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  1. It's all falling into place if you ask me, I was always wondering how Iraq would be allowed to revalue their money when Iran had been grabbing up dinars every week threw money laundering and knowing how well they could have funded there terrorism ideology for years if an rv came to fruition. Now that Iran is under such heavy sanctions and in bad financial shape if an rv occurred they would come into the black and in a very short time then squander their newfound short fall away and be back to bankrupt in record time.
  2. Such a bullshiz video, yea sure feel sorry for all those wonderful nice Iranians living in Iran, esp when there's so many of them in Syria and Iraq kidnaping and killing people selling their organs and imposing Sectarianism.
  3. Having a few Democratic adds removed is hardly enough to change someone's mind at the polling booth and if it was maybe they shouldn't be voting in the first place.
  4. About time they put this back up on the CBI site. Pieces seem to be coming together.
  5. "Noone in Europe wants a second Iraq" These people are so stupid, Iran is the only thing that has ruined Iraq since the war ended. Looks like those sanctions are starting to work, they used to hang the phone up on us now they starve until they call us.
  6. I wouldn't loan them 2 cents. Not while Iran is in control of half of parliament. Didn't we already try loaning them tons of money to rebuild, ans it was just stolen by Maliki and iran?
  7. I wonder what country that could be? Hmmmm Iran maybe. Time to say to yourself Iraq doesn't care what Iran thinks.
  8. This article came out of nowhere and makes no sense to even be printed. Except for this one line.
  9. They should just do what California did, passed a law making you register your firearms then come confiscate them.
  10. Anyone got a link to where I can purchase one of those movie sized popcorn poppers this is gonna get good.
  11. They were not found guilty on money laundering actually.
  12. I got the same mail, so to check if it was real I went over to the FBI site and found the form so it seems legit.
  13. They came out with a wto article last year around April, almost like they copy paste the news around the same time every year now.
  14. Well when Canada infiltrates our government infiltrates our military steals our money then installs militias all over our country then yes we would cut off all ties with them just as Iraq should with Iran.
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