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  1. Come on Iraq step up... Saudi Energy Minister: "Who wants an alternative to Iranian oil, we are ready" Saudi Energy Minister Khaled Al-Falih during the conference 24 April 2019 12:02 PM RIYADH - Saudi Energy Minister Khalid Al-Falih said Saudi Arabia will not abandon the leadership of the world oil market, deviating from the path that producers and consumers want. "Whoever wants a substitute for what he imports from Iranian oil knows where he is heading, and we are ready," he told a conference of the financial sector held on Wednesday in Riyadh. Al-Falih pointed out that the Kingdom will respond to the needs of its customers, but crude production will remain within OPEC-led cuts. The United States decided to impose sanctions on Iranian oil exports, which Saudi Arabia welcomed. Al-Falih said that the Kingdom's oil production in May will see a slight change compared to the last two months, and Saudi Aramco's June crude allocations will be decided within two weeks.
  2. 23-04-2019 06:19 PM US newspaper: oil barrel will reach 80 dollars .. And two Arab countries to light! Baghdad / News: The price of a barrel of Brent crude will reach $ 80 by the third quarter this year, after the announcement by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo yesterday that his country will not extend the exemptions on the import of Iranian oil, which ends in the second of India, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Turkey, Japan, Greece and Italy. In its report, the newspaper pointed out that the number of barrels issued by Iran per day is expected to reach 300 thousand the day after the American move, the managing director of Fakts Global Energy, Imam Nasri, as saying: "The pressures in the market are on the balance of supply and demand In the third quarter of each year, when demand reaches its highest level while supply declines due to maintenance and seasonal issues. " Nasri also warned of another "unlikely" scenario, saying the price could rise to 85% if OPEC +, which agreed in December to cut oil supply by 1.2 million bpd from January 1 to six months, Oil prices have doubled to more than $ 60 a barrel since the start of the alliance (including 24 OPEC oil exporters, along with 10 other oil countries, led by Russia), which in 2017 is the result of a series of reductions Production by its members. "The United States, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are committed to ensuring that the world oil markets continue to be supplied with everything they need," said Donald Trump. "The price of Brent crude was 74.31 yesterday, the highest price ever. In about 6 months. For his part, the analyst at the bank "UBS" Swiss, Giovanni Stonovo, he expected that Saudi Arabia and its allies will take care carefully with the needs of the beginner rather than increase production in a preventive manner. As for the upcoming OPEC meeting in Vienna in June, Saudi Arabia's expert on economic affairs, Ellen Wald, spoke of the need for Saudi Arabia to clarify to the Vienna meeting that it had not concluded an agreement with the United States. On the other hand, Nasri ruled out the conclusion of the OPEC countries to an agreement, especially as Saudi Arabia and the UAE publicly announced their work with the United States to increase production
  3. Rohani expressed Iran's willingness to negotiate and required Washington's apology The New Arab Tehran 24 April 2019 Iranian President Hassan Rowhani said on Wednesday that Iran was ready to negotiate with the United States "only when Washington raises pressure and apologizes." "We have always been men of negotiation and diplomacy as we were men of war and defense," Rohani said at a meeting of the Iranian government on Wednesday, adding that "negotiations are only possible when lifting pressure and apologizing for their illegal behavior and mutual respect." On Wednesday, the anniversary of Operation Eagle Claw, carried out by US forces in the southern Iranian desert of Tabas on April 25, 1980 to free American hostages inside the US embassy in Tehran after being occupied by Iranian revolutionaries, Rowhani said that " Draw lessons and lessons from the Tabas incident. They have, over the past 40 years, carried out plots on a daily basis but failed to do so. " Commenting on the announcement of Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, their readiness to compensate for the shortfall caused by the suspension of Iranian oil exports, the Iranian president said that "the survival of the existence of Saudi Arabia and the UAE is dependent on wise decisions of the Islamic Republic of Iran." He added that "Iran saved the two countries during the occupation of Kuwait." Rohani said Saddam Hussein was "in the process of occupying Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the Gulf after the occupation of Kuwait." He said this in a letter to the late President Hashemi Rafsanjani, saying that our common border would be 800 kilometers. He asked Iran to be a partner. In it, but she refused. " " Rohani: The survival and existence of Saudi Arabia and the UAE is dependent on wise decisions of the Islamic Republic of Iran " He explained that "the Islamic Republic saved Saudi Arabia by its decision and if it had taken another decision, perhaps today there was no impact for Saudi Arabia and the UAE," wondering, "while you are in Iran, how to declare to Tramb that you will compensate Iran's oil exports if zero. What is the meaning of anti-Iranian people in this frank way? " "Do not you know that the Trump era will end and we will remain neighbors with each other?" It is better to think of a lasting friendship, and the Islamic Republic has the right to save your lives. Saudi Arabia on Tuesday welcomed the United States' tightening of its sanctions against Iran and called for continued international pressure on Tehran to stop its "destabilizing, support and sponsorship of terrorism around the world." On Monday, US President Donald Trump announced the suspension ofIran's oil purchase concessions, which had been received by eight countries, on 5 November 2018. The decision to suspend exemptions for China, the largest importer of crude oil, comes into effect as early as May. In May 2018, Trump announced Washington's withdrawal from the agreement on the Iranian nuclear file and, in November, imposed harsh economic sanctions on Tehran. The re-imposition of these sanctions was accompanied by a threat to countries that would continue to deal with Iran with sanctions. Preventing the purchase of Iranian oil is the most important item of US sanctions that Washington wants to be "the worst in history." The United States has agreed to give the seven countries exemptions for six months, as the oil market could be affected if it is decided immediately to stop buying Iranian oil. The official website of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, quoted on Wednesday, that Iran can export the oil it wants. "America's efforts to prevent the sale of Iranian oil will not be achieved ... we can export oil as much as our needs and desires." In an interview with a large number of Iranian workers on the occasion of the "Working and Working Week", Khamenei threatened to respond to "this American hostility," stressing that "the Iranian people are not a people who are silent in the face of this hostility." He said that "the decline in dependence on the sale of oil is an opportunity to rely more on internal capabilities." He said that "the enemy focused on subjugating the Iranian people through economic pressure, but he must know that this people will not be subject." In the positions, stressed Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Jawad Zarif , that his ministry is not the party to take the decision to close the Strait of Hormuz, but a subject decided by the army. " Khamenei: US efforts to prevent the sale of Iranian oil will not achieve anything " "I will not talk about the military option," Zarif told the official IRNA news agency on the sidelines of a visit to New York City to attend a meeting of the UN General Assembly in response to a question about whether or not to close the Strait of Hormuz at the table of Iran. Which is decided by the armed forces. " He added, as quoted by "Anatolia", "We have said that Iran maintains its interests and one of them is the stability of the region, stability in the region must be for everyone and to benefit the economy on everyone." "Iran's ultimate interest is to continue to maintain stability in the region and to provide stability for all." Zarif said the United States is "the main source of instability in our region." On Monday, Iran has threatened , to close the Strait of Hormuz , the vital waterway for global oil shipments, what appeared to be a response to the US move, to end exemptions from the Iranian oil exports. "The Strait of Hormuz is a sea pass according to international law," said Rear Admiral Alireza Tenxiri, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's naval force. "If we are prevented from using this corridor, we will close it," Fars news agency reported. Iranian officials have repeatedly threatened to close the strait amid escalating tensions with the United States. The Strait of Hormuz is one of the main arteries around the world in oil transportation. About 80 per cent of Saudi, Iraqi, UAE and Kuwaiti oil passes through exports to countries known for their high dependence on energy sources such as China, Japan, South Korea, India and Singapore. . On Tuesday, a US State Department official said the United States had called on Iran to keep the straits of Hormuz and Bab al-Mandab open, a day after the United States demanded Iranian oil buyers stop buying crude from Iran. "We call upon Iran and all countries to respect the free flow of energy, trade and freedom of navigation" in the Strait, the official said.
  4. Can Iran close the Strait of Hormuz and what are the consequences? 24 April 2019 Following the US administration's decision to cancel the exemption granted to eight of Iran's top oil importers, Tehran has threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz, one of the world's most important commercial straits. The Revolutionary Guards' Marine Commander, General Alireza Tengseiri, said Iran would close the Strait of Hormuz if Tehran was prevented from using it. "According to international law, the Strait of Hormuz is a sea pass and if we stop it from using it, we will shut it down," the semi-official Fars news agency quoted Tanskiri as saying on Monday. This is not the first time that Iran has threatened to close the important waterway to the global energy trade, especially for Asian countries that consume oil and gas from the Arab region, especially from the Gulf states. For his part, a senior administration official said in response to the Iranian threats that any move by Iran to close the strategic Strait of Hormuz in response to the end of the United States exemptions for the purchase of Iranian oil would not be justified and unacceptable. But far from verbal threats, can Iran actually close the strait in practice? From the military point of view, Iran can close the strait or disrupt its navigation, experts say. In this regard, American Professor Rockford Weitz says that the Iranian military does not need extraordinary military capabilities to close the corridor, as it can hit commercial ships with missiles or the use of boats, submarines or even naval mines. Thus, navigational traffic can be disrupted and the commercial movement is severely damaged or even stopped altogether. In this case, Professor Witts, an expert on waterways, says in an in-depth study that excerpts from the academic website The Conferencing, insurance rates for ships and commercial cargo crossing the Strait will rise at insane rates, forcing many international companies to suspend the passage of their ships And their cross-strait trade payloads. In this regard, Weitz pointed out that insurance rates onShips and commercial cargo passing through the Strait of Hormuz rose by 400% during the Iran-Iraq War in 1980. Legally, the Strait of Hormuz is considered part of the high seas in the eyes of international law, and all vessels have the right and freedom to pass through it, The safety of the coastal States or their regime or security, and Iran has tried several times at the Conference on the Law of the Sea, which falls under the umbrella of the United Nations to have the right to control the strait, but her request was rejected several times. Thus, Tehran has no right to close the corridor, unless the tension between it and Washington turns into war. From the political and economic point of view, most of the energy exported abroad from the Gulf region, whether oil or gas, is going to Asian countries, led by China, which is allied with the Iranian government, not imported by the United States, which is almost oil-free. Thus, Iran's closure of the strait is detrimental to Tehran's political and economic relations with the Asian countries that trade with it and it will not be in its interest, as the disruption of global trade will be borne by Iran. And passes through the Strait of Hormuz about 17 million barrels per day of oil, and 40% of the world oil production, but these statistics before the introduction of some alternatives to the strait in some Gulf countries. Since 2012, some Gulf countries have begun to develop alternatives to oil exports that do not pass through the Strait of Hormuz. Of the UAE's use of the Habshan-Fujairah new oil pipeline that transfers oil from Habshan fields in Abu Dhabi to the Fujairah oil terminal on the Gulf of Oman, bypassing the Strait of Hormuz. A Chinese company built the alternative line, which has a capacity of about two million barrels a day. Saudi Arabia is also considering building new pipelines to Oman and Yemen, and Iraq could revive the pipeline between Iraq and Syria, which was abandoned to ship oil to the Mediterranean. According to the magazine Foreign Policy, these lines offer "a new opportunity to strengthen Washington's strategy to contain Iran."
  5. US Petroleum Institute: Oil inventories rise 6.9 million barrels last week, exceeding expectations Arab and international Economy News _ Baghdad US crude oil inventories rose more-than-expected last week, while gasoline inventories and inventories of distillates increased, US Petroleum Institute data showed. Crude stocks rose 6.9 million barrels in the week ending April 19 to 459.6 million barrels, compared with analysts' forecasts for a 1.3 million barrel increase. Crude inventories at the delivery center in Cushing, Oklahoma, fell 389,000 barrels, the institute said. The Petroleum Institute data showed that the refinery consumption rates of crude increased 225 thousand barrels per day. Gasoline inventories also increased by 2.2 million barrels, compared with analysts' forecasts in a Reuters poll that a million barrels would fall. The data showed that distillate stocks, including diesel and heating oil, fell by 865,000 barrels, compared to expectations of a 1.2 million barrel decline. US crude imports last week rose by 793,000 bpd to 7.4 million bpd. Views 18 Date Added 04/24/2019
  6. Sources: Sumo sells Basrah Light crude loading May at fixed cost energy Economy News _ Baghdad The Iraqi oil marketing company (SOMO) sold two million barrels of Basrah Light crude for loading at the end of May at a premium of 56-70 cents a barrel above the official selling price, trade sources said on Wednesday. A Chinese trader bought the cargo for loading on May 28-30, the sources said. While the immediate premium remains relatively stable compared to previous deals, the cost of keeping the shipment for one month to June to compete with other shipments has increased to 80 cents per barrel, a trader said. Views 56 Date Added 04/24/2019
  7. Faleh: Saudi Arabia intends to keep oil production within the limits of OPEC Arab and international Economy News _ Baghdad Saudi Arabia's crude production will remain within OPEC-led cuts, but Saudi Arabia's top oil exporter will meet the needs of its customers, Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said on Wednesday. "There will be very little change" in Saudi Arabia's oil production in May compared to the last two months, and Saudi Aramco's June allocation will be set within two weeks, Falih said. Views 18 Date Added 04/24/2019
  8. After a long break ... the return of archaeological missions to Iraq Baghdad Ahmed al-Nuaimi 24 April 2019 Sources in the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities of Iraq, the return of archaeological excavations to the country, after a break for years, because of wars and conflicts experienced by the country, according to experts. Majid Munthur, a district governor of Afak province in the province of Qadisiya, 180 kilometers (180 miles) south of Baghdad, announced the arrival of an American archeological mission from the University of Chicago to the city, consisting of seven experts to proceed with prospecting in the historic city of Nefür. "The excavation was part of a contract with the Antiquities Department of the city and the mission will continue to work for three weeks," Munthur said in remarks carried by local Iraqi media . The Iraqi Minister of Culture Abdul-Amir al-Hamdani had revealed earlier in last month's meeting with the "new Arab", the near arrival of foreign exploration missions to the country to resume searches in the ancient Iraqi civilizations. According to specialists, the historical city of Nefer was the religious capital of the Sumerians and Babylonians, and the temple of God Anil and his wife Neneleil is located. Archaeological expert Radhi al-Rubaie told "The New Arab", "the historic city of Nefer where the first exploration was carried out in 1889 by a mission from the University of Pennsylvania, and continued until 2003, stopped the exploration because of the war, and agreed to the return of the mission in 2018 "He said. He added that the city was included on the list of initial World Heritage, in preparation for inclusion in the final list, after the inclusion of the Marshlands to the list of world heritage three years ago. In turn, the archeologist Amer Abdul Razzaq told the "New Arab" that the policies of the Iraqi regimes before 2003 caused the departure of Iraq a lot from the outside world and the interruption of archaeological expeditions from countries that came from different countries of the world such as America, Britain, France, Germany, but began Iraq recently set a new policy and connect with universities and museums to encourage international exploration missions to return to Iraq, which wish to come years ago. According to him, "the last exploration in Iraq was in the early eighties with the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war, the missions are now the most prominent American, British, French and Italian, as the first exploration after 2003 in 2007 by US and British missions." He explained that these missions, which began in 2007 again stopped, because of the terrorist operations in the country. Abdul Razzak revealed the existence of ten exploration missions in the province of Dhi Qar, including a mission in the ancient city of Orr headed by Dr. Elizabeth from New York, and another British headed by Dr. Sebastian and Italian in Tel Abu Tbeira, headed by Dr. Franco and another mission in the city of Aridou as well as many other missions. He explained that a number of expeditionary missions will arrive in Iraq early next month, within contracts concluded by a French expedition to explore the city of Arge archaeological. The US Mission in the Kingdom of Laksh in southern Iraq has handed over to the Iraqi authorities a collection of artifacts, which they found, he added. Experts say that Iraq has more than 17 thousand archeological sites have not been excavated so far, most notably Babel, Assyria, Ur and Nimrod and Samarra and Anbar and many other sites, still buried underground, and the proportion of prospecting in the effects of the country about 4% since the nineteenth century And even today.
  9. Cry us a River... Rouhani: Saddam's occupation of Saudi Arabia and the UAE is due to the wisdom and rationality of the Iranians Political | 02:34 - 24/04/2019 BAGHDAD - Iranian President Hassan Rowhani said on Wednesday that the failure of the occupation of Saudi Arabia and the UAE by Saddam Hussein is due to the wisdom and rationality of the Iranians. "The pledge by Saudi Arabia and the UAE to compensate the global market for Iranian oil means confronting Iran and its people," Rouhani said. "Saudi Arabia and the UAE need to know that it is impossible to deliver our oil exports to zero." He pointed out that "the failure of the occupation of Saudi Arabia and the UAE by Saddam Hussein is due to the wisdom and rationality of the Iranians." The Iranian president said that negotiations with America are humiliating, but possible if sanctions and mutual respect are lifted, stressing that Tehran will make Washington regret it. "We have no other option but resistance and steadfastness." Rowhani pointed out that Washington "was defeated in all conspiracies against Iran and will be defeated this time," and the following: " For his part, Iranian Chief of Staff, Mohammad Baqri, stressed that the United States will receive punishment for its hostility to Iran in a timely manner, and added: "Iran will remain steadfast, standing on its feet, whatever the volume of oil exports."
  10. Officially .. Ghazi Secretary of the Council of Ministers and Mohammed Abdul Ridha Director of the Office of Abdul Mahdi Political | 3:01 - 24/04/2019 Officially .. Ghazi Secretary of the Council of Ministers and Mohammed Abdul Ridha Director of the Office of Abdul Mahdi
  11. SOMO sells Basrah Light crude loading May at fixed premium Economy | 02:42 - 24/04/2019 BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi oil marketing company SOMO sold two million barrels of Basra light crude at the end of May at a premium of 56-70 cents per barrel above the official selling price. "The Iraqi oil marketing company (SOMO) sold two million barrels of Basrah light crude for loading at the end of May at a premium of 56-70 cents per barrel above the official selling price," trade sources said. The sources added that "a Chinese customer bought the cargo for loading on May 28-30." "While the immediate premium remains relatively stable compared to previous deals, the cost of keeping the shipment for one month to June to compete with other shipments has increased to 80 cents per barrel," a trader said.
  12. In cooperation with France .. Erbil on a date with the largest international trade fair Twilight News 42 minutes ago "The city of Arbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region during the current year, the establishment of an international trade fair in cooperation with the French Consulate General. "This year, it is decided to establish the largest international trade fair in cooperation with the French consulate and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the region," Arbil International Exhibition Director Abdullah Ahmed told a press conference. He added that "IFP will organize the exhibition, which will last for four days, starting on September 30, 2014." 10 countries have expressed their interest in participating in this exhibition, and we are waiting for more companies. States ". Keywords:
  13. Khamenei defies America: We are able to export oil as much as we need and build it Twilight News 3 hours ago (Reuters) - Iran will continue to export oil despite US sanctions, Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday. "The Iranian people are not a people who remain silent about their hostility," Khamenei said today, "US efforts to impose sanctions on Iran's oil sales will not reach its goals. "They fancy that they blocked all the roads, but if the active people and the vigilant officials are humming, they will open many blocked roads, we commend the reduction of our level of dependence on this pattern of oil sales and this serves our interests," he said. "Now the enemy has taken many failed steps against our people, our great revolution and our Islamic republic, which launched the cry of justice in the world and drew the attention of the peoples of the world to it," Khamenei said. Keywords:
  14. Appointment of Director of the Office of Abdul Mahdi and Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Twilight News 27 minutes ago [Asharq Al-Awsat] The Iraqi cabinet approved the appointment of a director of the Prime Minister's Office and a secretary-general of the Council.
  15. Foreign Minister: Gulf security and safety is the security and safety of Iraq Release date: 2019/4/24 13:23 • 180 times read (Baghdad: al-Furat News) Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakim, stressed that "security, safety of the Gulf is the security, and the safety of Iraq." "The Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Abdul Latif bin Rashid Al-Zayani, discussed the special relations of Iraq with the GCC countries and ways to raise them to meet the aspirations of our Arab peoples," the ministry said in a statement. The two sides signed a "memorandum of understanding for political consultations that allows for regular dialogues on issues of common concern." After the meeting, the two sides made press statements in which the Foreign Minister stressed the depth of the relations between Iraq and the GCC countries, adding: "We have strong relations with the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and these visits contribute to strengthen ties and achieve mutual cooperation among the countries of the region." "We cherish the visits of brothers from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries because they contribute to exchanging views, listening to their views and informing them of progress in Iraq," he said. On the Arab issue, the Foreign Minister expressed the aspiration of Iraq to end the Yemeni crisis by peaceful means, and the formation of a government of national unity that strengthens the unity and integrity of Yemen in its entirety. "
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