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  1. I'll go toe-to-toe with you are anyone else on this site on general financial market knowledge AND principles. You fired first so layout YOUR qualifications for taking exception to mine. Embarrassing? Watching you attempt to spell the word "embarrassing" is a bit "EMBARRASSING" to watch......and I am NOT your friend by the way.....I do not know you nor have I EVER read anything from you that might make me the least bit respectful of YOUR opinion(s). Have you ever made an attempt to sell your Dinar back to the place that sold it to you? If so, was it a small amount or a large amount? Unless you have successfully received compensation for Dinar that you may have returned, you have no way of KNOWING whether or not your "worst case scenario" plays out....... Pay attention to reality and stop spewing your BLIND faith....unless of course you can legitimately explain, based on your own research, WHY the IQD will Revalue in a way that MOST people understand that it will occur. Oh yeah, do you still believe the story about those that made MILLIONS on the Kuwati Dinar? Let me know about that one too while you're at it. Can't WAIT for that response.
  2. Thanks for the post Scooby Doo.......and thanks for the "creepy avatar" comment. That's what I was shooting for I would very much like to offer my opinion on your points above but my post will take a little more time than I have this evening. I will be out of town all day tomorrow but, if I have time tomorrow evening, I will sit down and respond with my thoughts. I look forward to exchanging ideas and discussing our difference(s) of opinion. Thank you again!
  3. Actually I was very positive on this opportunity in the beginning. However, after further research, I no longer believe this to be a viable investment. I base my position on cold, hard facts.....If I were a gambling man (the fact that I have purchased Dinar is evidence of that) I would wager that, based on a true knowledge of financial markets derived from years as a stock broker, I am more qualified than 95% of the Dinar investor community to even RENDER a decision on the legitimacy of this "opportunity." I hope I'm wrong and I mean no ill-will towards anyone that believes they are going to make a lot of money on this deal. I've been wrong PLENTY of times before but in this instance I just can't find a legitimate reason for this to play out the way it has been reported. I have been a member here for a while now and I have made many friends....some of whom I communicate with outside of the forum. I am only giving my opinion; an opinion based upon real information that practically anyone could find if they just knew where to look. Hope I can stick around the forums for the fellowship.....if not....good luck to all Here are a couple of my more sensible posts.....for those who don't know me.
  4. Why would he allow anyone to contradict all the pumping? Ali will fire his butt in an instant!
  5. And this guy is DEFINITELY working for somebody.......... +++++++DANGER WILL ROBINSON+++++++++++
  6. Why did we need to know that, not only is this guy a "Forex guy," but that he's also from New York? Don't be fooled any longer....get out while there's still people that will buy them from you.
  7. I suggest everyone just sell their Dinar back to whomever you purchased from......This deal aint gonna happen the way it has been "suggested" by those selling Dinar. Do yourself a favor.....spend the money on your family OR take it to a casino......Your odds are MUCH better there. I'm COMPLETELY out and moving on.....I suggest you do the same....Don't let this eat at you ANY LONGER!
  8. That's nuts...... If you want to set up an LLC (for ANY reason), you can do it online for less than $400.00! I've done it more than once....and that includes the EIN registration
  9. Does anyone else have a feeling that something REALLY bad is about to happen? I mean, we have GLOBAL unrest (that REALLY has a chance to spill over into the United States), tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes........ The United States is part of a coalition that is NOT ONLY flying air support for al Qaeda, but supplying them with arms; and not very many people seem to care all that much! What the hell is going on here guys? I don't know but with all that's happening, I'm keeping my eyes and ears open.
  10. The originator of this thread..............It starts with.......... "get off the lop talk or know what you are talking about"
  11. Come back and talk to us AFTER you heed some of your own advice.............
  12. We have all been told that 25 Trillion Iraqi Dinar were printed. Of that amount, we have no way of knowing how much of that currency the Central Bank of Iraq still holds in it’s liability column. Or, how much of that cash is in the hands of the global public. As of 2010, the population of Iraq is approximately 31,234,000. http://www.trueknowl…of_iraq_in_2010 So we have a nation of people who’s population totals a little over 31 million, who’s central bank originally had 25 trillion of their dollars (dinars) printed for circulation. As of 2010, the population of the United States is approximately 305,689,000 And as shown below, we currently have 1,132,337 Trillion dollars (real currency) in circulation. Of course the Fed (Federal Reserve) is on the hook for much more than hard currency but that’s another discussion altogether. 12. Collateral Held against Federal Reserve Notes: Federal Reserve Agents’ Accounts Millions of dollars Wednesday Aug 4, 2010 Federal Reserve notes outstanding: 1,132,337 http://www.federalre…es/h41/current/ So let’s compare: Iraqi population of 31.2 million US population of 305.6 million
  13. So Hillarious flew from the United Nations (NY) back to Washington for a treasury meeting about the Iraqi Dinar........AS OUR MISSILES were being pointed at Libya and right AFTER the UN met to attack Qaddafi? Seems to me like that's a tough day FOR ANYONE......Not sure I'm buying this one.....sorry
  14. Hey! I'm still right where I was when I wrote this piece.... I wrote this in August 2010
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