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  1. Oldie but a goodie - Love Steve Winwood! Thanks for sharing.
  2. I hope your right Synopsis!!! I think everybody has had enough of the drama from Iraq, I know I have. $5.35 is dreaming...just get to a $1.00 and all is well. Time will tell.
  3. Your definition and Iraq's definition of getting something done are two different things 10 Years Later. Frustrating as it is, this is their timeline. Go have a beer.
  4. Thanks Adam...praying this is our month for prosperity and peace. HCA to HCL and BAM - blind-sided by a RV. Heres to hoping!
  5. I like your optimism LB but the currency speculators are just a drop in the bucket to the big scheme of things. This year will be interesting - Its do or die for Iraq. With all the interest from outside sources trying to help them with loans and what not, I still have faith that we all will come out ahead. Darkest before the dawn.
  6. DISTRIBUTION of WEALTH - I really like that title. This article does have a positive vibe....heres to hoping for less talk and more action to benefit their countrymen and our wallets! Share those Petro dollars.
  7. I sure hope they know what their doing. So it just jumped from 1187 to 1190 ABROAD today. Yota, I must have misunderstood your comment....I noticed all the previous auctions state "abroad" at the bottom, nothing new there.
  8. Yota says he believes this is a first time printing "The amounts transferred to accounts in banks ABROAD sale" ... This makes me feel all tingly inside. Bring it!!!
  9. Awesome - brought tears to my eyes. I believe this should be our theme song for this adventure we call the Dinar.
  10. Peg to a basket of foreign currencies .... Boy, that sure sounds good to me. Ive been in this since 2010 - mama aint getting any younger!
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