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  1. The IMF has nothing to do with the RV of Iraq or any other country. Their role in this is as an advisor and money lender, if needed! SO what if they move to Hong Kong, though I have been in their website and have not seen anything on this. Their role continues to be the same!! Too much BS out there!! Water is indeed the most precious commodity in the world since if we don't have water, we DIE!!
  2. Welcome to DV! I know you will have many more posts in the near future. Thanks fo the humor!!
  3. The concept is called "consignment", that is, the dealer gets goods from a provider, sells the items and pays for what is sold and what is not sold is returned to the provider. However Wal-Mart makes its money by purchasing in bulk at a discount and they pass it on to their clients. Walton was a very crafty businessman indeed!!
  4. The only "they" that I hear has the information as to when and rate is Shabibi. The rantings and false info from others is just that, false info.
  5. Laughter is always good for the soul! I haven't seen any that are great on their intel. Just because they have intel, that doesn't mean they know how to use it otherwise they would be correct in what they say. The only one that comes close is Adam.
  6. I also try to use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar but we are human (the most common excuse) and can make mistakes. As for the guru's and their predictions, notice that some of them say "a person in a high position who can't be named told me" or "I have a contact who says" or a "friend of a friend of mine in Iraq said". They provide info with no backing with facts or anything that may look like a fact. I have to guess they like making predictions and one of these days, one of them will be right and we won't hear the end of it!! i sure wish it is soon!
  7. Vote for who?? With these crooks on his payroll, we can't vote for Obama so it just leaves us the republicans! Are they any better???
  8. Zig, I couldn't agree with you more! All we get is conflicting stories from Iraq and here the "gurus" buy into all this and change their predictions accordingly so that all we hear is, Iraq did this today, so the RV will come in a few days or in Iraq the parliament said this so that means the RV will be here in a few Hours!! And it keeps on going. Thanks for the laughs.
  9. All the people predicting dates and rates have got to be smoking something very strong to cause so many hallucinations!
  10. It's a good idea to keep the link for the "FOREX" so that we can check the progress of the value of the dinar anytime you may want to check for it. I'm hoping that there will be a very positive update soon!
  11. Wow, 2.5 trillion!! Maybe the USA (Big O) can get a loan at a low or no interest rate, since we will be buying a lot of their oil (the Alaska pipeline may change that though). That could definitely help with the debt ceiling.
  12. What I get out of the "guru's" predictions is a good laugh and nothing more!
  13. This is just Adam's opinion but I have great confidence in what he says. As far as the RV is concerned, if it comes in at 1 to 1, the bank may give you the same rate. They will still make money off your deposit, thats their business! Biker, everybody will have to pay taxes! Also, if we are given a window to cash in, we won't lose it all! What may happen is that the rate may change and you may not get what was offered in the window, but you can still cash in at any time. I too have been neg'd a few times but, when you post here, you are exposed to that since it "comes with the territory".
  14. Why post something from 1993?? Things have changed considerably jn Iraq since then so the post has no relevance to what is happening now!
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