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  1. Got a good chuckle from this post
  2. Does a taxed count? I got one for Xmas and I'm dying to use it. Lol
  3. Where are all of these so called gurus popping up from? Every time I look up there is someone new posting more BS. Its getting pretty annoying.
  4. Lets hope that Adam is quoting a low rate just to keep himself from being wrong and misleading people which I highly respect about him. In the articles, Shabibi has stated numerous times that he wants the dinar equal to the dollar, so thats 1:1 at least.
  5. Your current dinar will retain it's value. Only the new denoms will change.
  6. sells dong, which is where I bought mine.
  7. I love this guy. He seems to be very knowledgable.
  8. How in sam hell can anyone believe that Kuwait had anything to do with the Iraqi rate post. You have got to be minus a marble or two to believe that foolery! They have gone beyond pathetic to flat out buffoonery. The sad thing about it is, what part of what Bull dog said would make Okie wet his pants? Its all the same crap. If I saw Okie drowning in the ocean I'd ask him what he wanted his last meal to be. NUFF SAID!
  9. Wait just a cotton pickin minute. If he says the RV happened June 30, then why the heck did he call it at the end of August like it had just happened? This dude has really got to be spazztastic.
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