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  1. I use to try and pay pheonix a little attention a few weeks ago, some of the things he was talking about made some sense..........but now something is starting to stink, I think it is because lately he has changed his opinions more often than his underwear.
  2. True, but we all know Maliki was never going to let it happen...that's why ShabIbi had to go on vacation........but now "M" he is good as gone, THATS THE BIG DIFFERENCE IN 2012-2013 AND NOW 2014 (NO MALIKI)
  3. Sorry , I apoligise if some were offended,.... just got excited and the kid came out. lol.
  4. I agree, but lets face it, these depressed nay sayer"s would rather drag you down than lift you the old saying goes........misery loves company.........nothing wrong with occasionally reminded ourselves to stay focused, but some of these posters "ONLY" post gloom and doom, personally I'm sick of reading that crap and I believe others are also........I mean it is like getting rediculous.
  5. Didn't they just open a new Mcdonalds in Iraq ? how bout an ass't shift managers position for maliki....
  6. Yes , the CBI has just recently said they now have 100 billion in reserves.
  7. WHY WOULD THEY NEED NEW 10.000 NOTES IF THE PLAN IS TO DELETE THE 3 ZERO'S ? To me this does not sound like what we want, hopefully someone can explain.
  8. I have zero intel, but From what Turki at the cbi has said in recent weeks, My gut tells me aug/sept 2014 is a hell of a lot closer than aug/sept 2016.................... just my 2.
  9. I thought they had already had a committee on this thing 10 days ago ?? .....I SMELL SMOKE :cigar:
  10. It cannot be true........Okies plane hasn't landed yet and Buck McCalls new republic has yet to take over the white house.. :shrug:
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