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  1. To them prolly when pigs fly... but no seriously, the world's going into a recession and Iraq's still dwindling their thumbs...just push the button to just try to float through this recession smh lol
  2. Could be a good thing or a bad thing... I mean... wtf just get on the international trade level already
  3. Hmm... I concur. Having "no direction" can be a good thing ... and I can also see how that maybe not having the authoriti to do so
  4. Could have easily been solved/prevented....just by cutting ties with Iran and granting purchasing power to the people and paying the people hcl' and what not ... and they would witness nothing but prosperity
  5. Exactly, like afganistan and their northern alliance we chose to support, like if some of these places have these set up and are currupt and currency higher rates then iraq...sounds like iraq needs one of these funds too.
  6. Sad sad times... Just pray hope wish this shiet takes a flip any day now... Darkness can't win forever lights bound to break sometime so with a ton of like-minded individuals it should happen in no time 🙏🏼
  7. Good eye, this is really interesting... Compared to these other countries Iraq should be top the list if not top 2/3
  8. 4% that's some cryptos going rates lol... But seriously, can you 🐫 Get this shiet done already, the US inflationary/recessive time would be best, so I can flood this back into crypto when btc hits 8k 😏
  9. Do it now!!! But I mean I can wait til about Oct but then it's crunch time
  10. Thought they would do it during covid...but a during a recession sounds great too
  11. Oh I'm out of the loop fam, I missed that one, what was the test rate if you happen to recall?
  12. ...we'll pass some of that money to my accounts... Btc 10-15k would be a nice time to buy
  13. Could have been hacked or a photoshopped screenshot... So still applies lol our eyes are known liars if you have seen magic or science lol
  14. My folks have this saying "believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear"
  15. they gonna go to war with em? I'm not understanding, international lawsuit, I mean come on man the tyranny is enough already no?
  16. They have to produce like 5xs the amount that Kuwait does to even come close to their rate of exchange no? Gross per capital no?
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