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  1. This released by the IMF a little while ago: IMF Managing Director Approves a Staff-Monitored Program for Iraq Press Release No. 16/04 January 12, 2016 The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved a Staff-Monitored Program (SMP) 1for Iraq covering the period of November 2015-December, 2016, on which the authorities and staff had reached ad-referendum agreement in November 2015 (see Press Release No. 15/509). Iraq is facing a double shock arising from ISIS attacks and the sharp drop in global oil prices. The conflict is hurting the non-oil economy through destruction of infrastructure and assets, disruptions in trade, and deterioration of investor confidence. The impact of the oil price decline—already felt in 2014—intensified in 2015, affecting the budget, the external sector, and medium-term growth potential. The authorities are responding to the crisis with a mix of fiscal adjustment and financing. To help address the present and urgent balance of payments and budget needs triggered by the ISIS attacks and the collapse in oil prices, the authorities have also requested an SMP to establish a track record of policy credibility to pave the way to a possible Fund financing arrangement. Under the SMP, the authorities will implement fiscal consolidation that will contain public expenditure in line with available revenue and financing, and aim to reduce the non-oil primary deficit by US$20 billion or 12 percent of non-oil GDP between 2013 and 2016. Under the SMP, agreement has also been reached on measures to strengthen public financial management, anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT), and financial sector stability. The IMF has assisted Iraq in strengthening economic institutions and in providing advice to the government on economic policies and reforms for more than a decade. IMF staff will work closely with the authorities to monitor progress in the implementation of their economic program. In addition, the IMF will continue to provide technical assistance to support Iraq’s capacity-building efforts and its reform program. 1 An SMP is an informal agreement between country authorities and Fund staff to monitor the implementation of the authorities’ economic program. SMPs do not entail financial assistance or endorsement by the IMF Executive Board.
  2. Here's the actual translation from Arabic into English of that document: "Global Directorship FX Change Money Management Central Bank of Iraq We are looking for people who will be helping with the below: Looking to do business in these four divisions: 1. Buy and sell in money management; 2. Foreign exchange; 3. Buy and sell credit; 4. Main currencies/short term fixed income in other currencies" Sorry...I hoped it would be more than it is. Oh well......GO RV!!!!
  3. This group leads Praise and Worship in my church every Sunday. Dominique wrote this when she was 17. It won a Stellar Award and was nominated for three Grammy Awards. I was the Executive Producer of the album.
  4. What denominations? New or Circulated? Where are they? How much? Payment type?
  5. Israelis who were slaves in Egypt left Egypt to march about 120 miles to Canaan -- their Promised Land. It took them 40 years to "drive" that 120 miles. Talk about impatience......."Moses, are we there yet?!?!?!"
  6. What most of us are missing is that for everything we sow, we'll reap something related to the seed we sow. Four million Republicans stayed at home in 2012 because they couldn't swallow hard enough to vote for a Mormon. What did that seed grow? Obama's second term. Regardless of what part leaders try to cram down voters' throats, compromise is NOT what this Country was founded on. Our forefathers had massive disputes over policy, laws, amendments, etc., that were monumental, often leading to physical confrontations. This Country was built on the right to disagree TO NO OBVIOUS OR DEMANDED END! For instance: There are millions of illegals in the U.S. Why? Because government chose to ignore existing laws simply to allow an obvious voting block to enter the U.S. for votes. Oh they counted the costs: hundreds of millions of dollars for education, healthcare, taking jobs from U.S. citizens, etc. And to them that cost is justified long-term because of their certainty that these people (now non voters....but not for long!) will surely vote Democrat. Their long-term objective? Dependency on government, which is self perpetuating. So what should we do? Simply ignore the seed WE put in the ground, compromising to accept many/some policies of those running for office just because we think THEY can get elected, but the one(s) we think will do the right things cannot be elected because not enough people will vote for them? Isn't that a little hypocritical? That's the thinking that has this nation where we are today: in an environment of accepting what we know in our hearts are bad policies simply because we think we have no choice but to take the bad with the good, even though it's not what we think is right. Some say that we will NEVER get all we want.....any politician is going to have policies that are not exactly those that I espouse. So we take the best we can get. But in doing so, what does that say to our children and grandchildren? Here's an explanation: We all know how to make a C in school. You can make an A with an F, a B with a D, or simply make all C's. That's "average." But from the last generation to this, we now accept far more F's than previously. And now there are far fewer A's than before. But, as we accept those more F's, the value of C's (or average) is progressively sliding lower and lower. Don't we owe it to the next couple of generations to if not raising the bar, at least hold it steady? Why are we accepting average? IF WE DON'T HOLD THE BAR UP BUT LET IT SLIDE, THAT'S ALL OUR KIDS AND THEIR KIDS ARE GOING TO KNOW. Sure, if we hold the line, we may lose another election or two. But isn't that the reaping of the seeds we've allowed to be sown in our lives? Folks, it isn't going to change unless Americans make it change. Michael Jackson had a great song out 20 years ago in which the first line of the chorus said, "I'm starting with the Man in the Mirror....." We won't embark on that journey to summarily reject average so we can reverse field and start back up until "WE" make the commitment to do so personally. And until "WE" do it, no one else will.
  7. If you believe the Bible, this whole thing is a little simpler: If you can see, feel, touch, or know something is real by relying on any of your senses, it's not by faith. And the Bible says "Whatsoever is not of faith, it is sin." From Hebrews "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." So, by extrapolating from those two, we obviously can "kinda" figure out where we stand, in faith. Biblically because we have faith, we're in good shape because we DON'T know for sure. If we knew the date, time, and price, it would not be by faith. Ezra, sorry you had to throw in the towel. Hopefully that one three zero note you kept will be worth a good bit very shortly. To everyone else, keep the could be the day!
  8. Shabbs, so what's the right thing to do more than a year away from the election? Don't you think it's a little bit early to walk away from Trump or Bush or Walker or any other candidate? Don't you think we have a little time to let this all mesh out? It seems to me the smart play here is to draw out of each of the candidates everything we can hear and see about who they are and what they'll do. We all pretty much already know who Trump is. But the book's still out on the others. Maybe by late Spring 2016 we should begin serious conversations about pulling together to get the winner. I for one am sick of feeling forced to vote for someone just because I'm scared another Democrat will win. It's time we all vote our hearts after diligently vetting each candidate. I'm reminded of the question one famous Christian pastor asked after Mitt Romney lost: "Now that the election's over is it OK for Christians to start saying again that Mormonism is a cult?" He was the odds on favorite in the GOP and no one ran against him.....except his religion. 4 million Republicans stayed home because of that and got Obama re-elected. Doing the right thing is doing the right thing. And I think with today's mass media exposure ad nauseum we'll have a good picture of who the best GOP candidate will be, not just because they can win, but when they win, do the right thing.....ALL the time.
  9. He is a FLIP FLOPPER......we must have different definitions. To me Bruce Jenner is the FLIP FLOPPER, not "The Donald." He's always been sold on himself and still is. But what did they say about Deon Sanders? "If you can do it, it ain't bragging."
  10. Was I right about Trump? When Trump announced his run for president, I wrote (and posted on Facebook) that despite the liberal media laughs at how silly his run would be, they would stop laughing when they saw how Mr./Mrs. Average American reacted with support of Trump. In some polls now he's number 1. Trump was blasted by ALL left media members and most conservative presidential candidates over his stance on illegal immigration. NBC cancelled their relationship with him. Now NASCAR and ESPN have as well. And one department store is no longer selling his ties! Read his response to the latest of those cancellations: " The disassociation of ESPN and NASCAR with the Trump Organization was covered by the press in headlines all over the world as though it was a major setback for me. Really? What were the losses? One NASCAR banquet in a magnificent ballroom at Trump National Doral in Miami for which I will keep their very substantial deposit and rent the ballroom to someone else that night––in other words, two fees instead of one (NASCAR has already apologized to me)! In the case of ESPN, they cancelled a simple golf outing at my course, Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, perhaps the most valuable parcel of land in all of golf. Likewise, they lost a large deposit. I will now let people use the course on that day, receiving substantial additional greens fee income. Again, I get two fees instead of one. This is the big deal built up by the press on ESPN and NASCAR––a banquet and a golf outing. Headlines blared all over the world, “ESPN and NASCAR Dropping Trump”––Give me a break! All of this because of my strong stance on illegal immigration during my run for President…Make America Great Again!" He may yet shoot himself not in the foot but in the head with respect to his chances for a Presidency by something he says or does. But obviously what he's said so far has done nothing but keep him in the news.....and his poll numbers climb. We'll see.....
  11. It's been a tough few days for Tony. Last Friday his run from U.S. officials for wire fraud and illegal currency transactions forced him to hit a brick wall. He has entered of plea of "guilty" on all charges that will send him to jail for one year and a day, plus a $1.6 million fine. According to his plea deal, he cannot appeal the plea or the sentence once confirmed by the judge. See the entire Plea Deal here: I don't wish anything on any one. But we all pay for our choices. Some call it "what goes around, comes around." Others call it "reap and sow." Whatever you want to call it, the results are the same: when you plant watermelon seeds, watermelons are going to grow. Go RV!
  12. Let's use the measure of the Israelis from the old Testament. These guys get one shot and one shot only: if they're wrong.....turn them over to ISIS at the stoning pit. (and I don't mean "stoned as in marijuana) You predict doesn't die. That would sure stop a lot of the projections!
  13. While there is no doubt that Hillarious violated numerous laws, rules, and regulations, it is doubtful the plaintiff will be able to prove any basis for invoking RICO. While RICO can be addressed in a civil suit, basis for RICO in a civil matter is tough: "RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering, and it allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes which they ordered others to do or assisted them, closing a perceived loophole that allowed someone who told a man to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because he did not actually commit the crime personally." I think it somewhat farfetched to expect a jury to accept that Hillarious's actions were part of an ongoing criminal organization. (unless they can prove the State Department and White House are such!) It seems possible only if evidence is uncovered in which Hillarious actually "ordered others to do or assisted them." And maybe that will happen. I fully believe there was massive intentional wrongdoing by Clinton and others who answer to her in this and probably other matters. There is also very little doubt there was big time "quid pro quo" in her solicitations of foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation. All that being said, it is highly unlikely that Trey Gowdy will be able to pin anything significant directly on Hillarious -- much like Bill's corrupt and immoral conduct while President. At best she faces a plummeting public favorable opinion in national polls. She is not stupid. She is gambling that such negativism that has surfaced now will fade away from the minds of voters before the intense campaign season gets underway. (like it normally does) I for one will do my best to keep her actions top of mind for people I know.
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