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  1. IMO, I believe they will come in low, .01-.10 if we're lucky .25( depends on the money supply when the time comes) they will give a small window to cash in before they retire the 000 bills. Once that time has come they will do a series of small rv's. first to a 1.00, then to 3.00+ That leaves a money supply they can work with, it also takes out all the 000 notes, making any remaining invalid, or void. Don't be hoodwink, any 000 articles is talking about a lop. Like KeepM mentioned lets hope it's BS.
  2. Adam, On behalf of VIP members, I would like to ask if you can do a once a week "Audio Chat" I believe many if not all VIP members really enjoyed it/them. Thanks, also If HCL, and Erbil Agreement gets implemented; what would be left? WTO? RV
  3. Some great questions this week. Keep them coming.
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