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  1. Hope this doesn't sound dumb..but if you would like to have someone as a friend on your profile, how do you do that?
  2. I'd like to pay bills,help my kids out, get life in order and help rebuild a local animal shelter that got trashed from a bad tornado. Maybe get some!
  3. play those nmbers in the Cash 3 lotto! my mother always told me it was a sign to dream about numbers and to remember them when you wake up!
  4. Any suggEstions on how to find a taX adviser that is knowledageble about this investment and its implications? I know Adam will send a list to VIPS after it RV's but would like to speak to someone before as well. I think that if I just call a bunch in my area, they will say that they are aware of the iqd, but really will not be that educated on it. Saying yes, just to get the bs, you know.. I live in GA so if you now a good CPA Tax guy here, plesae pass the name along,. Thanks!
  5. i know it may happen soon, it may not but will have to at some point. I joined vip and am on these boards so much, I have become a believer that this is an exc investment. So, I wanted to buy some more, Ihave very little (few hundred). Not tring to be greedy..but if it comes in low at least I'll be able to get some things done if i buy a bit more. If it comes in at .86 or above, I'll be able to relax in my old age! and have some fun for a change. If I lose, oh well. not like it would be the first time or the last I would guess! will check them out tonight. thank you so much for your response. J ok will check them out and new iraq dinar in canada. thanks for your response.
  6. in your opinion what is the best place online to buy? I bought a bit from 5.3 bank, who does not sell anymore. Will have to buy online, so I would feel better if I knew someone had a good experience instead of just picking out any one from the web. Thanks.
  7. oh great! it's been like 7 years, and now that we are almost there, let's just throw a monkey wrench in it! maybe you want to be on these boards reading, waiting, waiting, but I want it over. I want to be on this board reading about things post RV! Please do not be a "S--t starter! " You may have good intentions but will screw this up royally. Bad Bad idea. Listen to your mama and keep your mouth shut. When it's over help some people out if you like. Please don't mess this up for everyone else. No disrespect, but not good, man.
  8. OK! Please give me a verifiable badge. dinarify me! GO RV! HURRAY! attackcat1! Thanks
  9. If you believe in God, you believe that God gave you free will. You used that free will to research and make the choice to invest in this. That's it. It's an investment and a gamble at the same time... it's business. I just don't think the Jesus, God, etc. talk is appropriate for this site. Talk about that at the dinner table, etc. Just not "proper" to get carried away with it here. I pray for lots of things, and for lots of people, etc. It is a Personal thing. Thanks for listening.
  10. Happy Birthday! Hope this is the one you will always remember in the best way! Jeanette (NJ transplant now in good ole' Georgia!)
  11. Give this some thought! I came across this highlighted in some notes I had taken when studying some personal growth stuff a while back! THE LAW OF GENDER: States that everything has a gestation period; a time period that has to pass before things will come into form. Bamboo, which CAN GROW AS TALL AS THIRTEEN FEET IN AS LITTLE AS A WEEK, takes up to 7 YEARS to break through the ground. You wait and wait and wait and it looks like nothing is happening for seven long years.. then it pops! It hits BIG and FAST when you don't expect it! you know its coming, when you don't have an exact date! But it was worth the wait! Sounds so much like this investment! 7 or so years and then BOOM! It's here and it's good! I just saw a correlation here! just saying (OMG! Been reading these boards too long! lol!). You can't rush things..they'll happen in their time and it will be worth the wait! hope to see that sprout real soon! Go RV!
  12. thanks for all the replies. was hoping to buy small denoms since all own are 25K uncir. notes. heard because of 3 zeros they could possibly be worth 25 bucks - so my 100k would be worth 100 bucks? even at a rv at 50 cents, it would be 50Kusd then tax, better than 100 bucks..that would be nightmare.... i noticed that gid sells 10K n i otes. would those be affected with the 3 zero thing if that happens???
  13. I joined VIP this am for 3 months. i would like to buy only 200K. got mine from 3/5 not selling anymore and from dinar banker. he charges 190$for 100K plus shippping of 25$and the bank charges 114$ total. do you know of a reputable place online i can buy from tomorrow am or tonight? maybe less than db? thanks for the help.
  14. I have been reading about th VIP program which sounds great, however, I have a small amount of dinar under 500K, Does it make sense for me to join? -NADA f-or retirment and I am looking at this as the answer so I can sleep at night. I would pay 9.95 for the new text program, but would just as soon soon add another $30 (3 mo) to get all the info the VIPS get. If I do this today -vip- andit RV's this week, will I get my info in time? Thanks.
  15. I told my son that I made a small investment in foreign currency. Did not say Iraq - as that gives the impression (to most) as suicide bombers, dictators, etc . We know from reading and reading some more, about what the gov there is trying to accomplish and how their money needs to "get straight" in order to do so. So, no I don't tell anyone. When the time comes, I still will not say anything for a while anyway. I come from a old fashioned, tunnel visioned type Sicilian Italian family (not my son-he's like me) and if it does not fit into the "box", you are just "at it again"! So, don't care. To each their own! I believe it is a great investment and will enhance our lives whether it comes in high or low-thanks for all your posts. lots of encouraging news on DV. I have the same plan!!!
  16. so true! good people. I had tears in my eyes when I read so many posts of how, when the time comes, DV members were going to help others: buy back forclosed home for a neighbor, give a bag of cash to a random tornadoe victim, etc! I wish I could meet so many of you in person! Go RV! DV rules!
  17. isn't cbi closed until Sunday. What if these People have it right for once? They said Ty from Dinar Banker would reply and confirm to them by 7:30 this am. If he does, then I will believe it. hope so. I now they have been full of it all along. no doubt. stranger things have happened.
  18. i agree. the day Has to come eventually. we are so used to hearing the bs, that just about everything is considered bs. i don't want to get excited, but maybe this really is true; especially if it is true that Bond lady confirmed it as well. we will see! Go RV!
  19. hi after listening to adams chat last night i wa thinking of joining vip for 3 months. i have under 500K in dinar. do you think it makes sense for that small an amount. i figured vip was for the guys with millions????
  20. I will sleep like a baby when this is done!
  21. I am going to help an animal sanctuary that got messed up during tornadoes here in GA. Their habitats were destroyed. Ellijay Animal Sanctuary, Ellijay GA
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