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  1. I would like to see BGG, Okie, Bear and Bulldog, I believe there is one more....I would like to see all 3 come foreward with transparency, full disclosure, credentials, background, etc. Oh, lets add in the newly appointed self made guru Jonnywg. I specifically request that they come forth with their information and credentials. If they are legit they will not have any problem doing this. And if they are as well read as they believe they are (as in staying up to date on all of the forums which we know they do) then they will have no problem at all obliging this request. Personally, I b
  2. Is it just me or does anyone else see the resemblence of Okie and Bear, like One In The Same???? Namaste.
  3. It's always darkest before the dawn. Namaste.
  4. Thank you for the great post Krome2ez, excellent find. It does put into perspective this "investment" and while we are awaiting our potential "glory day" I think we sometimes forget those who have lost, and many who have lost BIG, on both sides of this war. It is difficult for me to think of traversing the globe while Mr. Manning is left to rot in jail (and probably tortured as well). I commend his bravery for bringing to light the information that he has. It was indeed the beginning of the exposure and unraveling of the lies and deception this country and others have been under for decade
  5. Cooked....What have you done with Cisole???? Thanks Thug for the post .... but I gotta find PP. Been looking for 'em for two weeks......
  6. The chaos you perceived from your dream may actually be your subconscious mind attempting to deal with the fears you have about having wealth. Especially at a point in time when so many others "have not". I would go to work on finding inner peace with or without the Dinar RV. If you're like the rest of us you attempted to tell everyone you know about the opportunity, some may have invested and others followed the poor advice of friends and uniformed professionals who said it was a scam, don't invest. You followed your heart and now your subconscious is dealing with the guilt you may have r
  7. Sooooo. Who is BGG and what are his credentials??? Besides the fact that s/he can converse in a Dinar chat room while talking to "high up government contacts" at that same time. Call me crazy but this isn't jellin'. Might have to nail my skirt down next time I pick up a BGG chat. Anybody smell smoke?? Namaste.
  8. Thanks Trooper. Is this an article they have previously posted. I was under the impression inflation was much higher, somewhere around 7% or higher at this point. (?) Anyway, its good to see their economists are voicing concerns regarding the climbing inflation. Namaste.
  9. DinarC

    Good News

    I am SOOOOOOOO over this!!! And EGK what are your credentials, if you don't mind my asking? For Pete's sake I could pull up a different log in name and start saying things based on all the conference calls, dinar sites, etc,etc,etc, and this really isn't that difficult to make up a new profile of someone to make them sound legit. Basically, all one has to do is say: I can't tell you my sources but we are SOOO close. We are sitting on the edge of this thing. I got the call tonight. <(this is particularly good if you post at 2 or 3 am because then it really "means" something big is hap
  10. Possum! You ol' Dog! I thought after that last party you were road kill by the last RV that passed our way!!! Glad to see you live and well! Sorry 'bout the paw. Now run along and give momma a big possum kiss for us and we'll see ya at the party! Namaste!
  11. Ornate, cold and lacks intimacy. What is the purpose? This would be the ideal tool to bolster a massive ego, one that is separate from the Almighty, the planet and the people. This is for one that lacks depth, substance, and wisdom. A lonely soul. Namaste.
  12. I think a little awareness, a kind word, and the possibility of a better tomorrow goes a lonnnnnng way. That's not lying to someone. Empathy is far up the scale from deception and lies. There is a lot of shared aggravation right now regarding this investment. Let's not use it on each other. Where the heck IS Cisole??? this one is for all of us on DV. We are almost at the finish line....breathe. Namaste.
  13. There are a few folks who are interested in keeping it real and do some very informative chats. Included in that category would be Bond Lady and Kaparoni. They just work to bring forth the information and decipher it. They don't pump any currency trader (that I know of) and keep their information to factual information through articles relating to Iraq and this investment. The IQD Team started out to be just a source for information but I see now they are associated with DB and have a promotional code listed on their website. That means they're getting the kickbacks from referrals. Well
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