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  1. And who will be to blame? Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, every damn one of them in Washington. They have been deeking around with the debt for many years, and when was the last budget passed and carried out? Let's have a recall for every one of them and start over. Surely couldn't be worse than the BiPartisan do nothing bunch we have up there now. Rant over sorry, I just am so fed up with all this political bullshiite
  2. Not a problem, umbertino. I love most music before the junk put out these days. And the 60's thru 70's was such a great time to be a music lover and growing up. I pity the youth of today for many, many reasons.
  3. Ahhhh, times you really hit my nostalgia button....One of my favorite S&G songs was probably not one of their bigger hits, but what a message......
  4. Well there's a HUGE surprise - Here Iraq, here are your chemical weapons back. They are way to hot for us to hide for you anymore. Oh, by the way, we did use some to wipe out a couple hundred thousand people. And the funny part is the infidels can't figure out if the "good" bad guys did it, or the "bad" good guys did it
  5. Well I believe our Potus put this in the family of "phony" scandals, along with Benghazi, IRS, NSA, NSA II, etal. Sounds good to me, afterall, "What difference at this point does it make?"
  6. Well on the plus side, maybe when he gets out of Jail he can become a Guru
  7. Putting together one heck of a site, and answering my very straightforward and honest questions are certainly 2 entirely different criteria that I would use when it comes to investing at least several thousand and perhaps several million post RV dollars with anyone. Perhaps you should reconsider your criteria, Sarge. Good one okane, good one. I don't believe that any part of my original post had any reference to "demanding a meeting" with anyone. I daresay, however, that before I invest in Tesla stock, I would be able to find a complete and verifiable bio on him which would include h
  8. I seem to have lost my Private Message ability...Can you help...Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks for answering the least significant part of my post, Adam, but that part wasn't really in question I've already made my mind up about you. Now for the most important part which actually is a question, maybe it didn't get passed on to you, and hence was unanswered: I would like an assurance, however that at some point in this endeavor that you will reveal your identity to the folks who are willing to listen to and possibly to join you in post-RV opportunities. I'm sure that a wise investor such as yourself would not blindly invest in something where you did not know anything (ve
  10. THUG: I don't post much either, but when I do I have Dos Equis beforehand to build up my courage.
  11. I am very interested in this VIP opportunity especially in respect to post RV. Pardon my frankness, but I like to find out as much as I can about what I'm getting into before I make the plunge. I have read some very unflattering articles on the internet about your real identity. I don't believe everything I read on the net, but I do believe that several of the so-called gurus are scammers, liars, and criminals. Having read a number of your weekly chats, and read comments about your integrity I do not really believe that you fall into that category. I would like an assurance, however that at so
  12. Well thanks, Ms. Granny. Can you tell me what Adam Montana's credentials are?
  13. I figured that green button was good. Thanks for the information I will check that out
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