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  1. Echoing TG. When you submit a support ticket, please include a little more information on the issue. Julie will have a hard time helping you if you don't.
  2. Good morning everyone! Small maintenance update performed this morning, please report any issues here. "No RV text yet" is not a maintenance issue, FYI. I'll be doing a dinar update in the coming week - waiting on confirmation of a few things that have been brewing for a bit now. Some of you will be able to guess what it is, based on recent news. That's the only tip I'm giving in this post. GOOOO RRRRVVVVVVVV!!!!!!
  3. Good morning everyone! Just a brief flyby here, because there's a lot in the news and I want everyone to know I'm here. Last week, we started seeing signs that the HCL was picking up again. That's still happening, and there's some pretty solid news coming in on the backend over here. Nothing that says "RV by X date", but very encouraging just the same. And this week... Afghanistan. Afghanistan is not Iraq, but anything major that happens in the middle east is worth paying attention to. My understanding of the current situation leads me to believe that we don't need to be overly concerned about our "chances". Everyone stay calm, focused, and of course GOOOO RRRRRRRRVVVVVVVVV!!!!! I know I've mentioned this before, but I'll say it again: I'm still handling everything that needs to be handled. My daily routine still involves multiple contacts with my people, our legal team, and more. I'm just not posting as much anymore. But I'm still here.
  4. I'm not posting as much, but I'm still here and dedicated. You can all count on that!
  5. The next steps are already prepped VIP members get a text, and an email, and instructions to access our Post-RV VIP site. Everyone else gets an email. We cash in, at the best rates we can according to "who we know", and some of us end up broke again in a year or so. Others end up much better off.
  6. Sorry about the downtime, all! We experienced a hiccup during a routine maintenance procedure. The database was locked up, but luckily we were able to get it resolved with no loss of data or anything else terrible. Now back to your regularly scheduled browsing! P.S. I know, it's been a bit since my last "regular update". No news is good news. No news is not the best news, but it's also not bad news, so we have that going for us! P.P.S. I've seen some odd comments on here... (yes, I still read. I'm just not posting as much)... this investment has always been about the fundamentals. Iraq has a ton of the world's oil, they are making their way back up, and no amount of "updates" from me will change their schedule. My personal life and "real world" businesses (offline) have been going nuts (in the best ways) and my family has really been appreciating me being off the computer so much. I am loving it too, honestly Over a decade of constant updates and living on this site was enough for me. My change in posting habits has nothing to do with my confidence in the value of the Dinar increasing. 👆 Feel free to quote that anytime someone makes a silly comment about my lack of posting. 👆 We have our VIP systems in place. Our asset protections and growth strategies are rock solid. There is still amazing stuff being posted in VIP on a regular basis. Whenever there's something major to report, I'll be here to do it. If I decide I'm done with Dinar, and I'm selling all mine, you will hear it from ME. You won't get that information anywhere else, and that's a promise. Best regards, all, and GOOOOO RRRRRRRVVVVVVV!!!!! P.P.P.S. I guess that was a lot for a "PS" - just consider it an update
  7. Just fyi everyone, I had a bit of time to do an update last week and instead learned there was some security maintenance updates to handle... the 4 hours or so that I was going to use for a brief update turned into 8 hours of wrestling with code and patches, and one of the results is these new badges. We don't need no stinkin badges, indeed! For the record, they have nothing to do with any VIP benefits or post RV procedures. Carry on!
  8. Interesting to read the comments here. I've said many times that the Iraqi Dinar is about the fundamentals. The "fundamentals" are pretty simple.... Iraq is owner to a majority of the "black gold" in the world, and we aren't going to stop utilizing said black gold anytime in the near or distant future, right? Anyone who thinks we are actually going to stop using oil is plain silly, to be honest. Your input
  9. Hey everyone! I'm a little late getting this out here, but hey.... better late than never! In honor of the occasion (you all know what it is, and what it means to you!), you can take advantage of a limited time discount on anything VIP. I cleared a 25% discount with the bean counters, but that seems a little small to me... ... so I made it 35%. The beancounters can yell at me tomorrow. I've had to deal with worse Use discount code "MD35" here! See you in VIP, and GO RVVVVVV!!!!!! - Adam P.S. You can use this discount to gift a membership as well! Just send in a support ticket once you've made the purchase.
  10. I certainly understand where you are coming from. On the other hand, my "job" here is to Never "hype" anything. There is a ton of potential. I've worked my butt off to create all of the tools we have to be prepared for it. I can't predict when this is going to happen, but everyone here should know we - WE - are prepared to take full advantage of every aspect. Some people will be left wishing they were in VIP. And maybe I could help them by "creating hype", but that's not my M.O.
  11. Good afternoon, DinarVets! I'm going to run through this one pretty quick, because it's very simple to explain. That's a good thing. Simple = easy to conclude, which also translates loosely to "soon"! OIL is slightly lower than in my last update, but it's still in the "good" range. Anything in the $60s is great, as far as I'm concerned! More importantly, however, is all the HCL talk. I'm almost certain you're hearing it from other places, and I can confirm this is true: Iraq is dealing with the HCL as we speak, and I think it's going to get done this time. Check out the article below: I'm going to repeat that last part: 💥 "It is noteworthy that the Oil Ministry’s sudden announcement of the draft oil and gas law coincides with marathon negotiations between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region regarding the latter’s share in the 2021 budget and the mechanism for managing his oil file." 💥 The Budget was completed some time ago, and Baghdad and the Kurds were even in agreement on the original Budget that was preliminarily approved... ... the fact that there are now disputes, that are tied to the oil and gas law, tells us very clearly that they are not arguing over a few dinars... they are arguing over a LOT of dinars, which is also dollars. My friends, we are closing in on a spectacular finish! I'm looking forward to it. I know many of you are, as well. Hang tight! This might get bumpy before it's over, but OH BOY will it be worth it!!! Happy Sunday, everyone. - Adam P.S. OH! Did I tell you, or did I tell you?! Once again, I'm telling you... BTC was at around $50,000 two weeks ago. Today it's 57,000. That's 14% in two weeks. It is STILL a great time to get into crypto! You did NOT miss your last chance! We are talking about it here. P.P.S. Be sure to get in that DinarVets Lotto Pool here! P.P.P.S. I almost forgot.... GO RRRRRVVVVVVV!!$!$!$!$!!
  12. Yes, people did that. Me, for one. And plenty of others on DinarVets as well. I've been playing with house money for the better part of 10 years now, actually. Like mentioned above... you can still do it even at today's price. And also mentioned above... crypto and blockchain are not going anywhere. There is still massive room for growth.
  13. Update coming tomorrow. How is everyone?
  14. Speaking of "all the digital currency updates", I just posted this in the Crypto section: "Crypto Coin Outperforming Bitcoin Is About to See Supply Reduced"... it's information on a crypto that's already gone up 536% this year. And that up there 👆 could push it higher yet!
  15. Pure insanity. It boggles my mind how some of these countries work sometimes
  16. Hey hey, happy Sunday! Things are still cruising along nicely. In addition to everything else I could share, I decided to just pick one topic... OIL. The HCL, or "Hydro Carbon Law", is a key element in Iraq's eventual ReValuation of their currency exchange rate. In simple terms... when they finalize the agreement on how the profits will be shared, via the HCL, we are either past the RV date or it's a different kind of "soon", like immediately or tomorrow. OIL was at $61.53 when I did my last update. I stated then that we only really need OIL to be in the $40+ range for the logistics of the RV to work, so $61.53 was very encouraging. Do you know where OIL is right now? 💥 BOOM!!! 💥 This stuff isn't rocket science, and you don't need me to explain the simple stuff... so let's move onto something more fun. I'm going to share something I posted in our OSI section, in response to a news story regarding the Seychelles (Africa). We have some amazing stuff in VIP/OSI, fyi! The resources we have are the cumulative results of over a decade of planning, networking, researching, extensive world travel, and more. Our VIP group here IS the premier group to be in when the Dinar RVs... I've got a hundred stories about situations like these. Anyway, a member shared a story and the street in the photo was very familiar... it brought me back to a special time: ======= my response below ======== I love that photo... it looks exactly like the street I was stranded on at around 8 AM in the morning on my first trip to the Seychelles. I say "stranded" because I am an early riser, I was jetlagged, in dire need of coffee, and my hotel didn't have coffee available that morning when I was looking for it around 6AM. It was an $800 per night hotel. I wasn't too upset, because I figured I'd just go find a coffee shop and be closer to my destination and all would be good. Turned out, none of the coffee shops in that little town open till 10AM. !!!!!! I was bedraggled, jetlagged, tired, in desperate need of coffee, and asking strangers where in the heck do I get some coffee, and one of the strangers I spoke to told me (again) that no coffee shops in Victoria, Seychelles, would be open until 10AM. But he had an espresso machine in his office, and I could come with him. My appreciation at that time could not have been greater, and I followed him up to his office. He made the most amazing espresso I've ever had in my life, and as my head cleared around 8:30AM our conversation drifted to our plans for the day. Turns out, my 9 AM meeting, downtown Victoria Seychelles, was closer than I thought. This angel who had given a stranger some much needed caffeine was actually the exact person I was meeting first that day. Pure magic, if you ask me. I bought a similar espresso machine when I returned home, and our business relationship also ended up being pure magic. Some things are just meant to be, I guess. ======= / end of post ===== I'm serious - I have a hundred similar stories, where things just lined up in our favor and you can call it luck or whatever you want, but the fact of the matter is we have some amazing connections. I can't tell you when the RV will be, but I can tell you exactly where you want to be when it happens... I can't tell you when BTC will hit $100,000 either... but I told you when it was below $600 that it was a good investment. I can only "tell" you things so many times... and I certainly don't want to try to convince you to do anything you don't want to do. BTC is still a good investment, even at the current price of ~$50,000 per BTC. The IQD is still one of my favorite "high potential" speculations. And VIP is definitely where you want to be, now, before the crypto market explodes even more, and before the IQD RVs. Choice is yours, of course! That's all for now... happy Sunday, and GO RRRRRRVVVVV!!!!!
  17. Just popping in to say “TOLD YA!” 😂
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