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  1. Oh Yota, OMG, you just made my day! Please, can you expand on the part, "50% to 60% will cash out on the Initial Rate." Whatever you've been told has been right on so far, so if you can share anything more with us it would be wonderful. Thank you Thank you Thank you for all you do. Bless you!
  2. Thanks for the great post, Tony. This shows promise for "the coming days." Now if they'll just hurry up and get here... I'm ready and I know you guys are too. Now all together- RV RV RV GOOOOOO RV! ( old cheerleader habits die hard
  3. I think much of what Randy says makes sense. I think if we see the ministers seated and Kuwait paid their fair share, then we're probably looking at the RV within the next week or so. If not, then I think the Arab Summit will be put on hold and along with it, the RV. I simply don't see them having it without the RV. As for the $3.21 rate, I'm still with the 1:1 realistic rate. But I would love to be proved wrong on that! Either way, I think we're going to find out real soon... +1 to you for bringing the post here! Thanks...
  4. Me too... I have my dreams for when this is all over and I have faith that we will have the RV, and faith that all the Warka problems will work out just fine. Without faith we are nothing, and when we cease to dream, we die.
  5. I love the hot pink, so don't you dare stop! And he's right, it does make it easier to see the interesting parts. And, BTW, thanks for always keeping the positive spin on things. It helps me to stay positive too. Plus + to you for that...
  6. I second your yes yes another million times! All prep finished by mid month you say? Interesting...Mid month is when Maliki goes to Kuwait for a quick visit and Talibani returns from the US. Sounds like good timing to me for the perfect RV! and a plus 1 to ya for a great post
  7. We have seen so much falling into place these past few weeks, people actually showing up for the meetings, laws being passed. Now, with Kuwait almost a done deal, and if they're ready to announce the ministers, we should be on the brink of the RV happening. I also agree that it needs to happen by next Thursday if March is their timeline. Maybe that's why Talibani is going back on the 14th? I think we can expect the RV anytime around Maliki's visit to Kuwait next week. And that would make for a nice little party on the 29th... Great post, Seetrader... Thanks for bringing it, regardless where you had to post it...
  8. This infuriates me... that people could be so cruel to someone because of their sexual preferences. It's right up there with the Salem witch trials! May God have mercy on THEIR souls for THEY are the offenders, not the innocent people! The people doing this are just looking for some kind, any kind, of reason to torture people.
  9. And the more they pay, the better they look at their come-out party on the 29th... I agree with you, you're onto something here, Yota! Thanks for the post and all you do here.
  10. Thanks Yota, great job of finding this! This sounds great. Now if they'll just hurry and post it in the Gazette! BTW, have you heard anymore from your 'news friend' that calls you late at night???
  11. It gets better guys. Here's his latest: 3-7-2012 Gurus OkieOilMan/Bulldog75 WE MENTIONED TO YOU SEVERAL TIMES WE WOULD HAVE THE RATE AND DATE BEFORE THE BANKS WOULD POST. $12.36 USD IS THE IQD RATE. THIS SHOULD POST, IMHO & OKIE'S, SOMETIMES TOMORROW, THURSDAY. NO ONE WILL OFFICIALLY SEE THE RATE POST POSTED UNTIL SOMETIMES TOMORROW. Lighten up fellas and enjoy the laugh, we all know Okie is full of it. He's staying consistent with the $12.36 though, so apparently that little wheel he spins to determine the rate is sticking. lol And personally, I think he's funny! It's like reading the comics. and a + to the one that brought me the laugh this morning! Thanks for the post
  12. LOL, now that's toooo funny! I loved that Seinfeld episode with the soup nazi. Cheers to you for the smile! As for Okie, he's just Okie, dumber than a skunk and stinks the place up twice as bad.
  13. Didn't your mama teach you any manners at all??? You're visiting in someone elses house here, so play nice!
  14. Thanks Smee2! I am very happy to a part of this group. And I love to cook, so I'll be in that recipe group for sure! I have a chocolate cherry bar recipe that's to die for! I'll be glad to share it.
  15. I found this, but don't know how reliable it is. But check his return date; March12. Sounds like he's determined to be at the summit Link: President Talabani will return from U.S. before Arab Summit President Talabani will return from U.S. before Arab Summit PUKmedia 07-03-2012 13:36:05 A close source to the Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, denied news published by some local media about the existence of pressure on the President to give up the presidency of the Iraqi delegation to upcoming Arab summit scheduled to be held at the end of this month in Baghdad. The source in a press statement said that President Talabani will travel to the United States to carry out some medical tests in Mayo Click to be assured of his health after recent surgery he underwent in Germany , but he clarified that the President will return to Iraq in March 12 , in order to chair Iraq delegation to Baghdad Summit.
  16. I agree. I can't imagine ever feeling safe over there. I would think they'd do the RV first to stop some of the turmoil BEFORE the Summit.
  17. 3/11 sounds fantastic! That would give them time to clear the streets from all the hoopla stuff that would happen before the Summit starts. Bet it would look just like MardiGras over there! Thanks for sharing your intel.
  18. Sounds great. I do like Kaperoni. He seems to know his stuff, and he does'nt throw our rediculous rates. Actually, there was an link to a Kaperoni chat on here a few days ago and I listened to it; 2 hours long but very interesting. I've tried to find it to send to a friend and can't locate it. Seems like Easyrider or Stryker had put the link in. If anyone knows where I could locate it, I'd appreciate your help in finding it. I've looked for it today but don't know my way around here very well yet. Thanks for all y'alls patience with a newbie...
  19. Howdy back to ya! and thanks... Thanks, Saint. I like the different opinions that everyone expresses. We each have our own views, but I'm never too old to learn from another's perspective. I appreciate the help...
  20. Thanks to all of you for the warm welcome. I'm hoping it will be a "short ride" from here on in for all of us. Sounds like they're stirring up a sand storm over there right now. I think we all may be real happy when it settles. Go RV!!!
  21. I'll be sure to do that. I've been on the ride for a while so I know what you mean! As that famous actress once said; Hang on boys, it's going to be a bumpy ride! Northern part, but southern born!
  22. Just wanted to say hello and thanks for the opportunity to visit and chat with a great group!
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