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  1. What if all currency - globally - is digitized? How do we convert physical IQD into digital currency - or some of it - before it does?
  2. Thanks Ron you're On! Hopefully the Perfect Storm for waves of cash to hit our empty beaches.
  3. ATHIM


    Me too. Looking for the loop in the poop....
  4. Hey Ron, You just keep soldiering on...thanks for your commitment. You know the President Trump things is kinda hitting me too. I'd mentioned many moons ago that it would be a good campaign strategy to revalue the IQD which will inject funds into the US economy. creating a sudden boom - - with Presidential credit up for grabs. May be something in it. Here's hoping?????
  5. If I am not mistaken... President Trump disclosed that information during an interview on Fox News Tonight. That interview was posted here on DV. He mentioned $35B we have in the US, at around the 14 minute mark. Hope that helps...
  6. THUG, so freakin' funny. You are the Thugster.
  7. Awesome Ron. What a wonderful man with a timely message. A great word of hope. Take care Ron, hope you're all better!
  8. Thanks again Ron. One would hope........IF logic prevails, they will set the sales price on the Dinar before they put it on the shelf for sale. I.e. They should; set the retail sales price on their currency to prevent re-sellers (currency traders, speculators) from taking profit out of the country through the currency.
  9. Thug, you work so hard to keep us cranking along. The humor you bring has given us endurance. Thank you for your contribution! How about a "Thug song" - famous Thug quotes and comments - the art of the gag?
  10. As always Ron, thanks for the work done.... Now wouldn't it be a nice re-election campaign slogan, that during his presidency, more millionaires were created in America than ever in U.S. history. Anyone second that motion?
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