors 9:39 PM [memrfixitok] Enorrste There was a rumor that Ali said elections would be on the 10th? 9:39 PM [memrfixitok] Enorrste There was rumor that Ali said elections would be on the 10th? 9:39 PM [babysnake] i miss the whole talk enorrste-had to reboot* * 9:39 PM [babysnake] had to reboot missed whole talk enorrste* * 9:40 PM [wrebiejo] Enorrste there was a study done by UNC where they show that and RV/RI will happen immediately after an election if the RI/RV comes during an election year 9:40 PM [jimbobcookie] Enorrste how can they rv and have election at the sameee time ee 9:40 PM [memrfixitok] Enorrste There was a rumor that Ali said elections would be on the 10th? 9:41 PM [THJ] Enorrste An article put out from the ministry of finance said that it would take two weeksweks to educate the population on the economic changes. Have you seen any evidence of that proscess being done in Iraq? 9:41 PM [memrfixitok] Enorrste There was a rumor that Ali said elections would be on the 10th? 9:41 PM [babysnake] i misse all of enorrste chat -i had to reboot, 9:41 PM [Enorrste] this is a challenge tonight, huh? 9:42 PM [chas32] You have quite a following Enorrste! You're breaking the server. 9:42 PM [bAMA69] Enorrste when do you think it comes out 9:42 PM [memrfixitok] Enorrste Enorrste There was a rumor that Ali said elections would be on the 10th? 9:42 PM [babysnake] Enorrste do you think by sunday the rv will happen 9:42 PM [Enorrste] so back to jtl: I am speculating that it will go down within 5 days; I am no guru but I can see the signs from 2005; that's it 9:42 PM [sdodson] Enorrste - Ler 'er rip E - - we're listenin' 9:43 PM [Enorrste] memrfixitok , why in the world would Ali know that and we wouldn't? 9:43 PM [memrfixitok] Enorrste Dunno 9:43 PM [Enorrste] babysnake , yes; we will know by the weekend and possibly before 9:43 PM [dwayne919] Enorrste 3.22? 9:43 PM [babysnake] Enorrste very good news 9:43 PM [Enorrste] it is now in the hands of the CBI, as Maliki has said; so he is insulated to some degree 9:44 PM [jimbobcookie] Enorrste how can they rv and have election at the same time 9:44 PM [Enorrste] and the RV is not a "law" in the traditional sense 9:44 PM [markisuncfan] Enorrste you still sticking with 3.22 ?? 9:44 PM [Enorrste] so it could happen at anytime 9:44 PM [please] Enorrste its hard to call when this will happen and what the rate will be. what ever it comes out at or when i appreciate your efforts. thanks 9:44 PM [djmom] Enorrste -- What rate are you expecting? 9:44 PM [Enorrste] I'm still confident of a higher rate as well 9:44 PM [steveCo] Enorrste Is there something you "KNOW" i.e. Top Secret* *that you can't tell us... but are hinting at?
  7. 9:14 PM [studdgage] Is enorrste on 9:15 PM [Enorrste] Are we alone yet?* * 9:16 PM [Mesha] Hi Enorrste 9:16 PM [pep007] Enorrste vip called 9:16 PM [studdgage] Enorrste hey whats up buddy 9:16 PM [djmom] Enorrste - Enjoyed all of your new forum posts - awesome! 9:16 PM [sunglass] Enorrste we need you to break down adam's blog post today on 15% return, could you write an article on that for us* * * 9:16 PM [stnkng1] Enorrste please give us some better news 9:16 PM [jackdavis1364] Enorrste is here time for the good stuff 9:16 PM [chas32] Nance he didn't answer you about the CBI contact, now, did he? Just general talk, as we're not vip. Think about it. I want to hear Enorrste. 9:17 PM [shj121] ENORRSTE so good to have you back,what about the CBI not having an RV? 9:17 PM [djmom] Enorrste -- Please address your class -- the students are ready! 9:17 PM [Enorrste] Mesha FMCC studdgage djmom Sunglass stnkng1 jackdavis1364 memrfixitok bcmaz shj121 and all of the rest of you; HELLO! 9:17 PM [outback7] enorrste.....hi 9:17 PM [djmom] Hi Enorrste! 9:17 PM [wrebiejo] Enorrste Hi again, great post 9:17 PM [WOCC] Enorrste ---- hello 9:18 PM [Nance] Enorrste good evening, great post tonight 9:18 PM [lars19532] Hi Enorrste. Godd to have you here. 9:18 PM [mac82cab] Mr. Enorrste good evening. 9:18 PM [birdlady] Enorrste hello 9:18 PM [Enorrste] swampboy swampboy hey buddy! I'm locked out "over there" for some reason; can't get on chat 9:18 PM [memrfixitok] Enorrste I have a question? 9:18 PM [faststart] Enorrste ....what about the 4 sources on rate? 9:18 PM [moneygirl] Enorrste please bring some sanity in here 9:18 PM [Klu33] Enorrste I read on DD site that you said it was done. is that true? 9:18 PM [Enorrste] memrfixitok memrfixitok yes? 9:18 PM [Mesha] Enorrste* * 9:19 PM [karen263] wb Enorrste 9:19 PM [rv1] *******Enorrste******* Hello GreaT Obi wan your grasshoppres await you 9:19 PM [Enorrste] Klu33 no; someone put that up there with me, Adam, and sonny; none of us had anything to do with it 9:19 PM [dpa820] Dr.Enorrste, do the thing that only you do so well 9:19 PM [chas32] Enorrste - so glad you could join us! 9:19 PM [Enorrste] it was taken down 30 minutes later 9:19 PM [memrfixitok] Enorrste What do you think about it? 9:19 PM [Enorrste] OK, how about I give some comments? 9:19 PM [Klu33] Enorrste I read a chat today from last night?? 9:20 PM [babysnake] Enorrste evening to ya 9:20 PM [Enorrste] As you all know I was personally invited here by Adam, so I won't say a word against him, period 9:20 PM [ohioinvestor] Let Enorrste have the floor 9:20 PM [memrfixitok] Enorrste What about the e-mail? 9:20 PM [djmom] Hi RVat 3 -- It is getting good -- Enorrste is here!!!!! 9:21 PM [crank7] Hi Enorrste! 9:21 PM [Enorrste] However, unfortunately his 15% statement is based on an article that was specifically denied today by the CBI itself! 9:21 PM [dinarded] Enorrste Is that your way of saying you disagree with Adam? 9:21 PM [Nance] Enorrste yes, exactly!! 9:21 PM [virginialadybug] please stop typing so Enorrste can have the floor 9:21 PM [stnkng1] Enorrste do you believe it will be much more then 15% profit? 9:21 PM [Enorrste] so if the "1000 to 1 by June" thing isn't true, then the 15% gain isn't true either 9:21 PM [memrfixitok] Enorrste* * 9:22 PM [Enorrste] so we may dispense with that idea right here and now 9:22 PM [djmom] Enorrste -- Yeah - I did not believe it! 9:22 PM [chas32] Enorrste true! 9:22 PM [Klu33] Enorrste when do you think it may happen 9:22 PM [bcmaz] Enorrste hypothesis found to be null 9:22 PM [steveCo] puffsplus make Enorrste a mod temporarily? 9:22 PM [Enorrste] swamp I'm a peon here; can't even IM 9:22 PM [Enorrste] bcmaz well said 9:22 PM [memrfixitok] Enorrste* * 9:22 PM [Nance] Enorrste* * * *welcome to the club 9:22 PM [wrebiejo] Enorrste* * 9:22 PM [Enorrste] basing anything on zero leaves you with zero 9:22 PM [bcmaz] Enorrste thx 9:23 PM [NoOneReally] Can I pay for Enorrstes VIP so he can PM ?* * 9:23 PM [karen263] Enorrste thats ok...we're all peons in here...its not vip 9:23 PM [Enorrste] OK, let's look at the other side, then I'll answer as many questions as I can 9:23 PM [virginialadybug] please stop typing so Enorrste can have the floor 9:23 PM [Enorrste] the other side was stated as clearly and succinctly as I could do it by post about 2 hours ago 9:23 PM [Enorrste] and hopefully you've all read it by now 9:23 PM [djmom] Enorrste -- It was great post -- thanks 9:24 PM [Enorrste] it shows unquestionably that Iraq is following a specific course 9:24 PM [dinarded] Exactly!!!! Go read Enorrste's newest post........... 9:24 PM [dinarded] Exactly!!!! Go read Enorrste's newest post........... 9:24 PM [dinarded] Exactly!!!! Go read Enorrste's newest post........... 9:24 PM [Enorrste] and that the "terminus" of that course is right now 9:24 PM [Enorrste] right NOW 9:24 PM [Enorrste] I don't say that; Zubaidi says that 9:24 PM [Enorrste] and Shabibi says that 9:24 PM [Enorrste] and Maliki has hinted at it (he can't say it since he's running for office again) 9:25 PM [memrfixitok] Enorrste* * 9:25 PM [Enorrste] so if you've read that post 9:25 PM [Enorrste] you are as up to date as any investor in the world (nearly) 9:27 PM [Enorrste] and may confidently project the RV to be announced within the next 5 days, MAX 9:27 PM [Enorrste] Did you notice how every single document built upon the one preceding it? 9:27 PM [jackdavis1364] Enorrste ah the old "nearly" 9:27 PM [djmom] Thanks, Enorrste 9:27 PM [Mesha] Enorrste Well Done and many thanks! Shokrun! 9:27 PM [sfree] Great post Enorrste 9:30 PM [stnkng1] Enorrste so you still say by the 8th? 9:30 PM [stnkng1] Enorrste do you still think by the 8th? 9:31 PM [djmom] Wow -- I believe it, Enorrste 9:31 PM [djmom] We are overloading Enorrste and chat!!!* * 9:31 PM [Thrilled] Enorrste Sucran 9:31 PM [pep007] Enorrste we want more than the average investor. 9:31 PM [lux] enorrste you may lose your bet* * 9:31 PM [hope4sas] Enorrste - Thank you again for enlightening us. It appears the end is near. 9:31 PM [Jeanbean] Enorrste Doesn't it need to be done before the elections or totally after? not between the 4th to 8th? 9:32 PM [Enorrste] I must be onto something; I was sent to heck and back! 9:33 PM [Enorrste] hello? 9:33 PM [outback7] Enorrste we all got booted 9:33 PM [memrfixitok] Enorrste Hello 9:33 PM [gankans] Enorrste We are here. 9:33 PM [constance_ranaldson] Hello enorrste i got kicked 9:33 PM [Enorrste] Oh, good, I thought the "gods" were trying to shut me up!* * 9:33 PM [Nance] Enorrste* * 9:33 PM [djmom] Continue Enorrste! Please! 9:33 PM [stnkng1] Enorrste do you still think by the 8th? 9:33 PM [bwilson52] Enorrste CBI is on to you! 9:33 PM [Enorrste] OK, may I finish? 9:33 PM [beancounter8] enorrste you have something to share 9:34 PM [djmom] Please, do Enorrste -- 9:34 PM [chuck] Enorrste please,do! 9:34 PM [moneygirl] Enorrste please continue 9:34 PM [Enorrste] I was trying to show you that the CBI has been extremely transparent for 5 years now 9:34 PM [NoOneReally] Enorrste you broke chat* * 9:34 PM [Enorrste] and is clearly telling us exactly what it is doing 9:35 PM [Enorrste] and more particularly, that Zubaidi said 3 years ago it would take 3 years to finish 9:35 PM [bAMA69] Enorrste hellp 9:35 PM [Enorrste] so we are at the 3 years point, and it is now finished 9:35 PM [DINARMONSTER] hello Enorrste just read your latest!! 9:35 PM [Enorrste] you need to eliminate the false articles from your mind when the CBI itself says, "BS"! 9:35 PM [moneygirl] Enorrste do you think stilll 2.65
  8. 12:20 AM [kthug12] Again thanks Enorrste i just got done with the chat log. You have heard this before but here it is again . YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!! 12:20 AM [yv4ty0] i am glad i'm retired. i can hang w/ enorrste. 12:20 AM [techie] Enorrste... Ditto!!! 12:21 AM [burnett] aceman, but i thought that is what Enorrste was saying that it has happened 100% but not on the amount 12:21 AM [burnett] aceman, but i thought that is what Enorrste was saying that it has happened 100% but not on the amount 12:22 AM [Enorrste] wow, I just read Netinfo's confession! 12:22 AM [Mesha] Enorrste Yeah, amazin fella! 12:22 AM [Dazzleu] Enorrste what confession? 12:22 AM [luckylucy] Enorrste yeaeh... wow 12:22 AM [Enorrste] and I am deeply impressed 12:22 AM [vader] Enorrste give us the short version - cant bring myself to read 12:23 AM [Enorrste] He is an Iraqi and speaks Arabic fluently 12:23 AM [stnkng1] Enorrste lets hope his opinion on the rv is wrong though 12:23 AM [burnett] Enorrste is the rv done 12:23 AM [boopie] BOOPDATE.........Lazy & Daisy back on the scene.....Giving all new info the smell test.......Howdy ladies..........Mesha.....meditates with Dinar visionaries........jacqueline gardinar demands that Mesha sit.........fatcat preserved in alcohol.........DaisyRN.......Leeetle bit grumpy from hard ER day.......Get in that futon and put those feet up Honey Bun......Those dogs must be barkin.....boopie will pour you a glass or wine.....techie.........Thinks enorrste is Rush Limbaugh...vader can only count to 10.......Well 11 actually........He forgot about his other little digit.......LOL......No RV yet...........Random Updates.. 12:23 AM [vader] 37 min Vader poopdate – mac felt bad that he did not get vader a milkshake and went to get him one. Golfguy started eating camel tots – Enorrste – Yoda – has said this thing is going to happen one day and that day may be soon, many asking if it could actually be tomorrow. Sorry, mac just came back with the shake. Sssllrrrrpppp. 12:23 AM [aceman] Enorrste no he is chaldean 12:23 AM [fatcat] Enorrste sorry if I was so negative earlier, but this is alot to handle 12:23 AM [wrebiejo] Enorrste wasn't that interesting? I commend himfor being so open, at last 12:23 AM [Enorrste] and has "lurked" here until he just had to point out my mistake on the "Bahraini dinar" thing 12:24 AM [luckylucy] Enorrste yeah ... wish he had not felt he had to hide out ... 12:24 AM [Enorrste] stnkng1 his opinion is not different than mine 12:24 AM [Enorrste] just more vague 12:24 AM [Mesha] Enorrste My husband did that in here as well.... 12:24 AM [Enorrste] I too have a degree in theology 12:24 AM [Enorrste] and know a great deal about Chaldea 12:24 AM [Wildcat1] Enorrste I am greatful for your post tonight! 12:24 AM [magnum] Enorrste would ali still be selling the dinar if it has ri'd 12:24 AM [stnkng1] Enorrste i thought he said 5 years for rv the other day maybe it was someone else 12:25 AM [Mesha] Enorrste He is Egyptian and brought up that tidbit about the Bahranian dinar and I posted it here for him. 12:25 AM [Enorrste] stnkng1 if he did he has admitted to having no inside knowledge and that all he says is speculation 12:25 AM [Enorrste] On the other hand what I do is analysis based on real documents from the actual players involved 12:26 AM [Enorrste] so, unless he corrects me on a translation, I'm on pretty solid ground 12:26 AM [Dazzleu] Enorrste which we appreciate 12:26 AM [charlie911] Enorrste and you do it well 12:26 AM [luckylucy] Enorrste are an economist ? 12:26 AM [wrebiejo] Enorrste he was a nut 12:26 AM [Enorrste] Mesha , thanks; I sat on that for 5 days and finally posted it. I was actually glad when he exposed himself on it and corrected me 12:27 AM [Enorrste] I never thought it made a lot of sense, but couldn't ignore it, given that it was actually in the budget (supposedly) 12:27 AM [Mesha] Enorrste I understand, my husband told me the same thing, he speaks arabic and I told the room a few days ago. 12:27 AM [Enorrste] luckylucy , yes, I also majored in economics 12:27 AM [magnum] Enorrste how can ali still sell dinar at 1170 if the dinar has ri'd 12:27 AM [luckylucy] Enorrste awesome! 12:27 AM [Enorrste] I doubled my BA; econ and religion 12:28 AM [Enorrste] then did my masters in Theology 12:28 AM [Nance] Enorrste It was a great post !!!! 12:28 AM [Wildcat1] Enorrste what pray tell is you educated guess on a public announcemaent 12:28 AM [luckylucy] econ and religion ... Enorrste interesting choice
  9. 12:09 AM [Enorrste] tadams and? 12:10 AM [Enorrste] DaisyRN , I have a post on that; $240,000 per family at $1; or about $750,000 per family at $3 12:10 AM [QuanticoAce] Enorrste we just need to hear "It's heeerrre!" 12:10 AM [Enorrste] average 12:10 AM [DaisyRN] Enorrste we will see sir 12:11 AM [miamistud62] Enorrste .................................... do u really think it could be announcd tomorrow 12:11 AM [Nance] Enorrste did you read netfino's post in the forum from this morning? 12:11 AM [Enorrste] tadams , when was this; last October? 12:11 AM [Enorrste] miamistud62 , yes 12:12 AM [Enorrste] Nance , no; can you put the link up here so I don't have to leave to see it? 12:12 AM [miamistud62] Enorrste ... hmm. interesting....... by the time we wake up weel see it or laterttomorrow night if i could ask u 12:12 AM [Enorrste] tadams , have you heard from him since? 12:12 AM [vader] Vader poopdate – mac felt bad that he did not get vader a milkshake and went to get him one. Golfguy started eating camel tots – Enorrste – Yoda – has said this thing is going to happen one day and that day may be soon, many asking if it could actually be tomorrow. Sorry, mac just came back with the shake. Sssllrrrrpppp. 12:13 AM [bambi] Enorrste Sweet Prince said the shabi article was bs 12:13 AM [hope4sas] Enorrste - Do you think it would benefit Malaki to wait until after the election to do the RV. I would think he would want to do it prior to the elections? 12:13 AM [jo-jack] Enorrste very good post earlier 12:13 AM [Enorrste] bambi , BS? 12:13 AM [Enorrste] do you have his exact words? 12:13 AM [Enorrste] It was posted on an Iraqi news site! 12:14 AM [Enorrste] jo-jack , thanks, buddy 12:14 AM [bambi] Enorrste i will get it hold on 12:14 AM [Enorrste] tadams , so has he changed his mind? 12:14 AM [DmsC] Enorrste remember there is always someone out there that has to be more right than the next person no matter if one has facts or not 12:14 AM [Enorrste] I would love to see how Sweet Prince says a newstory is BS! 12:15 AM [vader] Enorrste medi - ha ha ha 12:15 AM [Mesha] Enorrste got bumped, what news story? and where? 12:15 AM [luckylucy] you back in here Enorrste . 12:15 AM [Enorrste] DmsC , yes, maybe he's just playing the odds; unfortunately on this one he will lose, big time 12:15 AM [vader] Enorrste getting bold - i like it 12:16 AM [tadams] Enorrste i really think since ali will have an office here in town we are all going there. 12:16 AM [wrebiejo] Enorrste here is the link about netinfo ... hlight=netinfo 12:16 AM [Enorrste] luckylucy , I came back because I got an email that a 4th person has said the RV went down over the weekend at $3+ 12:16 AM [vader] Enorrste $3+ yeah 12:16 AM [luckylucy] Enorrste ok ... 12:16 AM [Enorrste] so I brought it here; all rumor on numbers, but it fits with Shabibi's statement 12:16 AM [Nance] Enorrste netfino's post is up there......scroll up 12:17 AM [dwayne919] Enorrste thanks E!! 12:17 AM [bambi] Enorrste Sweet Prince said "now do not put stock in the bs blip that shabbi put out" 12:18 AM [luckylucy] Enorrste oh .. i get it ... stronger confirmation on rv, still not so sure about actual amount ... thanks for coming back. i tried to sleep and couldn't so i cam back.
  10. 11:59 PM [Enorrste] vader , my post is now on several sites (4 that I know of already); so my neck is on the line 11:59 PM [Enorrste] if I am wrong, so be it 11:59 PM [inmemoryofrob] Enorrste i'll be praying for your neck 11:59 PM [vader] Enorrste you have a very long neck yoda 11:59 PM [Enorrste] but I don't do this lightly 11:59 PM [Nance] Enorrste don't worry we got your back... 11:59 PM [inmemoryofrob] Enorrste sounds pretty heavy to me 11:59 PM [Enorrste] I actually came to this over 36 hours ago 11:59 PM [LazySusan] Enorrste we know. Thank you thank you 11:59 PM [Enorrste] and thought, and waited 11:59 PM [dnmoy64] Enorrste did you get pretty tooted? 12:00 AM [Enorrste] and no one did anything with it 12:00 AM [winchell99] enorrste When it comes out on or forex, will it always happen at 11 p.m. CA time or could the time of day vary? 12:00 AM [vader] Enorrste still going to ask for facts 12:00 AM [Mesha] Enorrste Not that this in intel, but a friend of mine got the same info; date & rate in a meditation. 12:00 AM [stnkng1] Enorrste well if someone said it then it should be true right? 12:00 AM [bOBBY ROMERO] Enorrste i did 12:00 AM [Enorrste] so I finally did. The announcement was made yesterday by Shabibi. I will be shown right on this. 12:00 AM [Mesha] Enorrste LAST Thursday 12:00 AM [Enorrste] rate is another issue; all is rumor and I said so, up front 12:00 AM [vader] Enorrste war and rumors of war 12:01 AM [stnkng1] Enorrste and could find out tomorrow or the next day? 12:01 AM [golfguy] Enorrste these are solid facts or speculation or a well informed guess? 12:01 AM [dnmoy64] Enorrste what of warka and the 75 turned 250 billion? could reinforce the rate? 12:01 AM [Nance] Enorrste - I'm speechless, this thing is finally happening and we have no way of confirming it further - brutual!! 12:02 AM [duke] Enorrste sorry I missed your post, what is your prediction, please 12:02 AM [jacqueline gardiner] Enorrste they calle dthis holiday today Public Holiday in Kurdistan from Thursday to Saturday to help particpation in election by citicizens supposedly. Think there is a connection with rv? 12:02 AM [dwayne919] Enorrste Sonny said CBI takes days to update, so how do we know if it's changed>>> 12:02 AM [Enorrste] Mesha Mesha , I'm thinking that more and more people are getting this now; you aren't alone; in fact just tonight on this chat there were at least 4 other people who said "I've heard the exact same thing" but they didn't have the courage to "front it" since it was rumors 12:02 AM [Enorrste] duke read the post 12:03 AM [Mesha] Enorrste I've been saying it for 3 weeks* * 12:03 AM [jacqueline gardiner] Mesha yeah but it takes Enorrste to say it for people to listen* * 12:03 AM [dwayne919] Enorrste Sonny said CBI takes days to update, so how do we know if it's changed? 12:04 AM [Enorrste] duke, the entire chat is posted at the link stnking1 just gave; but read my post for a "reference" 12:04 AM [wrebiejo] Nance did you read Enorrste post? 12:04 AM [Enorrste] dwayne919 , we will know soon enough; just relax and watch it unfold 12:04 AM [Mesha] Enorrste Thanks for confirming my meditation* * * * 12:05 AM [vader] Enorrste - thanks for agree with me finally 3/3 $3+ 12:05 AM [DHT31] enorrste, do you still feel before or by the 7th? 12:05 AM [fatcat] Enorrste 4 beers...relax not working 12:05 AM [Enorrste] vader , I've always said, $1.50 or more, and I'm definitely leaning higher 12:05 AM [vader] Enorrste more more more 12:05 AM [charlie911] Enorrste how long was it after kuwait did theirs that is made it to the public??? wasn`t iot days???? 12:06 AM [Enorrste] DHT31 either tomorrow or on the 8th; not 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th 12:06 AM [Mesha] Enorrste I sooo appreciate ALL of your interest, hard work and patience! 12:06 AM [Enorrste] tadams , that is only one; there is a post here where a person called forex about the weird changes 12:07 AM [inmemoryofrob] will the CBI auction results, that should post in 24 minutes, show us anything, or mean anything for that matter? 12:07 AM [Enorrste] the person from Forex confirmed that they were testing, "in preparation for a rate change very soon!" 12:07 AM [travellin man] Enorrste Why the 3rd or the 8th? 12:07 AM [tadams] Enorrste yea i read that too 12:07 AM [inmemoryofrob] will the CBI auction results, that should post in 24 minutes, show us anything, or mean anything for that matter? 12:07 AM [Enorrste] tadams , that is at least as exciting to me as what I posted. How about you? 12:07 AM [Enorrste] It's almost as if they said, "GUESS WHAT? IT"S COMING!" 12:08 AM [Enorrste] inmemoryofrob auctions mean nothing, IMO 12:08 AM [LazySusan] Enorrste keep it clean* * * 12:08 AM [tadams] Enorrste yes.when we first got into this a friend went to the bank here and asked about the foriegn exchanges and he says why do you have dinar.that was in the fall 12:08 AM [Enorrste] DaisyRN how many newly wealthy people give you a security problem? 12:09 AM [DaisyRN] Enorrste just how wealthy do you think the average Iraqi is gonna b sir
  11. 11:51 PM [Enorrste] well, I'm back briefly 11:52 PM [Enorrste] just got another email 11:52 PM [inmemoryofrob] Enorrste yay! 11:52 PM [Nance] Enorrste you are giving us a heart attack!!! 11:52 PM [dnmoy64] Enorrste and.. 11:52 PM [Enorrste] there is a guy named ASYMAN who is on a site called PureDarkness 11:52 PM [Enorrste] he is in England 11:52 PM [jacqueline gardiner] Enorrste worried about ya glad your back 11:52 PM [Enorrste] and he says that the RV has gone down as well either late Friday or Saturday 11:52 PM [Enorrste] at $3+ 11:52 PM [jacqueline gardiner] Enorrste seriously 11:52 PM [Enorrste] that's four so far 11:53 PM [vader] Enorrste FACT 11:53 PM [Nance] Enorrste why are you the only one getting this info...???? 11:53 PM [DaisyRN] Enorrste we have never seen eye to eye but I am hoping you are right this time 11:53 PM [djgabrielie] Thanks Enorrste ... Steve 11:53 PM [jacqueline gardiner] Enorrste so when will it be aoffical and when would we know? on fores or what? 11:53 PM [vader] Enorrste FACT 11:53 PM [Dazzleu] thank you!! Enorrste 11:53 PM [Nance] Enorrste and you said you had no intel* * * * * 11:53 PM [dnmoy64] Enorrste dont you think shabs was blatently blurting it out? 11:53 PM [Enorrste] Nance I'm not; I'm reporting 4 other people who are getting it; I've got nothing, personally, other than Shabibi's statement 11:54 PM [Nance] Enorrste I'm just kidding you! 11:54 PM [inmemoryofrob] Enorrste the currently=now statement 11:54 PM [Enorrste] inmemoryofrob what? 11:54 PM [jacqueline gardiner] Enorrste is it official when we sseeit on forex? I mean thank you thank you for constant updates its amazing how you do this but when will we officailly know? 11:54 PM [dinarded] Enorrste Thanks for the updatye 11:54 PM [Enorrste] it only makes sense if "currently" means "new" 11:54 PM [chris0985] Enorrste thanks for the info 11:54 PM [Enorrste] otherwise he is stating something that makes no sense 11:55 PM [inmemoryofrob] Enorrste sorry yes, new 11:55 PM [dnmoy64] Enorrste I agree 11:55 PM [Nance] Enorrste what does netfino say about the translation? 11:55 PM [Enorrste] Nance Nance I have no idea; has he posted? 11:55 PM [fatcat] Enorrste You ARE right there "if" 11:55 PM [Enorrste] vader , do you have another way to deal with this document? 11:56 PM [stnkng1] Enorrste yes he thinks rv in 5 years* * 11:56 PM [Nance] Enorrste no, haven't seen him .... 11:56 PM [jacqueline gardiner] Enorrste are they all saying it went down at the same rate? Smae day same bat chanel? 11:56 PM [bOBBY ROMERO] Enorrste any boots on the ground confirm? 11:56 PM [vader] Enorrste just the facts mam - just the facts 11:56 PM [yv4ty0] Enorrste you woke me up. i was sleep in class again. 11:56 PM [Enorrste] jacqueline gardiner , they all said it went down over the weekend 11:56 PM [Enorrste] 3 of the 4 gave rates; $3.22, $3.22, and $3+ 11:56 PM [jacqueline gardiner] Enorrste thanks for info amazing you are keep us posted LOVE IT 11:57 PM [LazySusan] but thanks Enorrste 11:57 PM [stnkng1] Enorrste i just dont get why we havent seen anything yet 11:57 PM [Enorrste] vader tell me the facts if you disagree 11:57 PM [Nance] Enorrste I'm having problems digesting this...are you??? 11:57 PM [Enorrste] stnkng1 , Iraq is able to close its country at will 11:57 PM [bOBBY ROMERO] Enorrste any boots on the ground confirm? 11:57 PM [dnmoy64] Enorrste Funny everybody use to listen to TK... thx for being here to help us understand this 11:57 PM [Enorrste] also, I'm told that when Kuwait did this it took 3 days for the world to know it 11:57 PM [stnkng1] Enorrste whats that mean 11:58 PM [vader] Enorrste the way we spread gossip just give it an hour 11:58 PM [jacqueline gardiner] Enorrste wondering why that holiday on the 4th then thoughts? 11:58 PM [Enorrste] BOBBY ROMERO ,not yet; I have a few contacts but I haven't heard yet
  12. 10:30 PM [Riverdawg] Enorrste , they're writting a law now that only effects a certain number of people, IE: Health Care 10:30 PM [antfuzz] Enorrste I have no doubt that law can be written generically that will affect all Americans but in some sly way affect us the most 10:30 PM [vader] vader drama moment wregiejo is not talking to capt - hurt feelings all around - Yoda, i mean enorrste said lots of stuff but I was too buys laughing at Obiwan, i mean Digital11 correcting someone saying it wont rv till dec 2011 and then yoda said he is reading something and will tell us all 10:30 PM [DmsC] Enorrste look at different registration laws etc be it for Drug offenders etc those laws are written directly to only fit those people Law can and have been written and placed to effect only Certain people 10:30 PM [Enorrste] reyjay , and it will go to the courts; and in the meantime they may get our money! 10:30 PM [Enorrste] and we will die in the courtroom before we get our money! 10:30 PM [markisuncfan] Enorrste I was outta town for a bit...Thurs nite ya'll was talking about info that led to believe about a RV rate around RI. Anymore on that? It was regarding Dinarded and K98 post 10:31 PM [Enorrste] No, not really 10:31 PM [Enorrste] this is totally Unconstitutional on its surface 10:31 PM [Enorrste] a city court would rule against it 10:31 PM [Enorrste] beside, O has stated he wants NO cap gains tax for this year only......................hmmmmm why? 10:32 PM [Mesha] Enorrste I believe it was 2008 thru 2010 that has been in effect, right? 10:32 PM [jocko129] Enorrste he has aslot of dinars 10:32 PM [djmom] Enorrste -- I thought it was only for small business 10:32 PM [Enorrste] DmsC , sorry, I don't agree with you; the law may have only caught certain people, but it applies to all! 10:32 PM [Frosty] Enorrste He has a bunch of dinar he wants to cash in 10:32 PM [wrebiejo] Enorrste cuz he has some and wants peopleto keep theirs so they spend and bring the eeconomy up 10:33 PM [Enorrste] markisuncfan , we're in guessing mode right now; no one knows 10:33 PM [Riverdawg] Enorrste - yea well, he also said health car debate of c-span too.... he is sneaky..... 10:33 PM [reyjay] Enorrste read the budget , but no bad news please 10:33 PM [markisuncfan] Enorrste TY...ya'll was all pumped up anout those links then...wondered if any new info to it 10:33 PM [Enorrste] Mesha , no O mentioned it last month in his "state of the onion" address. 10:34 PM [Mesha] Enorrste Ok, that's great! 10:34 PM [kingjaffi] Enorrste 10:34 PM [DmsC] Enorrste I can respectfully say talk to a very good friend of mine that is in the system for having a controled substance in his car never convicted in Cali but still has to register as a drug offender now did his probation tmie from a plea bargain but will not be released his now he has been labeled 10:34 PM [sarah77] enorrste yeah but o is a liar 10:35 PM [winchell99] Enorrste this the plan? 1. Ennorste studies budget. 2. Ennorste talks to little ole lady. 3. Ennorste comes to our chatroom in the AM and tells us what the latest is? 10:35 PM [DmsC] Enorrste but should move on to making some cash 10:35 PM [tootygal] Enorrste .I thought the no cap gains in "O" speech was for small businesses... 10:36 PM [winstonz] Enorrste what do you know about the Dubai rumor, Do you have link???????? 10:36 PM [chickadee] Enorrste do you think this is going to RV tomorrow and if so what is your best guess for rate? 10:37 PM [winstonz] Enorrste what do you know about the Dubai rumor, Do you have link???????? 10:39 PM [tomnix] Enorrste take the floor and give us all an update on how you see things happening 10:40 PM [tomnix] Enorrste go for it 10:47 PM [Matt] Enorrste - Still on for this weekend? IYO... 10:47 PM [memrfixitok] Enorrste Poof or on the phone 10:48 PM [Dazzleu] enorrste is probably decoding the budget!! 10:49 PM [memrfixitok] Enorrste Enorrste Enorrste where for art thou? 10:50 PM [memrfixitok] Enorrste Mars calling come in 10:53 PM [memrfixitok] Mesha You hidden Enorrste? 10:54 PM [hayseed] did enorrste say he would be back soon? 10:55 PM [karen263] so while we wait for Enorrste...I was wondering if I have any Drum Corps friends in here tonight? 10:55 PM [Mesha] I'm not leavin' quite yet... tryin to wait for Enorrste... he went to read his email 10:55 PM [memrfixitok] djmom Enorrste Enorrste Enorrste Come out Come out Wherever you are. 10:56 PM [djmom] Mesha hang on until Enorrste comes back! 10:58 PM [memrfixitok] Enorrste 10:58 PM [memrfixitok] Enorrste
  13. 10:16 PM [Frosty] Enorrste I know Ill vote for him if he does 10:16 PM [yv4ty0] Enorrste i thought the min. of finance would make the announcement? 10:16 PM [Enorrste] DmsC , remember I told you and others that the new budget is based on the Bahrainian Dinar? 10:16 PM [Enorrste] hello?????? 10:16 PM [Mesha] Enorrste 2.65 10:16 PM [Dazzleu] Enorrste yup I remember 10:16 PM [Enorrste] well guess what? 10:16 PM [Riverdawg] Enorrste - Rabbit out of hat????? surelly you could've come up with a reference without a bunny???? 10:16 PM [jocko129] Enorrste no 10:16 PM [yv4ty0] Enorrste gotcha. 10:16 PM [Enorrste] I'm getting the email of the translation of the budget tonight! 10:16 PM [outback7] Enorrste good one 10:17 PM [Enorrste] and it is full of Bahrainian dinars! 10:17 PM [studdgage] well remember Enorrste said that acorn is registering dead people for there election 10:17 PM [Dazzleu] Enorrste you will share ASAP right??????? 10:17 PM [Enorrste] which are worth $2.60, incidentally! 10:17 PM [DmsC] Enorrste That is awesome I would much rather that 10:17 PM [shalom Babe] Enorrste ..I remember the Bahrainian Dinar..was over 3 10:17 PM [DmsC] Enorrste not trying to argue just putting in what I had been told from some folks that I know personally 10:17 PM [walktide] Enorrste - you have not received it yet? 10:17 PM [Enorrste] studdgage , sssshhh; don't tell that; it was a secret........* * 10:17 PM [studdgage] Enorrste oops sorry 10:18 PM [hiloeven] Enorrste don't mean to put you on the spot, but do you think it has rv'd already as per Sonny's Dubai contacts or not ? A simple yes or no will suffice Thanks. 10:18 PM [shirley Hall] Enorrste, your thoughts I read today that this guy Allawi is running a close race with M and he is Anti American with Iraian ties. If this does not happen before the 4th your thoughts? 10:18 PM [Enorrste] Dazzleu , I am going to come back here right after I analyze the budget 10:18 PM [jocko129] Enorrste woow 2.60?? 10:18 PM [hayseed] Enorrste right not as it stands M is falling behind...he needs this 10:18 PM [Enorrste] hopefully it isn't the size of the health care bill! 10:18 PM [studdgage] Enorrste* * 10:18 PM [winchell99] Enorrste* * 10:18 PM [Riverdawg] Enorrste -* * 10:18 PM [Dazzleu] Enorrste thank you............. i can't wait for your valued information.* * 10:18 PM [Enorrste] DmsC , I missed what you've been told 10:18 PM [mac82cab] Enorrste you got a copy of the budget!!!!??????? 10:18 PM [jocko129] Enorrste Enorrste* * * * 10:18 PM [kingjaffi] Enorrste* * 10:19 PM [Enorrste] studdgage , you were funny!* * 10:19 PM [Mesha] Enorrste Bahranian Dinar is 2.652 to 1 USD 10:19 PM [DmsC] Enorrste that the budget had been based on the 1.56 10:19 PM [Enorrste] hiloeven , ummmmmm, no 10:19 PM [dinarded] Enorrste So we gonna get all this info tonight bro?? 10:19 PM [DmsC] Enorrste not the Bahrain number which is 2.60 just checked again on the converter 10:19 PM [studdgage] Enorrste well i was in home depot earlier 10:19 PM [Enorrste] Shirley Hall , I've read that as well; that is why I believe M will pull the possum from his hat* * 10:19 PM [hiloeven] Enorrste Thanks for your forthright candor 10:20 PM [reyjay] Enorrste possum* * 10:20 PM [charlie911] Enorrste not our possum 10:20 PM [Enorrste] mac82cab , yes, it is being emailed to me right now 10:20 PM [shalom Babe] Enorrste are you going to go thru that entire bill tonight...are you a democrat* * 10:20 PM [wrebiejo] Enorrste if it is bassed off the Bahranian dinar are we loking at 2.65? 10:20 PM [shirley Hall] Enorrste, TY 10:21 PM [Enorrste] DmsC , well, what I've been told is that most of the "cost analysis" is based on the Bahrainian dinar, which is $2.60 10:21 PM [DmsC] Enorrste which I'm much happier about* * 10:21 PM [dinarded] Enorrste So how do we know the price changes in Iraq by Monday is bunk?? 10:22 PM [Dazzleu] Enorrste you know i think we should all guess, just like a football pool, what it will rv at........... I'll go first???? $3.22 10:22 PM [Enorrste] DmsC , where do you get the $1.56? 10:23 PM [DmsC] Enorrste I was told by folks that I know from the US tres dept 10:24 PM [outback7] enorrste have heard that we may have some problems with the IRS 10:24 PM [dinarded] Enorrste So how do we know the price changes in Iraq by Monday is bunk?? 10:24 PM [Enorrste] OK, you all are going too fast for me; I think I'll see if I got the email yet 10:25 PM [Mesha] Enorrste Will you come back tonight? 10:25 PM [Enorrste] dinarded , I have a friend on another site who has a friend in Iraq who said it wasn't happening; that's all 10:25 PM [wrebiejo] Enorrste when you come back we will stop rattling on 10:25 PM [dinarded] Enorrste ok....thanks 10:26 PM [Enorrste] reyjay , OH MY; really?* * 10:26 PM [kullen1] Enorrste did he say when he thought?? 10:26 PM [reyjay] Enorrste* * * 10:26 PM [Enorrste] Mesha , yes, if I can digest it fast enough 10:27 PM [Enorrste] winchell99 , I have a lady friend (she's 85) who watches Al Jezzera all the time! 10:27 PM [Mesha] Enorrste thanks... I just got on ... been bouncin around in here, and still don't know what's up... but thanks! 10:28 PM [Enorrste] mac82cab, that is specifically not allowed per the constitution 10:28 PM [Enorrste] NO law can be written that only affects a few people 10:28 PM [DmsC] Enorrste technically no true 10:28 PM [Riverdawg] Enorrste - remember Clinton passed a RETROACTIVE tax increase... 10:28 PM [Dazzleu] Enorrste i love our constitution!!! 10:28 PM [Enorrste] antfuzz , only if all Americans are affected 10:29 PM [DFWDesperado] Enorrste : Tell that to the Democrats 10:29 PM [Enorrste] and they won't do that 10:29 PM [jeff stevens] Please give Enorrste the Floor 10:29 PM [Enorrste] DmsC , so what is true, please, really? 10:29 PM [Enorrste] Riverdawg , but it affected everyone
  14. 9:55 PM [yv4ty0] Enorrste, c'mon in de room. 9:57 PM [Josette] Hi Enorrste 9:57 PM [Enorrste] how goes it all? 9:57 PM [studdgage] hey whats up enorrste 9:57 PM [beau777] Hello Enorrste 9:57 PM [jzar] Enorrste hello! 9:57 PM [Enorrste] give me one min to refresh my drink 9:57 PM [powerfulp] Enorrste whats the news?? 9:57 PM [studdgage] Enorrste good news? 9:58 PM [wrebiejo] Enorrste hey what's up? 9:58 PM [kkjk] Enorrste any news? 9:58 PM [jzar] Enorrste, drinks for everyone!* * 9:58 PM [djmom] Hi Enorrste -- Glad you are here! 9:58 PM [hayseed] Thrilled hi, looks like I got here just in time for enorrste 9:59 PM [johnniejdjd1947] Enorrste how are you today? 9:59 PM [hope4sas] Enorrste - Hello, looking forward to your commentary 9:59 PM [hope4sas] Enorrste - Hello, looking forward to your commentary 9:59 PM [wrebiejo] Enorrste have you heard any rumors that the RV already happened? 10:00 PM [Mesha] Enorrste.... yv4ty0 has been calling for you for awhile now...* * 10:00 PM [Mesha] Enorrste How are you tonight? 10:00 PM [djmom] Yeah Enorrste ---* * * 10:00 PM [Enorrste] OK, back; drink in hand! 10:00 PM [jbutch] Enorrste hey from oz m8 10:00 PM [Enorrste] heck yes I have good news! 10:01 PM [studdgage] Enorrste heck yea 10:01 PM [lovellg] Enorrste tini? 10:01 PM [Enorrste] OK, first 10:01 PM [sunglass] Enorrste Enorrste hello!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10:01 PM [studdgage] Enorrste save lots of money on your car insurance 10:01 PM [jeff stevens] Hi Enorrste I am glade you are here, the questions for the night are 1 will ther be an RV on Sunday 2 and at what rate? 10:01 PM [djmom] Welcome Professor Enorrste 10:01 PM [Enorrste] on the rumor about the pricing changes in the local markets by Monday morning? 10:01 PM [Enorrste] BS 10:01 PM [Enorrste] all of it 10:01 PM [Enorrste] not true 10:01 PM [Enorrste] sorry 10:01 PM [ladonna] Enorrste, Enorrste hey hey hey 10:01 PM [Enorrste] blame Med and MM for that one 10:02 PM [Enorrste] Second 10:02 PM [armondtoth] Enorrste so whats the good news* * 10:02 PM [Enorrste] did you see my "retranslation" today? 10:02 PM [tootygal] Enorrste ,,yes 10:02 PM [lovellg] Enorrste very nice 10:02 PM [wrebiejo] Enorrste I missewd it 10:02 PM [Enorrste] Well, it turns out that I wasn't just right 10:03 PM [Enorrste] i was totally right 10:03 PM [Thrilled] Enorrste NO! Where? 10:03 PM [Enorrste] so much so, in fact 10:03 PM [lovellg] Enorrste way to go! 10:03 PM [wrebiejo] Enorrste you be da man 10:03 PM [Enorrste] that k98knight had to go find a link to PROVE I was right 10:03 PM [Enorrste] and he did! 10:03 PM [gankans] Enorrste Right about what exactly? 10:03 PM [Enorrste] His latest post is Saleh's response to Abdel Hussein and the Unbuge guy 10:03 PM [mac82cab] Enorrste don't I feel stupid.... 10:04 PM [gankans] Enorrste Oh that one...aaahhh 10:04 PM [Enorrste] and he REAMED them a new one in the post knight put up 10:04 PM [dinarded] Enorrste detail 10:04 PM [Enorrste] I will "retranslate" it tonight, but it is pretty clear 10:04 PM [Enorrste] that Saleh said to them; shut up! 10:05 PM [Enorrste] my plan is GOOD, and I'm going through with it! 10:05 PM [Enorrste] thx gankans 10:05 PM [kullen1] whats your plan Enorrste? 10:05 PM [gankans] Enorrste np 10:05 PM [Enorrste] I thought everyone was uptodate 10:05 PM [Enorrste] not my plan; Saleh's Plan to RV 10:05 PM [wrebiejo] Enorrste I've been gone all day I missed it 10:05 PM [armondtoth] Enorrste sorry been in ER all day 10:05 PM [Rebel1] Enorrste When? 10:06 PM [Enorrste] so we are on track, IMO 10:06 PM [waitingondinar] Hello Room,,,,,,,how is it going tonight..................any new news Enorrste 10:06 PM [shalom Babe] Enorrste sorry been dumb all day 10:06 PM [dinarded] Enorrste Still feeling like tomorrow? 10:06 PM [Enorrste] toweyk , this may be it! 10:06 PM [Enorrste] Sunday evening for them is midmorning tomorrow for me 10:07 PM [Enorrste] I'm still holding out for before the 4th, since voting starts on the 4th 10:07 PM [charlie911] Enorrste today we were told rv done, just no amount to give out yet, do you believe it rv`d all ready?? 10:07 PM [armondtoth] Enorrste I can't remember did you say there would be a limited time to cash in 10:07 PM [Enorrste] hope4sas , no I still think .86 is bogus thinking, as I have said here before 10:08 PM [hope4sas] Enorrste - Thanks 10:08 PM [Enorrste] armondtoth , Saleh has said BOTH will be legal tender and he will draw in the large denoms until the end of the year, or longer 10:08 PM [outback7] Enorrste greetings 10:08 PM [armondtoth] Enorrste ty 10:08 PM [Enorrste] charlie911 , that was a rumor out of Dubai 10:08 PM [Enorrste] I wouldn't bet on it, yet 10:09 PM [shalom Babe] Enorrste ..if that is bogus what Are you thinking 2.85 10:09 PM [charlie911] Enorrste THX 10:09 PM [Enorrste] texastwistedlv , they usually are open on Sunday 10:09 PM [wrebiejo] Enorrste so what do you think the rate will be? 1.50? 10:09 PM [Enorrste] mac82cab , I'm starting to smell something............ 10:09 PM [mac82cab] Enorrste I feel like I was duped in what I shared. 10:10 PM [bAMA69] Enorrste Enorrste sorry that was me 10:10 PM [charlie911] Enorrste do you smell what iraq is cooking 10:10 PM [Enorrste] Shalom Babe , I now that they can afford $2.60; and I know that less than $2 will bring in speculators 10:10 PM [Enorrste] but beyond that, who knows? I just think .85 is dumb 10:10 PM [texman] enorrste, bad mexican food, sorry 10:10 PM [Enorrste] wrebiejo , I'm thinking around there, yeah 10:10 PM [djmom] Enorrste - Me too -- $2.50 it is!* * 10:10 PM [Dazzleu] Enorrste hey.... i agree with you. 10:11 PM [wrebiejo] Enorrste ty 10:11 PM [Enorrste] texastwistedlv , 28th is not a holiday; it is the prophet's birthday, but not a holiday, however 10:11 PM [shalom Babe] Enorrste ..I was beat up pretty badly today for saying that .85 was dumb 10:11 PM [Enorrste] if M is waiting until Sunday night to make his TV announcement 10:12 PM [Enorrste] then maybe he is saying, "guess I'd better let the folks have their birthday party first, then I'll tell them" 10:12 PM [rv1] Enorrste googled Mo' BD... says is 26th 10:12 PM [Enorrste] Shalom Babe , well you were right 10:12 PM [golfguy] Enorrste my birthday party is tomm.* * 10:12 PM [Enorrste] what is it based on? 10:12 PM [Enorrste] NOTHING 10:13 PM [outback7] Enorrste where did 85 cents come from? 10:13 PM [Enorrste] oh sure, it's based on taking 3 zeros from .00086 10:13 PM [Enorrste] but what is that? 10:13 PM [Enorrste] NOTHING 10:13 PM [hope4sas] Enorrste - On the CBI site, it says that the 28th is a holiday 10:13 PM [Enorrste] since the "remove the 3 zeros" refers to getting the large denoms out of circulation (CBI) 10:13 PM [waitingondinar] enorrste, do you think the feeling is that M could win easily or is there about the same chance of getting a pro cleric in office? 10:13 PM [djmom] Enorrste - so you think announcement tomorrow 10:13 PM [Enorrste] not moving decimal points! 10:13 PM [waitingondinar] enorrste, do you think the feeling is that M could win easily or is there about the same chance of getting a pro cleric in office? 10:13 PM [djmom] Enorrste - so you think announcement tomorrow 10:13 PM [Enorrste] not moving decimal points! 10:14 PM [outback7] Enorrste its a bank holiday on the 28th 10:14 PM [Enorrste] hope4sas , ok, sorry, holiday; then don't look for the RV tonight, wait until M speaks tomorrow night, their time 10:14 PM [DmsC] Enorrste Waht I had been told from people that have contacts in the US treasury is the the Iraqi budget was based on a figure of 1.56 USD to 1 IQD though I have nothing to back this up except thier word 10:15 PM [Enorrste] waitingondinar , if M pulls the rabbit out of the hat on the RV tomorrow night he will win in a landslide 10:15 PM [Enorrste] especially if he says more than $1.00 per dinar 10:15 PM [wrebiejo] Enorrste so do you think we will see the RV on ex,com or somewhere tonight? 10:15 PM [jocko129] Enorrste I agree 10:15 PM [vader] Enorrste - yoda - do you still think this weekend can happen? 10:15 PM [riley319] Enorrste what time do you think he will have his speech??
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