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  1. Imo..this news refer to petrol cad fee..not the amount in the card
  2. if im not mistaken shab is board of monetary policy BOE
  3. haha..the fact actually they are slow and lazy...almost end of year..still discuss?
  4. If this is what cbi want to do.. honestly i think long ago cbi should do that..because anytime cbi can just cost cbi print new need economy strength This kind of situation normally use to be in country wity high inflation right? Iraq is a low inflation country And if we read imf report..iqd appreciate around 5% annually..
  5. Goog job everyone... In my opinion the elites has been anticipate this event How? U see at crypto... Btc..without anything backup raise till nearly 20000usd/btc... Still.. without any funnymental.. 5000usd/btc
  6. For a simple mind like me...i dont think they will LOP.. Lop is just simple process without adding any value to their currency.. They had postponed this process for a long time.. Must be this process will add some value to their currency Just my opinion..
  7. there is no intentionat the present time to issue any newcategory and existing categori So what about news before this mentioning replacement note 1k,500,250?
  8. Normally when ever investor come in.. value of the currency going up and when investor run from country cause depreciation in currency... shud b iqd will i right?
  9. Is it cbi big fan of swiss?i cant remember cbi bring out news other country new curency
  10. Why does cbi intro more note 3 zero into market?so actually what's the purpose of auction? As i know auction is to suck iqd from market...or actually auction is just a tool to manage forex xchange..
  11. They never care anything..even they can bulldozer their own Constitution without feeling guilty
  12. Great thought lb..but iqd still not article 8..and how they can get iqd since its limited in the market..come on iraq..dont just say that u r great because of ur neighbours are weaker..shoh us your true value
  13. Hm..make sense..but normal condition when there is too money inflow..curency rate got impact by increase in value..central bank need to buffer .. mayb the way i think to complicated Iraq always can use cheat code i think..haha
  14. Im just wondering..what will happen to iqd value if let say donour country give iraq 100b usd for reconstruction? Its a big cbi got enough reserve to maintain their pegging at 1190?
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