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    I am a 54 year old male married to my wonderful wife for 31+ years. Vietnam Vet. 32 years as a UPSer
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    Golf fishing Off road trucks and R V ing (motorhomes as well) LOL
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    32years with UPS
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  1. These posts are simply ways of pushing people's buttons. Embarrassing none the less.
  2. Our thoughts and prayers for you and yours. Amen.
  3. It would be nice if it happened but I won't hold my breath. I'll wait for Adams email or alert. Go whatever it takes to getter done. Blessings to All Bobbydee
  4. Doing fine. Haven't been able to post anything for awhile. Somehow I got through. Hope everyone here at DV is doing fine. Blessings to you and yours Hopefully we will all be blessed with this elusive RV immediately after this post. Lol
  5. What torpedoes next. Will just call this torpedo thursday. BOOM!lol blessings to all bobbydee
  6. read the disclaimer for the site. It kinda tells the story in a way. Hmmmm what to believe. I'm still waiting on PM Abadi's announcement. Anyhoo! Blessings to all
  7. Won't affect me. USA is the only place for me. Living the dream. Blessings to all. Bobbydee
  8. Wow I can't believe I'm able to post. Haven't been able to in a while. Things that make you go humm!!! Hoping for that final word from Adam. Blessings to all. Bobbydee
  9. Really! I think I'll go smash my finger with a hammer for reading this garbage. This belongs in the full blown lying section not the rumor section or are they one in the same? #hammertime blessings Bobbydee
  10. Thank you my brother in Christ. Hope you are well. My best to you and yours. Bobbydee
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