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  1. Clown for president. I don't post much, been here a while though. Thug, you are still cracking me up after all these years. You have made DV a better place and that entitles you to a free ride in the carpool lane forever!
  2. ATHIM

    The Deity of Jesus Christ

    (John 1:1-5) 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. 4 In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. 5 And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.
  3. ATHIM

    The Deity of Jesus Christ

    Synopsis, Botswana has been led astray by very cunning and deceptive spirits who seek his ruin, they have dealt with like mind types since the dawn. People who ask you to prove these kinds of things to them do not believe in evidence. May God in His infinite mercy be merciful to all those who seek His face and the truth of His being, we live in very dark times. Now the great martyrs will arise, great in the sense that the average persons spirituality is so low that to confess Jesus as Lord and God in of itself is credit worthy and miraculous BUT, to die for Him in such an adulterous age will bring God off His throne to kiss them. May we all reside on the blessed side of paradise where the holy saints repose.
  4. ATHIM

    The Deity of Jesus Christ

    It does not matter what we think, what matters is what Jesus meant. When He spoke to the Apostles there was no confusion as to whom Jesus was and is. He is the Son of the most high God, the Christ, the savior, the One for whom the wise men traveled and still journey to be close to. 'The Father and I are one, he who has seen Me has seen the Father'. The Apostles who saw Him, knew Him, touched His wounds, saw His miracles and loved His face have said for 2,000 years with their very blood and lives - JESUS CHRIST IS THE SON OF GOD THE ONLY NAME UNDER HEAVEN BY WHICH A MAN MIGHT BE SAVED. Do you think Jesus wanted us to fight over Him, He is ashamed of our behavior and angered by the way men have deformed the Gospel into their own image. Sin has reached a point at which our Father can not tolerate us any more because we are the makers of abominations through vanities and the distorter's of the truth. When no one can be truly saved because sin and defilement of the Gospel are so rampant, we have sadly left no choice for God other than to intervene as He did in the time of Noah. This message is very sad to me being as I am in the middle of it all. People who wish for the return of Christ will soon wish they had prayed for more time to repent instead.
  5. ATHIM

    The Deity of Jesus Christ

    Botswana, my last to you sir. What was the question asked of Jesus the answer for which He was crucified? (Matthew 26:63) 63 . . . And the high priest answered and said to Him, “I put You under oath by the living God: Tell us if You are the Christ, the Son of God!” (Mark 14:62) 62 Jesus said, “I am. And you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Power, and coming with the clouds of heaven.” TickTock, nearly time to rock this world; better hold on Whatsabanana.
  6. ATHIM

    The Deity of Jesus Christ

    How many times have your false prophets called the end of the world, the house of Roses built for Abraham in California, the 144,00 who are all Jumbled Witnesses, you are lost, that's why you have to die to know the truth because the more you read the the less you know. You changed the Bible from the original text as man does to suit his father the devil of which you are a disciple, simple as that. I am Greek, know the Greek have seen your bible it is a lie and you are filled with the lies of your deluded cult. You know very little about atonement, the blood of Christ and why he HAD to be a part of God to create the value redemption that His sacrifice did. I don't have time to debate with you and I have not come for you. You will see the Son rise from the Greek Orthodox Church and from this you will know you were deceived. Others will argue me but I have gone beyond caring. Time to die and learn the truth.
  7. ATHIM

    The Deity of Jesus Christ

    If Jesus is not the Son of God then there is no salvation in Christianity. Botswana, you quote Greek but are you Greek? Ask them who Jesus is and why Him being the Son of God is of greater significance than all the rhetoric which surrounds His otherwise misinterpreted incarnation and Gospel. Let US make man in OUR image according to OUR likeness. Who is the "US" and "OUR". The devil will of course leave the Jehovah's Witnesses alone because that's what they are, alone. Their Bible is an elaborate fairy-tale that robs salvation from those who would otherwise find it. There is no other way to resolve all these sinful ideological differences, man has gone too far, it is time for everyone to die unto judgement. Sorry if my comments hurt your feelings. No I am certainly not, man brought this upon himself. Suddenly we will all be dead. You better be able to bet your soul on your faith because that's what's coming up.
  8. For years we have been hearing the reports of dancing and fireworks and camel races celebrating the RV, all these signs are a load of hogwash, the secret handshakes and innuendos, the economists takes are all just posturing for a country that is manipulating the world economic climate to favor them like any other country does. I worked with Arabic people for several years and I can tell you this about the way this will go down. When you see them crying in the streets saying, all is lost, all is lost, THEN we are on the verge of an RV. That's my half a wit's worth!
  9. Freakin animals. A rat, a wolf and a goat. Put em together and what have you got. A rat ramming fagster! Thanks Thugs, you still got it after all these long, long, long, years.
  10. I remember when Mosul first fell,and reading the articles here on DV. The military, about 25,000 from memory, packed up and left leaving their weapons, ammo and armaments because of 500 ISIS militants that they were facing. If that is in fact the way it went down, then someone pulled the plug on Mosul's defenses and let ISIS build its stronghold purposefully.
  11. ATHIM

    RV Go 5 Times Yesterday...Glitches Blamed.

    I had I had a couple of releases myself yesterday, I think they may have fed into the same pipeline that Bruce the Sleuth is getting his intel from.
  12. Ya got the drop on me!
  13. I copied the photo, cropped and enlarged to 500%, looks real to me, lots of detail in the concrete and no signs of an overlay into the background. This is one solid shizen hausen, porta potty, thunder box!
  14. ATHIM

    CA already exchanged.

    Hey Mr. Nope - I just did a quick calculation, Dinar Thug has a 100 times more positives than you have negatives. I wonder how that happened?

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