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  1. [Adam Montana] keep in mind that after they RV, there will probably be another surge in violence as the dust settles [Adam Montana] so we may very well see the Dinar RV at a dollar, then quickly dip to 50 cents or less as the world hears about that surge [Adam Montana] but again, as Iraq TAKES CONTROL of their situation things will once again stabilize and the value should quickly go back up Hey Mr. Adam. According to your chat on 1/4/12, I have some questions for you. First, you mention " we may very well see the Dinar RV at a dollar, then quickly dip to 50 cents or less as the world h
  2. As we all know that after all remaining U.S troops leave the country and back to the States, Iraq has to stand on it's own foot to begin rebuilding the country. Now, Some questons come up in my head, what does Iraq need to rebuild their country?Cash money. But, How does Iraq get Cash money to rebuild their country? From RV only or selling their oil & gas & other natural resources or foreign direct investment or others? If , this is just an assumption, you were Iraq government, what is the best way to get money cash to rebuild your country and make your own people"s lives more wealthy
  3. I have had enough with all the b.s stories , good news or bad news( with or without the link )come around everyday and I still won't either sell my dinar or buy it anymore based on the crap I read on the news or rumour. Mr. Adam ever said before that we have to watch what they ( Iraq government or Shabibi or whoever in charge for RV ) do , not what they write ( sorry I don't mean to offend you Mr. Adam Montana ). However, my question comes up in my head and ask me , how do we know what the Iraq government really do with their dinar?Because we actually almost never know exactly what they do ov
  4. First of all, I am not either a pamper or a guru. Everyday I read the news on this site, bad news, I just wonder in my head " who write those stories eventhough there is a link?Where are those stories coming from?Directly from the Iraq Reporters or just someone that is trying to manipulate the news to make some of us confused even hopeless? Then finally, all the people will give up and sell all their dinar based on what they read on the news. How many people still believe that the news that come from directly from Iraq Reporters or Iraqi Citizens or Boots on the ground ( what ever you call it
  5. First of all, I am not either a guru or a pamper. And, I don't offend to anyone. I am giving an explanation based on the reality life. As we all know that when a baby learn to walk, their parents teach them how to walk. none of the babies can walk on hia own feet without getting a help from their parents first. This is a reality life. After the parents teach the baby to walk, then later the parents will slowly let the baby go and walk on his own feet. until the baby can really walk on his own feet without getting help from his parent at all. Now, the question how long can the baby walk on his
  6. Hey Mr.Adam. Actually, when I posted my question for your chat, I already posted the article ( which is a long article ) with the link about " STRONG DINAR " from the IMF. However, I don't know when you opened the floor, there is only my question there ( my long article with the link is gone ). So, now I will post again the article with the link and then ,Mr. Adam and folks here can read it very carefully and please, explain it to me by the word " STRONG DINAR " from this article below. Thank you very much for your kindness to answer my question to Mr. Adam and folks here. Statement by IMF
  7. Hey Mr. Adam. I post the articles from the IMF ( sorry if already posted and too long ). When I read this articles, I am confused and have a question to ask you about " A Strong Dinar". What does it mean by " A Strong Dinar"? As we all know that now US$ 1= IQD 1170, is it called a Strong Dinar ?Has " A strong Dinar " already happened right now or will it be in the future ?Please, answer my question Mr. Adam. Thank you very much and I am very appreciated if you don't mind answering my question Mr. Adam. Statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Iraq Press Release No. 11/465 Dec
  8. Hey Adam. I just post the article from the IMF ( sorry if already posted and too long ) and I am very confused and have questions to ask you , what does it mean by " A STRONG DINAR " from this articles Adam?As we all know now that US$ 1= IQD 1170, is it called a Strong Dinar Adam?Does " Strong Dinar " mean that it will happen in a short or a long period of time from this articles Adam? Please, give me the answer to my question Adam. Thank you very much and I am very appreciated if you can answer my question Adam.. Statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Iraq Press Release No
  9. Why a lot of people still selling all their dinar when the withdrawal of all the remaining US soldier will end in this month?don't they believe in Sonny1's prediction by middle of January 2012 or should I say don't we all believe in Sonny1's prediction? I do believe what Sonny1 and Adam say. Does this means that the quickest all the remaining soldier back to the states by this month, the closer we are to the RV. Don't they ( people that are selling their dinar ) want their dinar RV, do they?I am confused why they are still selling when the time get closer.
  10. not a million years. enough for me. I am not greedy. I am scared when a huge disaster that I don't like to see come when I become greedy. God don't like greedy people either. I am very satisfied and happy with what I have now even RV come low. GO RV GO RV SOONER IS BETTER.
  11. Can Adam and someone tell me " Is Myanmar the same as Burmese Kyat?Sorry I am pretty new to this kind of currency. Cause when I check the currency converter, it only show up 1Burmese Kyat= 0.15 USD. it doesn't say about Myanmar. So, I have a little bit confused and I am really appreciated if someone and Adam can answer my question.
  12. come on guys we all should have a confident that will RV within 30 days. be optimistics GO RV GO 30 DAYS.
  13. Hi Adam. Sonny1 just make another prediction on the second week of January 2012. And, what do you think about that Adam?do you agree or disagree with sonny1's prediciton this time?Please tell me yout honest answer Adam. I wish RV will happen in this month and I don't mind waiting until next month too Adam. Thank's for taking your time to answer my question Adam.
  14. Thank's for your driveby chat Adam. By the way, Sonny1 just make another prediction that will RV on second week of January, 2012. What do you think about Sonny1"s prediction?please tell me your honest opinion Adam. Thank's Adam. GO RV GO RV. I don't mind waiting until next month if RV really happens.
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