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  1. I always thought that the higher denom was going to be used mainly for internal (bank to bank, Corporations and businesses ) transfers of money. Though it does seem to be in the public sphere as well. Not much but they will increase the amount over time. I found this article quite interesting it's an older article from Jan 14, 2016
  2. Iraq let me show you what your problem is: 1 Syrian Pound equals 0.0019 US Dollar 1 Iraqi Dinar equals 0.00084 US Dollar Do you see the problem Iraq? Syria, who's been at war with itself both externally and internally since 2012 and is pretty much btfo with a fraction of the resources you have, has a better currency value. What's your problem Iraq? You've been at this since 2004. What's the hold up? So you've had a little issue with ISIS a little while back still nothing on the level of what's been going on in Syria. So Iraq what's your dumb excuse now? RV your currency and everyone will be more than confident in loaning you the amount you seek.
  3. These gurus' have been gagging themselves for as long as I've known about them
  4. Don't they ever feel embarrassed opening up all these bank branches with such a worthless currency?
  5. Yeah, it's not even showing up on a generic exchange rate google search yet so it must be rather newish. XE is usually the one the pops up and which I check. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. This is true. Some of us are getting antsy because we are so close especially after being in this from the beginning. What is it now 14 years. I wish there was an award for such patience. I just want to be done and out of this before the next shtf pops up like the ISIS crap or the worst case scenario that Maliki gets voted back in god help us if that happens. And thanks Adam and the rest of the DV crew for all the years of updates and discussions.
  7. Ah yeah, just checked the CBI website and it is indeed a 10,000 note. The backside has the printed 10,000 the side with the headshot has the squiggly line that looks like a 1.
  8. Wait, they have $1 bills in circulation? I thought there were no lower denoms in circulation. If I knew that, I would have made sure my source of my dinars got those instead and never have to worry about a lop off the larger bills.
  9. Does she forget already she wouldn't even be standing there in her position asking such a stupid question in the first place if it wasn't for the American troops. Now sit down and actually do your job for your people for a change.
  10. So they printed a board with that and made it a wall clock. Now it makes sense. heh.
  11. Yup, sure looks like a $1 dinar. Wonder what's the significance of the clock.
  12. At this point a float would be much better than being on the bottom of the ocean
  13. The best thing to do (imho) is to RV just a few weeks before any elections. The euphoria will be fresh as well as the memory of the RV. It is true that voters memories are short.
  14. You're not going to get much with Dinar backed Iraq debit cards. The only thing I'm able to find is an article from 2007
  15. This is how it's done Abadi: Iran Arrests Its Former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for 'Inciting Unrest'
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