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  1. FOX FLASH NEWS this morning reported the indictment of a former military and later civilian employee for leaking top secret documents, complete with security markings, directly to a lefty on-line "news blog" using direct and encrypted online two way communications repeated over more than two years. They contained detailed information on then current and planned operations in the mid east anti-terror campaign against targeted leadership. The FOX report is at:
  2. re One2One's Q: When you convey away an asset your gain or loss is computed by subtracting your cost basis for that asset from the value of what you received in exchange for that asset. It's up to you to demonstrate your cost basis. If you can't, it's considered to be zero, and your gain therefore equals your entire value of your proceeds. To everyone else's squirming efforts: reread the first paragraph of my 4:11 pm Wednesday post. Think of it this way: all transactions are just barter trades. What you're getting on the deal is your sale proceeds, and your cost for what you
  3. If you give your IQDs (or any other asset) to anyone, anywhere, in exchange for anything, and you are a citizen or permanent resident of the US, you have a taxable event reportable on your US tax return. Everything else is just details about how the amount of the tax burden or benefit (in the case of losses on such transactions) is calculated. If what you get in the exchange is of lesser value than the then current value of what you are giving, the difference is likely to be a gift, which might be a tax deductible charitable contribution, or a reportable taxable gift to someone you wish to b
  4. Look up my posts on this topic several years back. I was a big 8 tax partner with numerous international clients and a tax manager at the HQ of a Fortune 100 company where one of my duties was to calculate the unrealized currency conversion gains and losses on periodic financial statements including the unrealized (i.e., deferred) tax effects related to those gains or losses. Basically, they are ordinary if related to the active conduct of a trade or business, unless they are derived from the disposal of an asset held for investment. Businesses that routinely have such gains and losses can
  5. Buying put options rather than short selling is usually less risky, and your downside is limited to the known cost of the option contract.
  6. Why is this POS even allowed into the US? He is a psychotic sociopath who funds effin terrorist groups. Declare him any enemy alien and confiscate all his US connected property as we did in 1942.
  7. Once again, no doubt at the urging of our cynical and gutless State Department, our American political leaders have betrayed our most loyal and effective ally in a battle nearly won, but not yet over. This time it's the Kurds getting the mooky end of the stick as the Hmong, Montanards, Poles, Hungarians, and Czechs before them. So Trump kisses the asses of the neo-radical wanna be Islamic terrorists now running Turkey into the ground who are so unreliable that they're being frozen out of some (should be ALL) NATO intel. The Kurds got hosed neary 100 years ago when a couple of d
  8. There must be several thousand videos on line from phones and body cams. Fire spread in every way possible through excess fuel in unbuilt areas and mainly topping fires and wind blown burning debris in densely occupied areas. No conspiracies or secret weapons, just more bad policies due to left wing corruption and incompetence. The Redding FD stopped the Carr fire at our next door neighbor's fence minutes after we evacuated. Still had over $20K of smoke and power outage damage. My third fire storm, and by far the worst. Until the Camp fire that is. Worst ever in US since San Francisco f
  9. Yup, tariffs are bad, and in this case ineffective. With lots of unintended consequences. Tariffs are NOT the way to fight this particular problem. China has huge overcapacity due to bad planning and a slow down in their growth rate. They're dumping some of their excess steel on us at prices below their costs and the remedy for that is in the International Court for such claims pursuant to all trade treaties. If that doesn't do it, or China or the Court malingers, just bar their steel. FYI, the US, and most developed countries, have dumping and predatory pricing laws for their internal e
  10. You guys are forgetting the realpolitik version of the golden rule: do unto others as they would do unto you...just be damn sure to do it first. So no merciful ropes, just gasoline cages and dull butter knife beheadings. It's the muslim way.
  11. It's time to stop wasting electrons by reshowing the decline and fall of this demented and delusional old woman. Too much like pissin' on the corpse of a vanquished, but very inferior, enemy. Unseemly. Ignore her. Ditto for Pelosi and the MSM. To them, it's a fate worse than death.
  12. Around ten years ago I recall seeing a case reported in a newspaper concerning an illegal alien who confessed to a major felony and got a long sentence. An appeal had been filed because the felon had not be notified of his right to contact the consulate of his country of citizenship, apparently on the basis that federal law and/or treaties requires such notification, and that failure to do so should be treated as a police failure similar to a failure to give the now standardized "Miranda Warning." I never so a follow up news story, and I'm too damn tired to research it's ultimate resolution
  13. Sure, he's willing to have some of his minions blather for a couple of years while lying low and building his CBR inventories, expecting that our millions of new [illegal alien] voters will elect a new ultra left idiot in 2020, who will visit, apologize, and deliver money, just like Obutthead did with so many other demented dictators. I just saw a better plan on another page on this site a couple of minutes ago:
  14. The skills he will acquire as an enlisted Marine will take him further in life than what he would get out of any of the Ivies these days. If he eventually goes to OCS and then stays in the Corps for only the minimum required time, he will be a far more valuable employee to most employers immediately after his ETS than any of his classmates. Your former friends are the proof of that. Every vet knows this, and very few non-vets will ever have a clue. You are clearly one of those few. Just one question: have you sent the above to you son?
  15. And an interesting pit stop on an easy cruise up the North Coast Hwy 1.
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