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  1. This is nothing more than a card catalog entry for documents. Like your local library system for books. It is a repository for information about the documents contained in the library. There is nothing more than that. You can speculate all you want on whether Iraq has entered the WTO and it would be great if they did but this is not announcement to that effect. If you pulled up a card catalog for the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone you would get the same properties of this entry. This document pertains to an entry that was a note based on the revised document already in entry. Thi
  2. That was blank (null mark). De-restricted would be like de-classified in that those who do not have the appropriate access level are able to read the document. Since the document has not been Derestricted, only restricted personnel with the classification of member and above may read this document. Okay you can start playing the theme song to "For Your Eyes Only" now.
  3. It could also be a "note" was entered on this document as well. I wish it were true but when the fat lady does sing her final note and the auditorium has emptied, then maybe I will believe its true as I sit and watch the people exit stage left.
  4. This is a false alarm. The OP left out a key word in the copy and pasting of the "Catalog Record". This is referring to a document entry with the topic of "accession to the wto; accession to wto -- Iraq." The Access level to read this document is restricted to members only. The status of the document is "Complete" not the accension is complete but the document is complete. The following is a more apt copy and paste. This is merely a revision of a previous document already entered in the Catalog records. "Move along nothing to see here" Collection WT Access level Members Symbol WT/AC
  5. Who is the translator of your Noble Quran? You say everytime you respond to a post of mine I change the subject? Well answer the questions presented and I won't have to change the subject. I change the subject to get you respond to what is being discussed. Start at the beginning and answer the questions. What I find funny is you call me a Jesus follower, as if that was said in a derogatory fashion. Your Imam has brainwashed you well. Speaking ill of the prophetss of Islam is haram. But you used Jesus and Isa so you are safe there. You speak of ISIS and IDF in the same sentence but HAMAS has
  6. Okay last night I dug out my Noble Quran from the King Fahd Complex in KSA. This version is from the arabic to English translators Al-Hilali and Khan. I also dug up my notes that I had long put away. This is just a tease of what I have: Shahih Bukhari Volume 6, Book 61, Number 513: Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Abbas: Allah's Apostle said, "Gabriel recited the Qur'an to me in one way. Then I requested him (to read it in another way), and continued asking him to recite it in other ways, and he recited it in several ways till he ultimately recited it in seven different ways." Seven different ver
  7. I would be more apt to believe a govt spokesperson from Isreal than I would from Hamas who has a known history for deception and lies. Look up the word taqqiya. Something your prophet said was okay to do in time of war with the infidel/kafr/unbeliever. The UN even verified that caches were found in its schools. or did you miss that? Why are caches being hidden in schools, because of people like you when something goes awry and children die because they are being used as shields. This is where your argument goes awry. You attack the Isreals when the actual culprits are those who wish to do
  8. From Post#67: What is your source? Who is saying that Hamas said they "couldn't leave"... Israel?? That was your original reply... then you started to modify. I responded to your question and answered in kind. I guess the Isrealies didn't go to house number 455 Main Street in Gaza and specifically tell them to evacuate either. So now it's not enough for Isrealis to drop fliers onto the citizens of gaza and tell them to evacuate. They have to go to specific houses and buildings to tell them to evacuate. Give an inch take a mile. The Isrealis dropped fliers telling people to evacuate. I
  9. Here is a quote more germaine to the claim is not giving permission to its citizens "The UN's discovery of arms caches in two of its schools in the past week has given Israel's assertions credence. "UNRWA [the UN agency for Palestinian refugees] immediately informed all relevant parties and issued a statement strongly condemning the abuse of its premises," said a spokesman, Chris Gunness. The UN agency UNRWA's shelters have been shelled on four occasions in recent days, despite officials giving precise coordinates to the IDF. Israel also claimed that Hamas had forced civilians to remain in t
  10. Picking a source you quoted, going to that site and doing a search on the words Isreal and evacuation; the search returned this article date July 16, 2014. Isreal was clearly telling people in the Gaza strip to evacuate but those warnings went unheeded and people were not given permission to evacuate by Hamas. I will thank you in advance for your apology. Gaza hospital defies Israel evacuation warning amid fears for frail patients
  11. Blitzer ... this is the sad part...and something the left does very well... its all word games and technicalities wit these types. "Innocent" in the eyes of a muslim is not a Jew, Christian, apostate or even athiest. Amber..please show me where the word.."humanity" appears in the Quran nor does the word "human" appear in that verse. No such word, humanity, ever appears in the Quran. You must have the PC version. Because that is not the translation I have from the KSA Quran I received way back when. Do, pre tell, amber which sect of Islam are you, will make my research a little easier a
  12. Quoted by Amber .E. the Prophet (Peace be upon him) will be a lawyer against such a Muslim, hence no sane Muslim should expect to win the case when the lawyer against him shall be none other than Muhammad himself (Peace be upon him). The correct word you are looking for here is Intercessor. Your prophet seeks to replace the messiah (whether you he has come and will come again or whether you believe the messiah is to come) in this regard. This shows that your prophet was jealous of the messiah that had come before him and intended to replace him. I know the story of how your prophet will l
  13. This is why I don't post Quranic verse. Which word are you referring to Amber in the verse I quoted fitna? As far as one Quran in the whole world goes... why is there a differnce in the amount of chapters between a Sunni Quran and a Shia Quran? Hint one of them has approximately 8 more chapters. Why was Aisha's Quran burned? Why is the Quran in Istanbul totally different the arabic Quran you and I hold in our hands? If there was only one quran why do the qurans differ from each region of the world? I will give you a hint on this reseach readers and quran. Because you read the Qura
  14. I usually don't post verses but because I was asked I will post this one and the quote below. Here Amber you can start with these... Quran (8:39) - "And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion should be only for Allah" I stand corrected the No Muslim killed for for killing an unbeliever/kafir/infidel mainly found in the hadiths here is a few of them I found A Muslim should not be killed for killing a non-Muslim." [At-Tirmithi] Sahih Bukhari 4:52:283 Sahih Bukhari 1:3:111 Sahih Bukhari 9:83:50 Abu Dawud 39:4527 Abu Dawud 20:3224 Abu Dawud 20:3
  15. I am following this conversation because it reminds me of why I stayed up late all those years learning Islam and what the truth was. Some of the verses I speak about come from Chapter 4 of Quran. I received a quran from the KSA long ago and its buried deep within my boxes. If you want I will dig it up and all the notes I have. If I do this and I give you the verses from which these appear, you need to apologize to me for being skeptical that your being actually said these things. Also I want to point out something in front of everyone reading this thread, every time a non muslim brings a hadi
  16. amberamin, on 25 Jul 2014 - 02:58 AM, said: Wasn't it also said by the same book (paraphrasing), No Muslim blood shall be spilt for killing a non-muslim/kafir? The peaceful verse you quoted was abrogated by the one I paraphrased. Islam teaches peace will come when the lands harbor no kafir (but hey it teaches peace so that must be okay!). Until then Islam subscribes to the notion that should kafir be allowed to reside in the land, then that land is in a perpetual house of war until such time the kafir is either eradicated or expelled from the land. Islam means surrender. Really what i
  17. In Islam, there are sects. ISIS belongs to the Sunni sect. The mosque that was blown up was of the Shiite sect. These are the two main sects of Islam. To put it in terms of Christianity, this would be like a Catholic group blew up a Protestant church. The sects are divided over the fact when their prophet died he did not name a successor. This is tribal mentality. Think of when before King dies he names a successor should he have no children. The Shia and Sunnis have been fighting each other and killing each other since the death of their prophet. It is also been declared from a fatwah - relig
  18. Is it any wonder Islamic men (and the women whom defend it) mutilate women in such a despicable "way of life" as from the get go of this politcal theocratic religious cult women have been denied rights and have been killed all in the name to pray five times a day (the origin to the praying five times a day is quite funny and has to do with their prophet ascending to heaven from the furthest corner of earth - the mosque in Jerusalem. ) Women have little to no rights in Islam because women are deemed to be unclean due to their mensas. Islamists will claim that when a woman is raped they have jus
  19. Peace... funny word peace. Spelled one way it could mean tranquility silence and calm. Spelled another it could mean a part of a whole. Here is the gist of the situation, people have become too politically correct. Why do I say this because when someone disagrees with what you have to say even if it is in factual evidence, they will try to come at you with PC terms like hater, racist, oh the children! and any other PC term that has become negative in this world. You may not be any of those but since you have shown an ugly truth to which they rather not see the light of day, they come at yo
  20. Ooh...Ooh...ooh can I make a prediction on when the RV will happen? Why thank you so very much for obliging me this opportunity. Okay here goes.... My prediction: The RV will happen on the day it happens, not one day sooner and not one day later. On that day, this site shall no longer exist. And a little advice: let your little feet run as fast as it can to wherever you go to cash in. I will follow you in a bit. Smiles. Is my prediction negative? Nope. See there is always a light at the end of the tunnel unless the tunnel caved in. DISCLAIMER: I renounce any guru status th
  21. If your father is in heaven, then what do you call your male biological parent, (assuming that parent is still alive)? If we are supposed to honor our father and mother, and the father is in heaven, who and where is the mother? /s off Christianity can and does reform. Islam can't and will never reform. Only one place in the bible that I know of that Jesus did not speak in Parable and spoke in the literal to his disciples. That was the time he told his disciples to sell their cloaks and buy a sword. Jesus was for peace but knew force when needed was necessary. This is why I continue
  22. First this plane was five miles up when it was shot down. The reason this was shot down as opposed to some sort of malfunction that brought the plane down is the debris field stretches for miles. Bodies have been found miles away from where the majority of the craft crashed into the ground. Second, the missile system was introduced in the 80's with a semi-autonomous radar on board the missile. The missile system is known for being shot at smaller aircraft and should there be a larger aircraft flying in the vicinity, to switch from the smaller to the larger aircraft and take that one down.
  23. Thank you for the update...but I must comment that just because there is no mention of something in a MSM newspaper does not portend it to be good news. For example the Obama Admin IRS debacle wasn't even reported by the MSM for weeks. Not one article or report appeared on the top 3 broadcast stations or even in the major newspapers of the country. Then a trickle appeared and then the floodgates opened and people took notice. USA Today is part of MSM. So please just because something is NOT reported doesn't mean that everything is hunky dory. I am in the mindset that any threat ever so slight,
  24. First Ramadan fasting is not the same type of fasting that you may have done, jcfrag. Fasting during Ramadan is done from sun up to sun down. During the time there is no sun, you may eat whatever you like (within the bounds of Islamic dietary restrictions). Second, uncirculd, Islam views the cross as an idol that Christians worship and as such Christians practice idolatry. They are not afraid of the cross as much as they disdain idols. Throughout Islamic history, it is well known that muslims will conquer and destroy symbols of any other region in the lands they have discovered and then er
  25. The best advice anyone can give is to do what is right for you. And that you can only make a decision on it. I have been where you are now and currently still there. Heck I even accidentally sent out a bill at the wrong time of the month and went into the red on my checking account. I looked at my dinars to get me out of the hole. I then determined this: The dinars I own are like my table lamp they will sit there until I need the light. They are worthless to me until the RV, should it ever happen. I see no value in them and believe they have no value until they are RV'd. To me the mone
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