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  1. You just can't fix stupid! I think it is great that he was able to take it down with what appears to be a BB gun!
  2. I just hope we have an RV so that I can move to Texas with my guns and gold before they secede!
  3. I know Markinsa, that everything is bigger in Texas, but that how we roll in Florida, LOL
  4. He said it all when he said " Any thinking American "!
  5. Markinsa, Thanks for posting this, I think it sums up most every thought & emotion we all feel!
  6. Can an executive order be reversed by another executive order? We certainly need to do something about all this President has done to change America!
  7. As a small business owner I would be interested in how they earn the sick days. When you offer them as part of a package where they either use them or lose them, obviously they will take them so why not just give extra vacation days & let them be used when needed, but earning them is interesting as I can see benefits to employers & employees alike!
  8. Not only do I not believe that raising the minimum wage to $12.00 / hour would only cost some $12.50 per year per shopper, I do not believe that the vast majority of Americans would be willing to pay what it would truly cost. Why else would so many manufacturing jobs have left this country? Not just because Corporations can find such cheap labor in other non union countries but also because so many people want to buy at the cheapest price. Let's not forget that minimum wage jobs were originally for school kids & retirees to subsidize retirement not for heads of households. We need to get rid of illegals that would force jobs to be available, stop subsidizing through entitlements all capable working age recipients even if we have to bring the CCC program back and do away with income taxes & install a national sales tax. Exempt basic necessities & then the truly poor wouldn't pay any taxes but the rich certainly would because they would still be buying what they wanted. Instead of trying to make equality through communistic fashions, lets go back to the fact that we are all born with an equal right to become unequal!
  9. It’s hard to comprehend all this guy has gotten away with. Any other president would have been impeached! What in God’s name is wrong with our government that they allow this guy carte blanch. It absolutely boggles the mind! WHAT IN GOD'S NAME IS WRONG WITH US FOR LETTING HIM GET AWAY WITH ALL THIS IS A BETTER QUESTION! Read more:
  10. I logged in just to + your post WHN. After just reading that a 2'nd journalist was beheaded, I have to wonder, " What would Reagan do right now? "
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