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  1. It really bugs me when they ask for The World's Advice, Guidance and Support then ignore it.
  2. Gas companies like to go up on the price immediately. But when they have to lower the price, well they sure take there time don't they. That goes for groceries as well. Blame the increase on transportation costs.
  3. BS They know exactly what the situation is. They don't need a study, A loan, China, Obama.... ya de ya de ya They have more reasons to do the RV and make things right for all Iraqis. The Greedy ones don't want to share is all.
  4. Floodgates... ha. I can't think of what would be fascinating to see in Iraq. Paris definitly, but Iran, No Way.
  5. Can't seem to make cut and paste work. For the entire month however; the amt sold is decreasing
  6. Market Price Auction Price Volume (000 USD) Cash Remittances and Credits 2016 01-Jan NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION 02-Jan NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION 3107 03-Jan 1,224 1,182 153,336,000 16,020,000 137,316,000 3108 04-Jan 1,224 1,182 160,116,046 23,990,000 136,126,046 3109 05-Jan 1,224 1,182 161,737,563 20,640,000 141,097,563 06-Jan NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION 3110 07-Jan 1,228 1,182 160,687,815 19,330,000 141,357,815 08-Jan NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION 09-Jan NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION 3111 10-Jan 1,233 1,182 145,512,000 4,090,000 141,422,000 3112 11-Jan 1,238 1,182 167,786,023 25,800,000 141,986,023 3113 12-Jan 1,241 1,182 171,178,000 31,540,000 139,638,000 3114 13-Jan 1,243 1,182 213,663,000 23,310,000 190,353,000 3115 14-Jan 1,243 1,182 201,219,926 30,070,000 171,149,926 15-Jan NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION 16-Jan NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION 3116 17-Jan 1,233 1,182 172,403,000 22,590,000 149,813,000 3117 18-Jan 1,235 1,182 149,901,714 26,200,000 123,701,714 3118 19-Jan 1,240 1,182 135,279,379 18,220,000 117,059,379 3119 20-Jan 1,240 1,182 179,922,952 19,450,000 160,472,952 3120 21-Jan 1,240 1,182 168,893,166 17,610,000 151,283,166 22-Jan NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION 23-Jan NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION 3121 24-Jan 1,240 1,182 164,175,000 18,940,000 145,235,000 3122 25-Jan 1,234 1,182 162,157,679 30,540,000 131,617,679 3123 26-Jan 1,235 1,182 157,930,094 22,160,000 135,770,094 3124 27-Jan 1,234 1,182 153,493,843 27,500,000 125,993,843 3125 28-Jan 1,234 1,182 144,002,000 24,100,000 119,902,000 29-Jan NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION 30-Jan NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION 3126 31-Jan 1,234 1,182 140,700,000 20,800,000 119,900,000 3127 01-Feb 1,234 1,182 154,530,043 30,700,000 123,830,043 3128 02-Feb 1,234 1,182 149,036,457 21,540,000 127,496,457 3129 03-Feb 1,236 1,182 145,982,444 22,750,000 123,232,444 3130 04-Feb 1,236 1,182 138,559,667 17,370,000 121,189,667 05-Feb NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION 06-Feb NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION 3131 07-Feb 1,236 1,182 118,500,000 9,800,000 108,700,000 3132 08-Feb 1,236 1,182 114,525,000 13,925,000 100,600,000
  7. WRONG!!!! The article is an opinion piece. Cutting off communications will never happen. It is a vital source of information for the Military to track down ISIS and ISIS contacts throughout the world. Even encrypted emails, and documents can be unencrypted and tracked back to the originator(s). Cellular calls and messaging are easily tracked. The NSA has many tools to recover and track any and all forms of communications. Ask Hillarious Clinton. lol Filters and alerts have been set in place for terrorists and sympathizers and alerts posted. No fly lists, passport control, etc. So the computer and cellphone illeterates may claim that it is a good idea, but in reality... It will never happen. And yes I worked in the industry for the Military for years just in case you were wondering. By the way, did you know that when you delete a file on your computer the file is not removed just the VTOC (Volume Table of Contents) pointer is just deleted? You need to actually overwrite the entire data block and it's pointers and overwrite the area with a random pattern to ensure the data is removed. Search the internet for shredding delete software or overwrite pattern software. For CDs they need to be shattered or cut into pieces. Degaussing a hard drive doesn't even ensure the data will be lost. When a computer of interest is found and captured, it has a wealth of information on it. Recovery tools exist to recapture data even on a disk that is damaged mechanically.
  8. I haven't had my coffee yet... I must be dreaming... Oh no not luigi and possum on the same day! I'm going back to bed and try to wake up again. lol
  9. Goes without saying... Iraqi mentality. Duh Anyone remember the Walls of Jericho? Guess we don't really need to sell them Arms and Aircraft anymore then.
  10. I had the opportunity years ago to tour the Marine Corps Base that manufactures the MRAP Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle. An awesome vehicle with one inch thick armor. I never thought much of a Toyota truck anyway. I think a good Ford or Chevy would be enough to take one of these out. An A-10 would be overkill. I think a Red Ryder BB gun would be enough.
  11. Way to go Canada. Should really help the economy there. Sorry for the investors that were scammed so be careful with who you deal with when buying or selling currency.
  12. Abdul Salam al-Maliki seems to be one of those that were befitting from the currency auctions and doesn't want to see them come to a end. Probably a relative of the former PM. At any rate I am sure that there are many in Iraq that do not wish to see currency reform happen. Lots of grumbling by the corrupt these days. Job 24:13,15,17 (NIV) "There are those who rebel against the light, who do not know its ways or stay in its paths... The eye of the adulterer watches for dusk; he thinks, 'No eye will see me,' and he keeps his face concealed... For all of them, deep darkness is their morning; they make friends with the terrors of darkness."
  13. I like Brietling. Thanks for the post.
  14. Thug my friend, thank you. I agree that MtnGoat has been proven wrong from time to time but hasn't everyone? I mean, if you take the time to do the research, formulate your thoughts and ideas and then convey them to a forum there will be those that disagree or oppose your point of view. I didn't mean to say that I take and accept every post that MtnGoat makes as Gospel. Nor do I try to pick them apart looking for imperfection and oversight. I will have to simply say that MtnGoat spends a great deal of time thinking, collecting, preparing, and presenting a belief of where we are with this investment. I would hardly use the term "pumper" and put MtnGoat in the same category as someone that is doing this to entice others for monetary gain. We should properly define and debate the term "pumper" at a later date. In summary I would just say that I like MtnGoat. I like the way the information is presented and I like the way that on numerous occasions has pointed out in advance what effect a particular event in Iraq will or will not have on the Dinar Investment.
  15. Well if the only problem you have is her location then that is fine. Me personally I don't care if she is from NJ (others might). But I wouldn't call her a "Hack" by any means. Okie was a "Hack", Frank is a "Hack", TNT is a "Hack" just to name a few. They have proven that time and time again. Where as Mountain Goat has not. Just straight forward and logical at least to me. I'm sure you have your favorites as well. To each his own.
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