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  1. It's hard to express how sad it makes me feel knowing he wasn't able to make it to the end of this dinar ride. But I know the ultimate journey he's taken is much more important. He's found the ultimate RV; a heavenly home free of pain, cares and worries. What more could anyone ask for? God bless him forever, and also the dear friends that saw him through his final days. He left a legacy through them that will finalize the last chapter of his life here on earth; a loving and giving one. Peace to you Sarge...
  2. Oh yeah.... good stuff! I do my housework to AC/DC Hells Bells song...
  3. I luv O's, my alltime favorite cereal.... I've heard it's like entering the Twilight Zone... Scary place.....
  4. Probably scare tactics to ward off the votes against him. Bet Sadr is ticked... and I sure wouldn't want Sadr ticked at me... uh-uh, no way! He's been tagged as the "Murdering Cleric"... Maliki would do well to watch his step when ticking Sadr off
  5. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. There's too many conflicting articles out to make a logical assumption, IMO. But, June sounds like a pivotal month for them; WTO on 7th, UNSC on 15th, Tarrifs on 30th. Hope they can fit an RV in there somewhere... That goes along with what Delta says too. And he's over there...
  6. Tremendously! Thank you Bumper. You're the man!
  7. I'm not sure where to post this, so I took a guess. Just wondering if anyone has heard from Old Sarge lately??? Seels like he was in the VA last time I read one of his posts, and I'm hoping he's doing ok now, but it kinda worries me that I haven't seen any of his posts lately.
  8. Thanks Adam for a good chat and for keeping us all grounded. And thanks KCW for bringing it to us. I do have a problem reading the pink colored type though. My eyes are not so good, even with glasses, and I'm wondering if anyone else might be having the same problem. It's really pretty though. I do appreciate all you do to get it to us.
  9. I haven't listened to the IQD team, but I'll give it a listen since you like it. It must be good since you like Wangdang. Did you know Wangdang had 2 conference calls this week? One on Sat. and another longer one on Sunday. Surprising, since he usually just does the one CC a week. Thought you might like to know in case you missed one of them...
  10. In all fairness to WangDang, that was only a tiny portion of his chat. I've followed him for quite some time and respect what he says. He's very grounded and backs up everything he says with legit news articles. He's a no-hype type of guy, just brings the facts to his chats.
  11. I evened you out Keep for the neg you got. Someone wasn't fair to you. Like it or not, I agree with you.
  12. Great recipe for a perfect storm, I'd say! WOO HOO
  13. My thoughts exactly... leave those Zeros on... removing the zeros is not a good thing for us, no matter how many ways people try to spin it... no no
  14. I was listening to Kaperoni's "special call" a couple of days ago and at the very end BondLady came on the call and agreed with Kap's belief on the 1000 dinar to $1. articles, but then she chatted with Scooter yesterday on her website and said the total opposite, so I'm a little confused now on how she believes this will end up. I like both of them but this week has done nothing but confuse me.
  15. Very good advice, mrref. You are spot on! Right now we're seeing a tremendous amount of crap coming out of Iraq and we all know it's deliberate. The real question is "why now?" Remember Adam saying there'd be a lot of this type of stuff towards the end? Who knows, maybe we're almost there. Staying focussed on what Shabibi says is important, not his minions... As always, JMO
  16. The most advantageous time for Shabibi and the CBI to raise the exchange rate is after Erbil implementation, a seated government, announcement of the strategic council, and prior to tariffs. Great post SWFG, thanks. I think you're 100% on target...
  17. My thoughts exactly... Especially with the tarrifs starting in June. "The rate must increase prior to the tarffs going into effect."
  18. Official: Three major blocs to discuss retaining Maliki tomorrow Posted: May 22, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics Tags: Ayad Allawi, Baghdad, erbil, Maliki, Massoud Barzani, Muqtada al-Sadr, National Iraqi Alliance, Nouri al-Maliki ERBIL, May 22 (AKnews)- Leaders of the National Alliance, the Iraqiya List and the Kurdistan Blocs Coalition will meet tomorrow in Baghdad in a bid to overcome the political crisis in the country, an official said today. In the meeting it is likely that the leaders will discuss the option to retain Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for two more years, said Aref Tayfu
  19. Delta Comments - Post By Leo 05/22/2012 Delta Comments: 5-21-2012 Delta: If they no confidence Maliki then the replacement has to come from the National Coalition. This is the same group that Maliki controls. There is no one in that group that can replace him. If Maliki was such a bad guy the US would take him out. Maliki was put in there to hold the fort down until all was implemented and ready. Maliki is getting more popular with the people. He would win the next election. If Maliki was the problem, the PTB AKA the authors of the plan would take him out. Talibani is pushin
  20. Me too, but I'm mighty afraid that bozo Maliki will manage to stay strapped into the PM seat with another set of promises that he has no intention of following thru on. If the man was Pinocchio his nose would be 10 feet long! What's your thoughts on this Yota? You have great insights and I highly respect your opinions...
  21. I think Okie must have had a hand in that one... VND .13 to .43, IQD $4 to $16 ? C'mon, you gotta be kidding
  22. You're a newbie, don't sweat it. We all probably did the same thing many times over when we first started... Welcome to DV
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