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  1. I have read a lot about raising PH. Cancer cells hate high PH levels. It kills them. I make a drink that also will help kill off colds and flu and the side effects also help raise PH levels. Get a medium size pan and add four cups of water. Then I cut up three lemons, a piece of ginger the size of a large grape, a tablespoon of cinnamon. Boil for 8-10 minutes. Long enough for the peel of the lemon to get soft. it does not take long so do not over cook. The best way to tell if it is ready to come off the stove is when the cinnamon no longer floats on the surface of the water. Then I will add a cup of raw unfiltered locally harvested honey (if you can get it). Mix this up really well. I like to let it cool and put it in a coffee cup of ice. Do not drink too much. Remember what happens if you eat way too much fruit? Same reaction. Drink that in the morning and one in the evening. This mixture lasts about 2-3 days. Some of my friends will water that down a little with water. Whichever works best for you but do not cut down on the amount. (3-4 ounces of this stuff). I have not been sick in the last 8 years ever since I started drinking this. My wife has had a clean bill of health from the doctors. Her family is ate up with cancer. There has not been one woman on her mother's side of the family that did not die of cancer.
  2. So you were in Indian territory??? Tell me where. I was the first group of eight military contractors, boots on ground, in Northern Iraq. Mosul to be specific. The dinar I have was bought strait from the source at a CBI in the Green Zone of Baghdad. Not off the internet. Where did you serve and where did you get your dinar? This thing was started when you said the Kurds were going to start their own country and all my information against that was obtained from the "laimstream news". I spoke with, ate with and worked with hundreds of Iraqis. I heard what they wanted and said. And you?
  3. I travel a lot with my company and rarely check this post. In most cases nothing changes so why bother until something in Iraq gets shaken up. That doesn't happen much. So yes it took over two months to reply. As for the Christian remark, i have found in my travels Christians do not announce their presence. Everyone would know by actions. My opinion was from years of being over there. Talking with the people. Watching them and the actions of other cultures and countries. I did not get the information from the fake news as you put it. Go there and see for yourself. I did and that is what I came away with. (Lights fade, and dark).
  4. As I wrote, it is what it LOOKS" like. There is no definitive answer until it happens. My take was from years of observation and I gave an opinion. That is free speech, much like what I had exercised. I gave a source of my conclusion, but you did nothing but name call and ridicule. I would have expected a more cerebral response. That is a shame and disappointing. (deep sigh, turns and walks away).
  5. We all need to watch this. I saw on the news that the Kerds are looking at making their own state/country in the North. I know the Kerds have been talking about this for years but the reporter had a different sound in his voice on this. There was a more confident sound, more of a "when it happens" and not "if it happens". If that happens, what happens to our Dinar?
  6. My fingers are crossed, but as always and some of you know how I have been after 13 years after buying my Dinar from the CBI in Baghdad, it ain't real until I have cash in hand.
  7. Same questions as above with addition. What if I only want to buy 1 or 2 million?
  8. Has anyone heard anything good or bad about the Vietnam currency?
  9. And who are you, with 9 post, got it a NEWBIE.... mrref, that's it. I would have rather had an intelligent rebutle. The number of posts has nothing to do with the post. I would hope you would reread the original post I made and come back with something that has to do with it. Not a caractor attack. FYI, I may only have 9 posts but that doesn't give you an insite on my intellect or knowledge on this matter. I have had my dinar since 2003-4. I bought it in Iraq from the CBI in Baghdad. So before you judge you may want to have all the information. Unless you are one of those misleading "gurus".
  10. No , I don't believe they are ignorant. I believe all These folks feeding us information from their "contacts in country" are the ones misleading us. These folks keep writing they have important information but they can't put it out there yet. They will hen the time is right. They don't know a thing. It is just their way of "baiting" you in so yo will keep reading their blog. You should read the Iraqi news and finacial reports. That information is so much more valuable to us then these "guru" goones.
  11. We keep hearing the timing with the banks computers are slowing things down.I am throwing the bs card. How many bank computers in the USA go down? Does that mean ALL banks in the USA shut down and close the doors, NO!!! The banks that can operate do and the ones that can't have to play catch up when the computer comes back up. Iraq has had YEARS to get everything in line for the RV but wait untill the last minute to do anything. Why? They didn't. I believe we still have a while to wait. CBI and all the other acronyms we hear about would not do this as a well educated finacial institute. It would give the apperance of being ignorant. They are not. They would not have set themself up for failure. They know exactly what they are doing and it is going to take time. All these folks saying it will happen at anytime are full of it and are drawing a false line in the sand. Easily wiped away or moved. So sit back and enjoy the ride. We still have a little while to wait and if we don't this would be one of the times I wouldn't mind being wrong but I don't think I am.
  12. I have been reading different web pages from many different people. For several months we have heard that "this" will happen when "that" happens only to pass "that" deadline. "this" has happened some many times the credibility of these people has been shot in the foot. I am now hearing that the Iraqi Parliament is to meet tomorrow (20 Aug. 3013) and then we will find out if the dinar RV's. I/we have heard this so much I am throwing the BS card, again. These people are the one's that write they have information but they can't give it to us. BS card again. It reminds me of the "line of death" from Libya's Muammar Kaddafi back in 1983. When one line is crossed it is moved to another line to another line and so on. It has now come to the point that "nobody" is credible on anything. I do not know of one source that is. WE get good advice as what we can do "after" the RV but not one on what is actually going on in real time right now in Iraq. I would rather hear nothing than all this gossip. If anyone has a "good" location with "good" information, I'm all ears, but thus far, I know of none.
  13. universal_exports, I too bought my dinar in down town Baghdad in the spring of 2004. I have had a few places tell me that "if" they take the dinar they will need a receipt to prove I bought it. CBI did not give that. Nadita, thanks for the information.
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