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  1. Thanks Ron - You're much appreciated!!! We may though, see it continue to go in the wrong direction for collection purposes? Waiting for that sweet spot...... Hope it doesn't get too much more bitter. Take care.
  2. Hopefully along with other members, I have been reviewing the same related content you have been sharing. I wanted to thank you for the efforts you're making to raise our awareness. We are quickly arriving at a very sad stage in human history. Sadly, as the chances of an RV increases, our chances of enjoying it are decreasing.
  3. I started the day with this Thug. Thank you. Cracked me up. To be frank with you, you've bun a good boy!
  4. From a distance, you can see the trend in how these guys affect one another. Thanks Ron. You’re a Super Trooper!
  5. You joke, you jest, you ding my ling. Good to have you back - you're the wise crack king.... Too funny Mr. Thug!
  6. If I was in charge in IRAQ, here would be the order of business. 1. Change the IQD exchange rate to the level I want to revalue at when the three zeroes are gone. E.G. 1450 IQD per USD so that - post RV - 1 IQD = $1.45 USD 2. Once it’s announced and live, while we (the speculators) celebrate and procrastinate, quickly drop the rate to $1.25 USD to get them (filling their depends) scurrying in to exchange - - because... ... ... here it comes again… 3. Drop the rate to $0.80 so that most IQD comes in for fear of the next one. 4. Sit for a bit… … … … count my pennies - - did we bring in enough to be Middle East Macho… YES / NO 5. If NO - drop the rate again / rinse and repeat - - if YES... (see 6) 6. Bump the rate to where we really want it, around the value of Kuwait’s dinar. These Iraqi’s know exactly what we are thinking and what we are saying, they can read it right here almost as easily as we do. They measure every “I will cash out at $X” comment we make. They have a plan. Hungry investors could get played. IMO - He who keeps his head till the end, (within reason) will come out best. What would you do if you wanted to outwit the speculators? Thug you very much!
  7. What if all currency - globally - is digitized? How do we convert physical IQD into digital currency - or some of it - before it does?
  8. Thanks Ron you're On! Hopefully the Perfect Storm for waves of cash to hit our empty beaches.
  9. ATHIM


    Me too. Looking for the loop in the poop....
  10. Hey Ron, You just keep soldiering on...thanks for your commitment. You know the President Trump things is kinda hitting me too. I'd mentioned many moons ago that it would be a good campaign strategy to revalue the IQD which will inject funds into the US economy. creating a sudden boom - - with Presidential credit up for grabs. May be something in it. Here's hoping?????
  11. If I am not mistaken... President Trump disclosed that information during an interview on Fox News Tonight. That interview was posted here on DV. He mentioned $35B we have in the US, at around the 14 minute mark. Hope that helps...
  12. THUG, so freakin' funny. You are the Thugster.
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