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  1. Name one Guru that has not made a statement that has not come true? And remember......I have been reading EVERYONES guesses for years......none have come true to what we are in this's just entertaining......... can't really believe the hype....just the long shot.....and I mean Looooooooooong shot this could really RV> only put in what you don't mind loosing!!
  2. Can someone give me the definition of Guru? Is it just someone that lies or someone that cons you out of money by leading you on?...or both?
  3. I have been reading blogs from someone with a handle that starts out with (Goat.....) Anyway.....she seems to put a lot of work into her blogs......sometimes more than I care to read...but non the does seem to pan out more than not. Do you use her information on RV stuff that puts you on the edge of your seat to give discounts to VIP's? I have been reading this site for about 8 or 9 years and have never heard you mention any of your intel buddies which have never seem to really have inside info....if comes out much later but nothing that actually changes the things from
  4. Is or does First Liberty National have an actual building address that one could go too?
  5. Facebook is a BIG DEAL to politicians........not the majority of Americans. The politicians are using Facebook more than anyone for votes, lets not kid ourselves. If we were to think the Dinar was not going to RV because of things in the Middle East being unsettled............. hell. it has been unsettled going back to Biblical times. I think there is no one, Guru or otherwise, going to be able to predict anything that goes on in that side of the world. The DV has always been a long is a wait and see shall wait and see!
  6. Does everyone that becomes a VIP get a certificate? If so, I have been a VIP (twice in 2017/2018) and have never received a certificate. Thank you in advance!
  7. Suffer is the correct word to use on this ride! Not because it's not going to happen...but because of all the things we read...its going happen when such n such happens....nope...not that....and its always something else......I let it drag me in twice.......finally I wised up and will just wait til it happens, when it happens and not pump money into someone's pocket from a promise that not even a Gini could know!
  8. Why do some of you think this information is garbage while other information is good? It seems to me that NO ONE knows what is going to happen until it happens. I have not heard one person say that the information is good by giving a reference......NO ONE! and I have been seeing this stuff for 8 years.....!
  9. Hey Bud, I didn't know there was a time limit and I sent everything .....lesson learned from my end. Thanks but no thanks on renewing VIP.
  10. I noticed that my VIP expired. I was wondering if your still going to honor the Bitcoin bonus, that you said I qualified for in December, is still on?
  11. Hey NYK................................I tried........but it just would not transmit! Dinarham.........that is NOT a gift horse.........LMAO!
  12. This would be a crappy revalue....wait 9 years and this would be it? I would use it as wall paper first!
  13. I think it was lengthy.....but the info was good.
  14. I am thinking that maybe Trump is letting us know that the Government can run on term his cabinet is doing well with a changing of the people. Helps to keep corruption down by not staying long enough to get the "good ole boy" trend into place.
  15. Sounds like corruption is getting world wide and the U.N. is right in the middle of it.......I think the future is going to be bad, bad, bad for the world.
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