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  1. This will be my only prediction, then i will leave it to the gurus. I think romney wins in nov, then, within a fairly short time, the value of the dollar begins to climb. Once the value is high enough then the rv will happen. Why would iraq care to rv against a dollar of questionable value?
  2. Thanks for your input on this, It has been bothering me, cause of what happened on 9/11, you just never know anymore. Could be just a bunch of people talking and not wanting anyone else to know what they are talking about, but that seems like something a terrorist cell would want also. Just saying. I guess I could always send it to homeland security?
  3. The question is, could you make sense of anything they are saying? It's a bunch of gobbledygook if you try to make sense of it, none of the sentences make sense at all!
  4. Okay, so I was trying to find some 16.5 tires for my truck, which are becoming harder and harder to find nowdays, and I ran across a very weird site. I am not sure what the heck it is, but it seems just a tad bit sinister to me, and don't know quite what should be done about it. I am going to type it out in a long form so that you don't accidentally click on it, unless you feel that your computer is safe. I will tell you in a few words what I found. It is ALL in Code!!! The website is 44tiresdotcom . Obviously the dot is not spelled out, but if I put it in it's real form, someone may cli
  5. Color to me has nothing to do with anything. It is ATTITUDE. It is MOB MENTALITY, and GANGS, and such. There is absolutely no reason in heii that we should be putting up with the crap that is going down in Mexico. Take the damn place and make it right. There is absolutely no reason that we should be putting up with this gang crap. Arrest them all and send the illegal assholes back home, or shoot them, I really don't care. There is absolutely no reason that we should have to put up with terrorism. If a country is represented by terrorists, nuke one of their cities. If it happens again,
  6. Why all the stuttering everytime your hero lies? Romney ain't my first choice, but I'd vote for Carrottop before this idiot we have right now.
  7. Maybe they want their people to think they are going to lop, so that they will go ahead and spend their large notes. Then as time goes by, and they actually RV, less Iraqi citizens will become extremely rich all of a sudden. They know they can't stop us Rich Americans from keeping our dinars (a million dinars is worth less than a decent weeks wages), so they take that into affect, or effect, whatever it is, and just suck up the loss (minor in my opinion). I mean, really, the government of Iraq is not going to want it's people to ALL be rich from this, just some of them. Every government
  8. My sister was like that. As long as she was dishing it out, it was all good. Hey SSI, thanks for the info. Rope and Duckhead, cool names!
  9. Surely we aren't importing it, we have enough of that over in the rumors section, i.e. Okie and his crew of all news gurus
  10. I love that little jolt you get when you read a really good post. Thanks for the jolt Bravo!
  11. Stay safe, bro, and thanks for the info.
  12. mojack, I guess I don't speak "jack-az", cause your words make absolutely no sense to me. Afraid my country has gone black? What the hell is that? History has shown MY fear? I still don't get it. And no, I do not FEAR Obama, I just plain don't like his policies. As for anything else you have to say, not interested. good day.
  13. I can't understand what all of you Obama Lover's are doing on this site. Why the hell are you invested in dinars? You should be standing in line at the welfare office for your Obama money. If you like what this idiot is doing to this country, then you should definately not want to prosper from an investment such as this! I just find it completely ironic that you would be on here supporting your messiah's stand on anything, when this site is all about CAPITALISM!!!! If you love Obama so much, and you agree with his actions then you should just put your dinars in an envelope and send it to
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