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  1. As of writing this Oil is at $68 dollars per barrel. Again to counter the fracking in the USA and the Russian exportation of oil. Iraq needs to set a number and stick to it. They can't keep chasing the price down the well to hold off the budget. The new govt was supposed to be acting instead of reacting. This is a clip from a newsletter I received on Saturday: "Today, OPEC (the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) is back calling the shots, and putting the squeeze on global crude producers, commodity currencies, trade balances and Russia in particular, after yesterday’s stand
  2. This number has been bantied about since August and due to the falling oil prices to be thrown into the mix it has substantially fallen. The last number I read was $65 just as Caye said. The price per barrel is falling due to the KSA wanting to stop the Americans from fracking in American. Saudis are scared and they have a right to be. They have dropped their price per barrel. The production price point of fracking in America to produce one barrel of oil is $65. This is the reason why the $65 price point for the Iraqi budget to hold. In September I believe this number was around $85 and in May
  3. I will be more than happy to apologize to pp, if I am wrong that is, right after the specific "newbie" is named that is the basis of his entertainment in this particular thread that caused him to take three minutes out of his life to post a response. If he is bashful he should be able to tell you specifically since he is VIP.
  4. Oh pleez I stated I saw the ticker with my own eyes, commented I saw it and denounced the rest of the crap the idjit guru spit out. The rest of what the guru idjit is spilling is nothing more than BS crap. I have more common sense than to believe some tripe that idjit spits out any day of the week. Did you even bother reading the dv news section confirming what the content on the fox news ticker was about? I bet you didn't because you posted so soon after I commented. So please before you die from asphyxiation from sphincter insertion do some research before posting.
  5. 2014 budget should be easy by this point in the game. Take all they have spent up to this date add enough for an additional month based on the previous 11 and pass it. I guess they took passing legislation lessons from the likes of Pehosi...You have to go through the year before you know what is in the budget to pass it.
  6. I will state I saw Fox News ticker (scroll) yesterday(11/13/14) but it did not say that HCL is done. What it did say was about 150 000 barrels of oil and the $500 million. However it did not say anything about HCL. There are news articles in the DV news section about this. IMO this is a prelude to the HCL law but not the HCL law in its entirety. Because I didn't take a picture I didn't say anything about it. To give you an idea of the time I saw it, The Five was was on. Remember it didn't happen without a picture.
  7. Don't worry his meme lives on in "Baghdad Pelosi". Some of her most famous quote: "You have to vote for it before you can find out what's in it." 2014: "I don't know who Grueber is." 2009: "You have to compare MIT graduate Grueber's numbers to see how Obamacare will save you money." (paraphrasing) "Unemployment payments are the backbone of the economy." "No Republicans will win any seats this election. Democrats will control the Senate after the election." Pelosi #Gruebered us all.
  8. Apparently you can't read... I was referring to the x number of months before you found this thread. Apparently my beef is with you and your snobbish remarks to think that anyone that has not paid to be a VIP member of this site 1) is beneath you or 2) doesn't have any investment in Dinars and want them to prove to you that they do? So what are you now the Dinar Investment Police? Everyone in the world has to prove to you and you alone they hold dinar? How much dinar do they have to hold before they satisfy your simple minded view? Yes you thanked someone then made derisive comments follo
  9. No you said: @ReinMan and everyone else who is contributing, ooooh boy am I grateful for this thread. If only I had found it three months ago, I would've been on top of the noise. Tony/DC are a given. Okie, Goat and Terry and especially Frank were on my Suspect-List. But now, my doubts are confirmed, as well as now I know to ignore from now on. Mad props to you for this, because you are absolutely right; Not everyone has been in the game for 5+ years and without any warning, it takes a while to know who's-who. We all deserve to know the truth as soon as it is available. Read more: http:/
  10. Most assassine and ludicrous statement I have read on here besides the Islamic apologetics on here that I have encountered. This is akin to saying in the gaming world, I am max level and you are a plebe because you are only level 5 but what is not known is the level 5 guy has about 4 other maxed out characters. Next thing you will be saying is that the guy is 12/13 y o and living in the basement of his mother's house. Oh please give it a break wuld ya... Two months before you joined? Hmm,,, something wrong with this one. Please before you speak... remove foot from mouth next time.
  11. Let me give you a hint: check to see if the powers that be in the IMF will be on vacation over the next few months. When they are you can guarantee nothing will be happening during that time. In August when people called for this the IMF powers that be announced vacation dates. So any date an IMF power that be person is on vacay... you can rule out those dates. If IMF is not in session... rule those dates out as well. The Central Banks are taking a lead in the global economy and it is the IMF that is controlling the CB's albeit the CB's won't admit to it.
  12. It was in the Phillipines (I believe in the 50's but don't quote me on that) the idea of dipping bullets in pig's blood to fight the terrorist muslims manifested and was actually done. Since then the Phillipino muslims have never returned to the status they once had or lest they be shot with a bullet dipped in pig's blood thus negating their right to get their 70 plus 2 white grapes virgins as a martyr.
  13. Flint its Nov 3 as I read through this but did you realize when you submitted this particular post talking about November 13, that this was the thirteenth post of the the thread? Okay I will stop playing the The outer limits music.
  14. Maliki threatens to leave the govt but this quote is key and seems to be missed by many. I underlined and bolded the key part of the threat. "Mr. al-Maliki sent a strongly worded letter to the head of the current government Haider al-Abadi," and threatened "him to overthrow his government and his removal as prime minister if What has been condemning the oldest agent of the Ministry of An Interior Adnan al-Asadi, the issue of detecting the failed explosive devices. " Maliki is threatening to withdraw only to overthrow the current form of government. If he leaves he will not go quietly i
  15. @DWitte Take a look at this article it may explain some things: http://www.investopedia.com/articles/active-trading/102214/economics-oil-extraction.asp This is something I have been looking into. I read earlier today, a barrel in US terms is 42 gallons but the refinement from a barrel of oil yields a combined total 44 gallons of various products not just gasoline.
  16. Partly right. When their prophet died he did not name a successor, a so-called pope of the Islamic World as they knew it back then. There was a girl who was introduced to their prophet at the age of 4. She was introduced by her Uncle Badr. Their prophet had shenanigans (being polite here) with the girl until she married their prophet at the age of 8. The marriage was consummated at that time. When that girl, Aisha, was around 17 her husband died leaving a vacuum in the leadership of the muslims. The factions fought over who should be successor. On one hand it was Aisha's Uncle, since purported
  17. So much to ejumucate Sal on and so little time. Oi Vey!
  18. Okay edited your post a little. However, what I find offensive is this statement right here: "Funny how it is that none of you are not willing to go over there and fight if it came to it...(I was there from 2003-2012, Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan)." You make the biggest assumption that totally shows your stupidity (not ignorance). However, you never said what you did over there. Were you a paper pusher? Were you on the front lines everyday? Anyone in the service between the dates of an active conflict is considered to have served during a hostile action even if they were not directly depl
  19. Wow must wonder how you feel about Favre? lol We won't mention him again in cheesehead country. Adam you can only hold it in only so long, then like a dam that has done all it can, it must burst forth. What did it for me was 9-11. I have always maintained 0bummer was bad for this country. Lost a few friends over it too. Now they have come around and actually apologized. I respect the office of the presidency but will never respect a person who does everything in their power to destroy this once great country. As to the post above that Obama admitted to the fact he was muslim, you n
  20. MP assures discussing Budget Law next week September 29, 2014 - Ahmed Hussein Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) MP, Jabbar al-Abadi, of the Parliamentary Finance Committee stated that the Budget Law will be discussed in the parliament on next week. Speaking to IraqiNews.com, he said “The 2014 Budget Law will be sent to the parliament in next week and will be discussed as soon as we received it.” / Meanwhile.... Germany starts training 32 Kurdish fighters Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) Germany’s army has started training 32 Kurdish peshmerga fighters at an army school in Bavaria to support them in the
  21. You can quote the Reformation during the Dark Ages because there is a history of that period of time put down in books. History of Islam has been revised so many times most don't even know it anymore. While Christianity has moved on and reformed so that these practices are no longer being practiced today, you fail to make the correlation between Christianity and Islam in this manner. This is why. Islam has never reformed towards the stopping of practices that took place during the time of their prophet and some would even say time before their prophet. Crucifixion, while attributed to Romans i
  22. Speaking of Joe, every circus needs a clown. Send in the clowns....
  23. 800? Try more like 30K and growing. They are drafting now which means they aren't asking nicely anymore. Submit or die; its the Islamic way. Please see and read current articles on the meaning of L in ISIL. Its a significant distinction from just Syria, which does not include Isreal. The L means Levant. Some Say the S in ISIS means Syria whilst others say al-Sham which is Levant in translation to English. Levant is the countries of Iraq, Syria and the countries along the coast down to and including Egypt. ISIL is this fashion is trying to do what the Palestinians are doing trying to form a
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