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  1. It would appear that the border crossing reason is exactly what they say it is, to assist in security in the country.
  2. JMO, but as much as I'd like to hope, I don't think Iraq is anywhere near being able to RV their currency in the next couple of days. I truly hope I am wrong. But based on no HCL agreement, still in CH VII, and given the instability in the country I just don't see it soon. I pray I am wrong. But I think there just needs to be more stabilization that needs to be done before the rest of the world's financial movers and shakers would put any value in their currency. They have great potential, which is why we are all in this I would assume. Also, maybe their game in the currency auctions is to draw as much Dinar into the CBI while flooding the streets with US dollars. I hope so. I'm just resigned that we'll be in this for quite awhile yet. Too much instability in the country imo and if there's one thing I know, bankers don't mind taking a risk if it's a controlled risk, but it does not appear anything is under control in Iraq right now. Like I say, jmo, and I hope I'm wrong. I just don't see the signs pointing to an RV, to borrow an Iraqi line, "soon".
  3. I think, somewhat like the translation issues, that the "Gurus" and their followers are mistaking "Tier" for "Pier". Consequently, they are always at the wrong location.
  4. This part of his post says it all: (I JUST LEARNED TODAY THAT FRIDAY IN IRAQ IS A DAY OF PRAYERS AND SATURDAY IS CONSIDERED THEIR HOLY DAY). You just learned that today???? Yeah, you are really in the "know" Okie. Oh, BTW. It is now 8:37AM in Iraq.
  5. More smoke & mirrors imo. Who knows anymore? I'm not negative on this investment speculation, but it seems like as the country devolves more and more into chaos it is difficult to try to track progress and what direction they are actually headed. I often wonder how many of these articles are propaganda for the rest of the world to try to continue to prop up Iraq. I still have confidence, but as the country continues to slide politically, socially, and economically, it makes me wonder where the "bottom" truly is before they get it together. Even Egypt has a more stable situation than Iraq and they are dying economically and financially currency-wise. If Iran is having the influence we are led to believe, there is a long wait ahead of us. I just don't see the UN and the rest of the financial world at large taking a risk on Iraq despite their resource potential. I hope I'm wrong.
  6. This is going to be trouble. Does he not know the Seattle Seahawks have copyrighted "The 12th Man"? Hope he has a few million Dinar to exchange for his fine.
  7. Thanks, as always, for bringing the articles Yota. I don't mean to sound cynical, but Malaki's statements sound somewhat familiar. Must be time for campaigning and elections. lol.
  8. Interesting article Easyrider. Thanks for bringing it. What keeps coming back to my mind is look at the currency valuation wars going on in the world and the emphasis on keeping currency values, either real or perceived, artificially low. There are market effects going on that I don't think any of us ever anticipated regarding currency values. It used to be that the thought process was you wanted a strong currency. Now. it seems to increase the value of your exports vs. imports, the idea is to keep your currency value low. Currency value manipulation seems to be the order right now. I think we are in for a longer wait. jmo. It also doesn't help that in Mali, the French President's camel was slaughtered for food. Apparently, the Mali's got tired of waiting for "soon". lol
  9. Thanks for the article. While I expect this is more about stabilization than any kind of RV nice to know they are at least attempting something!
  10. The fate of the U.S. doesn't have to hinge on conservative v liberal rhetoric. It needs to hinge on what is best for all Americans. This divisiveness will be the US downfall imo. It is unfortunate that the only time Americans come together is in a time of tragedy such as 9/11. Time for the US populace to recognize that sacrifices have to be made at all levels and get this country back on priorities instead of special interest. JMO.
  11. The bottom line, similar to the dinar exchange, is that it was/is way more complicated than Stockman makes it out to be. Stockman loved Reaganomics initially. He left when he wasn't "appreciated" (translation: Reagan was not following my advice). Based on the Laffer principle, both Reagan & Bush 43 were in agreement. You can't equate wars to an economic program. The wars are always funded separately under special provisions. Stockman must have a book coming out he is trying to promote and sell.
  12. I've decided everything in this investment/speculation is open to interpretation.
  13. It never ceases to amaze me how otherwise intelligent people can buy into his hype and bs. Who knows? Eventually he'll be correct on calling it, but so can anyone else. If you call it everyday you're bound to be correct at some point.
  14. This sounds oddly familiar. Is he running for re-election? lol
  15. I trust the Thug In The Know more than anyone. My guess is there is a strong possibity that 365 days from now we are reading the same things. lol
  16. This has been a fun thread to read. Who knows what it means or what will happen? I hope for the best and plan on nothing. I will still get up tomorrow and continue with my day's plans. Especially since it will be Friday and the CBI is closed. I'm flying to Salt Lake City to meet up with a friend and buy a truck from him. After spending the weekend with him and his wife I'm having a leisurely 2 day drive back home through some beautiful scenery. If we are all lucky enough to have an RV by the time I get home, cool. If not, I have many things to be thankful for regardless. This has been a fun, educational, frustrating, and emotional ride. As Chief Dan George said in the movie The Outlaw Josey Wales, "Endeavor to perservere".
  17. Can we please not refer to folks as "Ragheads"? I agree, for whatever reason, the Iraqis are dragging their feet. Thanks.
  18. This truly is a great opinion on why the Kurds have it figured out. But then again, they aren't split and arguing about things like all the other sects are in Iraq. The Kurds are so much more autonomous and together in what they do but still are part of the fracture in Iraq when it comes to the country as a whole imo. Reminds me of another country I know well and love.
  19. Well, heck, I don't know to be happy or disappointed. No bong in the basket? Well, thankfully, he did end it by advising us to "stay tuned". Best advice I ever got from a Guru, other than Maharashi Yogi Bear. Oh, wait, my mistake. Dong, not bong. Don't know why somebody negged you for bringing over entertainment. +1 to even you out.
  20. Wow. Just. Wow. Frank. Have you ever looked at someone and just knew the wheel was spinning but the hamster was dead?
  21. First off, once again, this was posted in the "Rumors" section. It wan't posted as a "fact". Although, I have no reason to doubt that what was posted by either party is untrue. As a matter of fact, I believe that it is true. Let's not all get wound up and think that this means an RV is immenent. That seems to be what happens sometimes in the "Rumors" section. Folks have all become so pre-disposed that anything posted in the Rumors section means something is about to break in the next day, or, the favorite days of the Gurus, Tuesday-Thursday. These are 2 folks who both simply had the same question asked of both of them. For what reason? Who knows? But they came and shared their experiences. They didn't profess knowlege of a date or rate. They didn't make predictions. They merely told us all of a question that was asked of them by lenders that seemed unusual. Let's try to keep some perspective on this and lay off of the personal attacks and speculation. I, for one, appreciate the posters who are willig to share something that they don't know what it means, but like all of us are trying to stay involved in this investment. I thank them.
  22. The bottom line, unfortunately, is that in the old days, currency wars were based on trying to increase the value of a country's currency. Now, however, devaluation seems to be the current choice to increase export product values and to cover a country's obligations. This is a house of cards, imo, that can't be sustained. Countries like Iraq already have their currency as low as they can go based on the fact they export oil as their primary source of income. Oil prices are controlled by OPEC and the market. The conversion of their export is against the dollar. While the value of the dollar may/will decline, the price of Iraq's export commodity will reflect any changes. This is not like Greece or South American countries who have nothing to export, or even like Japan, who is competing in the electronics market. Iraq does not need to devalue their currency to compete. However, neither do they need to increase their value based on the currency wars going on. They need stability both economically & governmentally. In the long run, I think the value of their currency will increase proportionately with more stability in Iraq's economy, stability in government, and when the rest of the world's central banks an economies recognize that the "false" values they keep applying to their currencies fail and are adjusted to reality. This is no different than the "dot com" boom of the '90s when speculation fueled a false conomy and stock market in the USA. I think the Iraqi Dinar will increase in value just by normal market conditions, but I'm skeptical that given the current philosophy of other countries actions and central bank jerry-mandering of currencies it will happen in a lrge and quick way. jmo.
  23. This sounds like something is in the works. Given the reduction in auctions lately I wonder if it is tied in some way? I find it interesting they reference that the "process" has not changed since Shabibi & Saleh. Dang! I wish I could see their "back screens". lol. Thanks for the article k98nights!
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