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  1. I found this on another site and found it interesting because she actually said her account was credited. Thu, Apr 11, 2013 -Wife in the Know… Hello everyone- Many of you i'm sure have been wondering why I have not returned to follow up my April 1st RV statement. I have remained silent for a very good reason. Despite what you may have been hearing on the "dinar sites" the Iraqi Dinar did in fact revalue on the 1st of April and at the rate of 3.42 as I have been saying. The Tier exchange method has been taking place with Tier 1 individuals completed. Tier 2 will be over and completed by the 15th of April. At that point, the official Iraqi dinar exchange rate will be adjusted by the Central Bank of Iraq, and be made known to the world. All other individuals holding Iraqi's currency will be able to exchange their dinar at that point. THE SAME RATE WILL APPLY TO EVERYBODY! I know this to factual because my Husband & I were part of the Tier 2 exchange group. We as all other participates in Tier's 1 & 2 were credited in our bank accounts the amount according to our dinar holdings. The money is in there, but will not be accessible until the official rate change by the Central Bank of Iraq. I am truly sorry for not being able to explain the entire process in my earlier posts, but I was not informed as to the procedure until after the 1st of April. I hope this makes everyone smile : ) Take Care Friends. Wife in the Know
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