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  1. yeah nice explanation if this were true..i mean its believable and I would be extremely happy if it were so but i don't think this part is correct: (a) Having the DFI ($280+ Billion USD) plus other frozen assets (estimated at $100 billion) turned back to Iraq and added to their foreign currency reserve, bringing it up to $430+ billion USD. Look through these reports, they barely have $10 billion in the dfi fund...whatever they make they have been giving to ministries...and what money surplus were, was probably spent in the beginning and over the years funding various p
  2. ehh i told myself i wasn't going to post here anymore but for this once i will make an exception as i think this issue is a bit important... Development Fund for Iraq Results of Year End Audit presentation to the IAMB and COFE 27 April 2011 Paris - France Private & Confidential page 11 "DFI does not maintain a complete records of all frozen assets which it is entitled to receive. Accordingly, completeness of those assets is not assured." A general disclaimer or a reason to play s
  3. are you asking for permission or applying for a job? Just share it, people will either like it or they won't
  4. The 100,000 is coming get used to considering this idea....
  5. That's really sad that they keep doing this. people like this have zero credibility. I find myself leaning more to a place that's supported by Drox and Scooter. We just need to see that 100,000 dinar note.
  6. Well Done Drox. I am glad you shared your thoughts and I agree with it 100%. Everyday I lean more towards the idea that nation building and the hammering out of the framework / infrastructure needed so one day the economy can prosper, for people to have more faith in their government, for businesses to run smoothly There are a lot of moving pieces to this thing but I certainly have to agree with your assesment that if indeed they come out with a 100,000 bill that would stave off Redenomination. Of course if I see a 100 denom instead then I will know its over... But why say Redenomination is
  7. long term = LOP so why wait? seriously, why wait on doing this. Its what I've said when i first came on this site why did they wait to do this? Because they need our participation to strengthen their foreign currency reserve? Now they have our money, we bought the heck out of it and we are a part of the reason they have a fat money supply... Now they are ready to do something. Long term plan is redenominate? So Iraq, pass the legislation, Educate your people, set a date, and be done with it. That's what other countries did. Why this long term stuff? and I hope Saleh is not lying about th
  8. AHA they came out and said it!!! I have my own ideas but I would really like to read what Drox has to say about this. Thanks in advance Drox
  9. Well i didnt see so much a of a difference as their M1 is still reported at 50 trill. What's wrong with they key financials excel spreadsheet on cbi's website? ITs doesn't show what you want to see?
  10. Oh you saw that too? Earlier this year Drox had a great take on the 100,000 note. There was a new article that said larger denom and small denom. I wish i had the link to it but that's what I immediately thought of. If they do it so be it because they are not going to print off another three zero note if their intentions are to LOP. Cost wise it doesn't make sense to introduce new currency with wrong face value. Plus they talk about making it easier for the people to use the currency. This would accomplish that and hopefully keep our dream alive. Nice catch Munson I hope its correct.
  11. Good Allawi get your butt out of the way and let them move forward for better or worse
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