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  1. Iraq allocates USD 100 mln for 2011 Arab summit what do you suppose they do when they have a summit that we don't do? I mean for $100 M USD they could get a good start on hosting the Olympics! This number doesn't seem out of line to anyone? Do they have a G5 give-away door prize planned?
  2. I am curious as well. Months ago ... maybe even a year (or more) ago there was a bunch of talk about the HCL ... I was a newbie and didn't even know what it was. Shortly thereafter someone published that they had "gotten their HCL" and the switch was thrown on the pipeline pumps and they began pumping oil in earnest. I didn't investigate it further since apparently the problem was solved and pumping oil seemed like a step forward. Truthfully, I don't know whether the aforementioned story is true, whether what we are hearing is a distraction, or whether the HCL is something that is altered
  3. DON'T TEASE ME! ... Deported to Kenya ... now there's a newsworthy item ... or would it be to where he officially gave up his citizenship for free schooling ... or ... never mind ... him sitting in lockup waiting to be deported is good enough for me!
  4. “The projects include the establishment of a power plant with a production capacity of 600 MW to use it in the oil projects, which are being implemented by foreign companies in Basra,” Haidar Ali Fadel told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. “The company expressed readiness to implement agriculture projects in south of Basra, as well as other projects in transport sector,” he added. You can't build a 600 Megawatt power plant with toilet paper currency ... upon quick Googling (a new word) ... price on the low side $600M to $1B and up depending on the technology required, hardships, etc Go RI/RV IQD! Th
  5. Yep, you've got it ... 1 divided by 26 is $.0385~ If you anticipate it going to a nickel it would be 20 ... 1 divided by 20 is $.05 100 would be $.01 50 would be $.02 33.33 would be $.03 25 would be $.04 I don't disagree that it has not done this yet ... simply ready your brain for when it does!! GO RV VND!
  6. Perhaps this will shed some light on the situation. I have a small group in SW Florida. I received an email from a confused member this morning entitled "What's Up Doc". Below is the email and my reply. It fits the circumstances, the math, and has links. ********************************************************************************* Morning I copied this from DV and checked the sites below… Did someone move the decimal point and we missed it? I'm used to seeing a comma where there is a decimal point. Whats your opinion? Dave found these links on another site, take a look. 1. http://www.l
  7. June 1, 2010 Iraqi oil: There’s plenty of it, but can Opec cope?Carl Mortished, International Business Editor Recommend? Inch by inch, Iraq is crawling out from beneath the rubble of a warzone and building an energy colossus. Increasingly, too, there is help at hand to turn its oil and gas resources into gold. A clutch of big oil multinationals has entered into service contracts with the country to develop several huge oilfields, including Rumaila, a monster that already delivers 1.1 million barrels per day, almost half of Iraq’s current output. BP is charged with raising the bar at Rumaila
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