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  1. Awesome article Yota and yes stop depending on the U.S. dollar you tools and revalue your currency, problem solved!!
  2. Yes everyone in here is still holding a buying more and more and more…you either get it or you don’t. If anyone has paper handed their shares hopefully they are smart enough to never post in this thread again! If anyone sells now or sold they will regret that decision I am sure. Their only redemption is if they still watch AMC daily then when this thing skyrockets they will be able to jump back again but of course by that will be at a much much higher price which will buy them fewer shares. FOMO will absolutely kick in when this thing takes off and my guess is we will see the first huge spike up either premarket or after market hours where it can’t be halted! I bought another 1500 shares this past week also!!! Let’s go RV and let’s go AMC to the moon!!!
  3. It has also been stated many times that the dinar will be pegged to a basket of currencies aka a SDR Basket!
  4. 80%-90% of the Iraqi media is owned by Maliki so take it with a grain of salt until something actually happens!
  5. This is the best thoughts I have heard so far maybe good ole Adam Aaron has a Gold backed Crypto currency or NFT in his mind?? Who knows but personally I think it was a good purchase after watching the number broken down in this 10 min video!!
  6. Our stock market is for criminals apparently they are protecting the institutions and hedgefunds not the retail investor!! I hope and pray AMC does actually squeeze but again Fidelity reserves the right they say due to liquidity to restrict to close only positions!! So during the AMC squeeze if no one can buy this will really limit how high AMC can rise count on it!! AMC will only be allowed to raise high enough for all the shorts to cover folks!! So it will be extremely extremely important then to hold hold hold as if no one is selling then the stock price will skyrocket!! The hedgefunds will still have to cover their shorts but without more buying pressure along the way it’s going to limit how high the stock goes unless most people hold until some crazy high number hits, unfortunately their will be a lot of paper handed people that will sell lower and it will also depend on how many illegal synthetic shares that were created and shorted!!
  7. Fidelity just REMOVED THE BUY BUTTON ON THE VXX!!! The stock was squeezing this morning it’s an inverse ETF that tracks the S&P 500 and shorts it. I am invested heavily along with a buddy. It went from $28 to $41.74 and was halted 3 times quickly this morning. I just hung up the phone with Fidelity talking with a trader and then his supervisor. They will not give me anything in writing but I have screen shots of this VXX is restricted to CLOSE ONLY ORDERS!! Fidelity is giving me the lame excuse it to protect their they made the decision and said it’s a liquidity issue because they are not issuing any new shares which of course they don’t no company can just issue new shares during a squeeze!! Such TOTAL BS!!! These short etf’s were not stopped when COVID hit and they ran up like a rocket so again a total BS excuse! FIDELITY HAS REMOVED THE BUY BUTTON JUST LIKE ROBINHOOD DID…CRIMINALS!!!
  8. Buy and Hold, Buy and Hold, Buy and Hold, Rinse and Repeat that’s all I am doing!!!
  9. I agree with most everything you have said but unfortunately there is no possible way for this to go to the moon in 1 to 3 days for the simple fact the stock will absolutely and automatically be halted every 5 to 15 minutes after it runs. So unless something major happens where people are loading up and buying so much either premarket or aftermarket the hedgefunds that are shorting the stock if they get margin called and the computers force them to buy back their short positions will only be during normal trading hours. Hence why I say it will most likely get halted for 15 minutes and when trading opens again and the stock moves up say 10-15% which may only take 30 seconds to do that they it will automatically get halted for another 15 minutes. This is why if we are assuming the hedgefunds have to buy back a few billion shares time wise this will absolutely take a couple of weeks or more to reach into the thousands. Just my thoughts I too could be wrong.
  10. Well technically I do not believe that is true the $3.22 rate was a Sadam imposed rate. The dinar only traded around $2.65 internationally from all my research! Either way any rate starting with a “2” I will be good with…lol
  11. Looks like you made a good buy! Hopefully you added this morning to average your cost down!!!! This is the way I am buying more and holding!!! Adam Aaron stated retail owns over 90% of the float something will have to give sooner or later!! My personally guess again is it will only take a couple of the smaller hedge funds being margin called and forced to cover!! Once this thing starts to rip again I don’t think they will be able to stop it, I think the big money will pile on in a massive way at least that is my hope!!!
  12. Yep that’s what we get when a mail ordered President gets in!!
  13. Here you go folks absolute proof of synthetics Adam Aaron states on the earnings call yesterday that RETAIL INVESTORS OWN OVER YES OVER 90% of AMC stock!!!! Watch Trey Trades break this down in this video it will make you feel very secure in this investment!! Again I am Buying more and Holding, Buying More and Holding!!!
  14. Agreed the one that haunts me is bitcoin… shoulda, coulda,… but on the flip side I would have sold long before 60k I am sure!!
  15. Keylime we are talking about this decade so apple doesn’t count…lol Now back to the dinar or AMC let’s take a poll on who thinks which one balloons first?????
  16. Agreed and I should have bought 1k in Bitcoin back in 2010 instead of more dinar! I purchased a lot of dinar from 2010 thru 2012. If only I would have just thrown 1k at Bitcoin I would be worth over 50 million
  17. I just checked right now and it says the site cannot be found!…well I just check again after this post and now it comes
  18. Buy and Hold, Buy and Hold, Buy and Hold…..Rinse and Repeat over and over again that’s my plan!!!
  19. I will reiterate all I am doing is BUYING MORE AND HOLDING HOLDING HOLDING!!! It truly is a waiting game to see who wins I believe this 100%!!!
  20. That’s what I was going to say what a clueless heartless doctor talking to that deer, why didn’t she put a mask on the deer first since they are so effective!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Also looks like Big Pharma has just discovered another source of income we have to vaccinate all the deer every year along with getting them their booster shots every 6 months or all of them are going to die!! LOLOLOLOL.. Where are are the tree huggers and animal activists this is a travesty I tell ya!!!!
  21. Glad you are okay but your statement is simply Not true! Had you not had the shots you would have been much better off!! People who have had the vaccine can get COVID more then once because that’s what they just trained their body to do, it only built up the antibodies for the One protein that was targeted in the vaccine. Apparently Covid has about 27 different proteins. When an unvaccinated person gets COVID their bodies builds up immunity to all the different proteins which pretty much makes them immune for life! Unfortunately so many people fall the MSM and government nonsense and believe that big Pharma really is here to help people and not their own People need to wake up and see this is nothing more then a money grab since the narrative is going to be pushed you must get a COVID vaccine every year BS!!! Good luck!!
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