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  1. This is the america of the 21 century, don't you guys get it... The special interest groups, the rich and powerful control everything. We are thrown a few bread crumbs to keep the masses in a delusional fog, thinking we have the power and control over this corporation that is known as the United States of America ! One of the breadcrumbs is the right to vote ! These corrupt individuals will be voted into power, nothing you can do or say will change that. The elections are rigged, the electronic voting machines have no paper trail, there is no proof of who voted for who. The winner has already been determined ! So accept it and don't get upset and give yourself a stroke. That would make them happy.
  2. I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said the RV was going to happen.... They all had reliable secret sources that couldn't be divulged ! it will be happening to night, tomorrow before 4:30 Iraq time, just before a long 3 day U.S. holiday weekend, this coming weekend, or some other B.S. who listens to them anymore. What do they get out of it ??? They must be pumpers trying to get the new guys to quickly buy another couple of million before it hits. that's the only thing I can think of.. they must tell their investors / customers to watch when certain guys post because they have inside info, or some such crap. Tired of the same old merry go round ! Islandman7
  3. This is a good way to get those holding dinar to panic and have a fire sale, selling off their holdings at a huge discount. local currency exchange locations in Florida are now buying dinar for $500.00 per mil., used to be $ 800-850 per mil. This is one way to clear the streets of excess dinars..... Just saying... Good luck to all ! Islandman7
  4. When is everyone going to realize that this government is a runaway train, none of these clowns will be held accountable for their actions. There are no rules or laws that will stop this. And who ever becomes president won't touch it either. Everyone signing on to this is getting a big payday by the administration for their support. Let's face it the Democrats are smarter than the Republicans. Just accept it, and all the crying and threats mean nothing to them. For the next president will just wave their magic wand and give them all amnesty . That's how all this works. so don't get your blood pressure up. Time to get out ! just saying.
  5. Putin is a shark, and we have a minnow in our white house ! Think of it, carrier experience,.... head of the KGB, or a community leader, who would you bank on ???? Just saying........ Time to,.... Get Out .....
  6. We could have sold those arms, but nooooo, our leaders screwed that up also. We are as smart, swift and respected throughout the world as the village idiot. God do I miss Ronald, There is no turning back, we are going down in flames. Islandman7
  7. The days of the us having/being the reserve currency are numbered. We don't have the gold to back half our currency. No matter how we color our new $100.00 bills. The brics will have other countries knocking down their doors to avoid having to deal with the US. And this countries rules and bullying. I believe most are looking forward to watching our demise. Then the value of the dollar drops, 25-50%, and more will need to be printed, everything doubles, taxes go up, more printing, more devaluation. The value has already dropped over 20%. Just check other countries that use the dollar for their currency like panama and how inflation is affecting them. They have instituted price controls, which haven't helped at all. It's not going to be pretty here when it begins. Once it starts it will be happen quickly. I wonder if Iraq will join them, I mean why jump on our sinking ship. Islandman7
  8. Of course everyone will have to have it done. It will be a requirement to get health care, have a bank account, drive a car, start a car , get into your house, get on a plane, bus etc... It will be for our safety and security. We will eat it up !!! This country is full of morons, sheep , what ever you want to call them. Time to get out ! Come on rv. Islandman7
  9. Looking at everything we have been sticking our noses into around the world, causing strife along the way, all in the name of freedom, I really can't blame the rest of the world's distrust. Every one knows all we care about is oil, and staying top dog. Sad to say, but the sun is setting on the USA. Our greed, bullying, bribing and over throwing countries and their leaders, has left it's mark on us. Yes they will still take our bribes, but so many are lining up on the other side of the playground. We will soon be odd man out. They will get us where it hurts most. Our currency. Once we aren't the reserve anymore, we will be nothing, won't be able to tell everyone what they can, can't & MUST do. This country needs to be taken to the wood shed. Too bad all the politicians that caused this mess aren't the ones that will be the losers, they have all their assets offshore & safe. No the citizenry will be the losers. To be the strongest country in the world, one needs a strong economy, and produce something. To say we are spending like drunken sailors would be unjust to sailors. They only spend what they have, and can't print more. This government is just nuts. And saying we are the freest nation is incorrect. We have more imprisoned than others. We are a police state. have a nice day. Just my thoughts, Islandman7
  10. Yea, when someone keeps telling me how wonderful they are and that their economy is strong, currency wanted and needed by the world, I wonder who they are try to convince ?
  11. Everyone is bowing now. Once the us looses reserve currency status, which will happen sooner or later, sooner I fear . The us's teeth will be removed.
  12. Republican / Democrat different sides of the same coin. Both looking out for themselves not their constituents. Sad but true. I don't see anything improving till after the big collapse. We are the Roman Empire's the final years. I just hope to be able to get out in time. Good luck to everyone.
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