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  1. Wow. There are numerous man made gods from this world, but only One (Jesus) who, by the dunamis power of the Holy Spirit, who was actually raised from the dead. According to you and I, 'Id say He's the Winner. He's God. The Word of God (Bible) says he's God. God wants us all to repent and believe Him and trust in Him, through His Son right now for eternal life in heaven incase you die right now or in 30 years. God loves you'all and so do I. On our death beds, Jesus is all that matters to us, not this 20K IQD I been holding forever. Amen?
  2. Satan himself, through these lawless liberal elites, are trying their best to stop this free country from liberating the many remaining countries from dictatorship. Remember what God through apostle Paul said: The Holy Spirit expressly says that in the last days they (liberals) shall call good evil and evil good.
  3. Praise God, from whom ALL blessing flow!
  4. Jesus, seated at the right hand of the Father, is High Preist, Prophet,and King, and therefore Head of His Church and requires NO pope. Satan, whose throne is on this earth since he was cast out of heaven where Gods throne is, has set up his throne here at the Vatican, has set up all the imposter popes as a Jesus (head of the Church) imposter. Satan imitates everything God does. Apostle Paul warns over and over about coming false prophets. If u visit the Vatican on the right day, youll witness 12 new cardinals or whatever seeking a promotion, laying face down prostrate around the Bernini throne of the pope. No born again saved man of God would ever allow that to happen before him. Old and New Testament Angels told numerous people to get off their knees immediately and to worship God ONLY.
  5. Don't forget my girls Diamond and Silk. Find these biological sisters website.
  6. … For God uses the "base" of this world to confound the ways of the wise (liberal elite). It'll always be that way. Sorry to disappoint. Trump, like me, is about as born again and saved as one can ever be (by the grace of God), but not perfected.
  7. For it is written, “ the Holy Spirit expressly says that in the last days they (liberals) will call good evil and evil good.” Think about what God prophesied here and compare it to almost every liberal agenda currently.
  8. (The US). So why is Lindsay Graham and everyone else’s hair on political fire?
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